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Project: Global Owls

Join Global Owls in designing a platform where organizations that are committed to doing good can receive advice from professionals from all over the world.

Global Owls’s vision

A world where every individual believes in his or her own capabilities of changing the world for the better.

Global Owls’s mission

Prove that we, the people, have the ability to change the world for the better and to build a platform where professionals are empowered to unleash their full potential.

Examples of advice needed

Raul Tiru

Raul Tiru, Founder at Global Owls

  • Copy writing: To inspire people to take action on this platform, we need strong copy.
  • Design: We’re looking forward to receiving advice on how we could improve our overall look and feel of the platform.
  • Press: We know that Global Owls can receive plenty of attention from the press. Yet, we’re not sure what the best practices are. We would love to hear your input and maybe even receive some entry points.
  • 5 second test: we would like to optimize the clarity of our homepage by measuring first impressions. Go to Global Owls, have a look at the homepage for 5 seconds, come back and write down your first impressions (what you still recall, look & feel, etc.).

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  1. Koen West
    Koen West ( User Karma: 2 ) says:

    On the homepage, you used an image instead of web elements for “how it works”. Using an image this way will look off on mobile / tablet devices, and search engines can’t read images so it may affect your Google performance as well.

    On mobile, the pop-up looks a bit out of proportion and the “close” button is too tiny to click.

    On both the homepage and project pages, I’d go with more detailed copy and a clear call to action. I’m still not clear on what the intended action is here for visitors (email you, post a comment, sign up for your newsletter?).

    Great initiative and best of luck!

    1. Raul Tiru
      Raul Tiru ( User Karma: 23 ) says:

      Hi Koen, Thank you for your advice. I really need to invest more time in writing compelling and clear copy. Leading people to the desired action (giving advice) is also a must. I will work on it tonight.

      About the image on the homepage and email pop up:
      I’m not so great with writing code. This is what I came up with for now. The email pop up is a service of SumoMe and I can’t edit that. But it’s good to know that the user experience is not so great.

      Thank you and have a great day!

  2. Jerôme Naglé
    Jerôme Naglé ( User Karma: 4 ) says:

    – Being consistent with the size of all the paragraph texts(about page)
    – I expected a dedicated page for ‘start here’, different from the homepage
    – Maybe an other color for the ‘lightblue’ subheadings
    – Replace text in images with real paragraph texts

    Great start, keep pushing!!

    1. Raul Tiru
      Raul Tiru ( User Karma: 23 ) says:

      Hi Jerôme,
      Thank you for taking the time to give your first piece of advice. You make some strong points. Looking forward to working on improving this platform and hearing more from you.
      And indeed. This is just the start 😉

  3. Sarahpern
    Sarahpern ( User Karma: 2 ) says:

    Hi there!

    Firstly… I love your concept and a huge pat on the back for actually doing it!

    I am a strategic marketing consultant and have taken this standpoint to your business model.

    In my opinion, the most effective thing about your entire offering is the ’15 minutes’. Smart people have big jobs and no time. This combats the ” I wish I could volunteer but I don’t have time”. Your target market is not the people who volunteer for large projects.

    In order for this 15 minutes to work, the projects on here need to be VERY specific. For example, some of the ones I have read are broad and I can’t offer advice in 15 minutes.

    Also, in the future, you will have every Tom Dick and Harry offering unqualified advice. My suggestion here would be to qualify your registrants in some way. Star rating. Years worked. etc.

    Finally, if you are hoping to pair volunteering opportunities with people for projects, chances are they won’t come back to the site as they will stick to their chosen charity. I would imagine this will have an effect on your monetization strategy if your traffic drops off. Your best bet really is 15-minute opportunities and really making sure that happens.

    In my opinion 🙂


    1. Raul Tiru
      Raul Tiru ( User Karma: 23 ) says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Thank you so much for the great insights.

      We’re learning a lot and trying to deliver the best value for organizations and professionals.Your take on our approach helps a lot.

      We indeed see that people are short on time. We hoped to provide a solution for anyone to contribute.

      1) For professionals who take a quick look at a website and notice an big/quick win for the organization.
      2) For professionals who do have more time and would love to donate even an hour or more to the cause they’re passionate about.

      Time will tell which direction we should lean towards. Your take on the matter helps make this choice easier.

      We really love the fact that we’re designing a process together with all of you. We listen closely and we know we can create something a lot of people would love to use and in turn will impact the lives of millions of people.

      We always say: Great organizations have answers to complex problems. We help them become even more effective.

