Assignment Writing Services versus ChatGPT

Assignment writing services have a row of significant advantages over AI writing tools, which concern the quality of text, plagiarism, and legitimacy. Learn more below.

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Modern students nowadays face a lot of troubles in their personal life because of a huge workload at the university. The study process takes a lot of time so they can barely enjoy other things that make them happy and keep them motivated for reaching heights. Luckily there is a way out of this vicious circle because some people that saw a big problem in this situation created a nice solution. Every student can use an assignment writing service to get the work done fast. Such services became a real lifesaver for worn-out people and their popularity keeps growing.

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It seems like there is already an alternative on the market which is known as ChatGPT. In short, it is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that can create texts. So, the concept of these two options looks similar, but it is necessary to dig deeper to choose what is better.

What about legitimacy?

What about legitimacy

Students are not only interested in finding the fastest way to get somebody to write the text for them. They are also concerned about the legitimacy of their choice because nobody wants to get in trouble for the decision to delegate the completion of the university task. Assignment writing services like paper writer are safe to use because they are not banned at a state level. Furthermore, these services appreciate your right to privacy, so other people will never find out about anything except you tell it yourself.

Things are different with AI writing because you can be held accountable for using it. It works not only in words because there were multiple cases when students got expelled from the university. Many countries issued a prohibition on the usage of artificial intelligence and a breach of the law may lead to irreversible consequences.

So if you truly value your place at the university, think carefully about what option fits better your interests and life goals.

What option ensures non-plagiarism?

Being caught with plagiarism in an essay is every student’s nightmare. So it doesn’t matter whether you write the assignment on your own or resort to the use of certain services, because the requirements of uniqueness always stay relevant.

People should not worry about fulfilling this requirement when reaching out to an assignment writing service. It provides a plagiarism report, which is proof that the work has an allowable percentage of plagiarism.

When it comes to AI writing, there is no evidence that a machine can generate original work. By the way, Edward Tin, a 22-year-old senior, came up with an idea to create a website that can define if the writing was created with artificial intelligence.

You need to take into consideration all effects of ChatGPT. So, ChatGPT is not the best option if you take seriously the basic requirements at the university. 

How much does it cost?

The price is always a topical issue for poor students. They are always trying to save up on everything, including assignment writing help.

OpenAI does not require spending any money on using its products, which means that you can get the whole text created by ChatGPT absolutely for free. It cannot but attract all students, that have trouble keeping up with university assignments. Although ChatGPT has no price, it does not mean that it is this good concerning other aspects.

Text written by special writing services won’t be free, but instead, you will get high-quality original work. By the way, the price you should pay depends on the deadline, the number of pages, and the complexity of the topic.

So, the choice is yours, but don’t forget that free cheese is in a mousetrap. Good texts are always worth paying for and AI cannot replace human writing skills.

What are the drawbacks of ChatGPT?

What are the drawbacks of ChatGPT

GPT chat has already made a noise in society as it only entered the market. Some people get obsessed with the main idea of this creation, but the practical use of this tool showed that there are some flaws worth mentioning.

  1. Character limit. You can only get text of no more than 4