  4. Rod Holden says:

    Hi guys,
    This sounds like a great idea, but I’m confused about the model and it’s not as intuitive as I would have hoped.These are my comments:
    1. Why launch when the product isn’t ready? Doing so will kill the name/brand and right now that’s the best part (Global Owls). You need a bunch of registered members before you launch and the more high profile people you can get the better. I’d take it down until you’re ready. (how long has it been up?)
    2. Without knowing what your ownership structure and debt level is I’d suggest going to a seed investor and getting $250k-$500k to (a) finish building/automating the platform and (b) funding some marketing.
    3. Crowdfunding is essentially a forward sales process where great products in development get sales traction. I may be wrong but I don’t think you’ll get much traction there…sell down some equity interest to get the cash you need.
    4. I don’t like your logo as it’s not apparent what it is until you focus on it. Go to Freelancer and put a simple request up with a link to this site (so people get the idea) and put $250 up and you’ll get something awesome and lots to choose from.
    5. Do you have a plan to monetize this platform? If so, how?
    6. Where are you based?
    Regards Rod

    1. Raul Tiru
      Raul Tiru ( User Karma: 23 ) says:

      Hi Rod,

      Thank you for taking the time and providing us quality feedback. We will definitely discuss it in more depth. Here is my initial response:

      Without going live, we wouldn’t have received your feedback 😉 We’ve decided to launch an mvp of the actual platform to learn how people would interact with the platform and we’ve received a lot of valuable advice, also via email. This approach has the potential of slightly hurting the brand. I think that if we’re honest and transparent about the state we’re in, it will be ok. The responses we’re receiving are invaluable and the number of visits is low. We’re not really promoting Global Owls yet.

      We do have a few plans to monetize the platform. Our main focus is automating the process and delivering value to professionals and organizations. Then, we will have a closer look at the best possible approach to monetizing it.

      Please send an email if we can help you or Natural Impact Group in any way. We’re situated in the Netherlands. Have a great weekend!

  5. Michael Vuong
    Michael Vuong ( User Karma: 15 ) says:

    Better structure for discussion part. Maybe make some sort of tabs in which people can discuss for each part so it’s better structured for those who take in all the advice as well as people who discuss that specific part.

    The visuals of the website can be improved so it actually match the feel and look of global owls, but I think that is still a work in progress right?

    Maybe make a Facebook group in which you invite people from different industries to take part. It will give you a better reach. As far as integration, explore the possibilities in integration with website and other social media channels.

    1. Raul Tiru
      Raul Tiru ( User Karma: 23 ) says:

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you so much for taking the time and providing me with valuable feedback. I envision a functional platform where organizations can post their own project and professionals can set up a profile where their pieces of advice will be collected and professionals can really profile themselves (like GrowthHackers .com and Inbound .org profiles). Disqus can then be replaced with a much nicer interface.

      I agree that the look and feel needs to be improved. That’s why I asked for feedback on this. I need help with the total package: copy, visuals, everything.

      I was thinking of setting up a Slack group. A Facebook group could be an option too. I was hoping to keep most of the conversation on the platform though. Since you’ve also mentioned it, I guess it’s worth re-evaluation the options.

      1. Michael Vuong
        Michael Vuong ( User Karma: 15 ) says:

        If you are not familiar yet, Facebook has been working on their product Workplace which brings people from different industries together. It has better interface and could potentially help Global Owls grow (considering Workplace is still in adapting phase)

        1. Raul Tiru
          Raul Tiru ( User Karma: 23 ) says:

          Hi Michael,
          Great to see that you’re familiar with Facebook’s Workplace. It’s certainly an option to consider.
          Looking forward to hearing more from you and other innovative marketers.

  6. Damirkotoric
    Damirkotoric ( User Karma: 3 ) says:

    Fantastic idea!

    Couple of things I’d do to improve it even further:

    – Offer a textarea by default. Currently it’s hidden behind a “Reply” button. Make it easy and clear for people how to leave advice. Maybe even have the textarea near the top of the page so that it’s easy and fast to get to it.
    – After registering, people are taken to their account page which doesn’t really show anything. This is a bit of a missed opportunity. Here, I’d reiterate the purpose of Globalowls, or take them back to the project page from where they signed up so they can leave their comment.
    – Highlight the project owner in the comments. It’s difficult to see who is the person contributing ideas and the project owner responding to them.
    – Maybe a more personal message from the project owner at the top of the page. Currently there’s no face to the introduction so I feel less inclined to help. Imagine the difference between a written note for help and someone walking up to you in person and asking for your help. You wanna recreate the personal face-to-face experience as close as can be done online.
    – Maybe instead of just being a comment platform it could be a match-making service for nonprofits and consultant volunteers. Kinda like a Tinder experience. Nonprofits could be notified when someone offers their help, and then a 30-minute Skype session could be organised and the volunteers could help out that way.
    – Not sure if you have this at the moment, but email notifications when there is a reply.

    Anyway, very subjective opinions and best guesses from me. Hope it helps 🙂

    Fantastic idea though. 👏🏼

    1. Raul Tiru
      Raul Tiru ( User Karma: 23 ) says:

      Hi Damir, Thank you for taking the time to provide us with invaluable feedback. You’re right on so many points. Really looking forward to discussing your input to see what we can realize in a short period of time.

      I can imagine you didn’t love the interface. I saw your product,, and it looked finger licking good.

      Best thing about receiving such great advice is that we can experience the value of Global Owls first hand 😉 Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future.

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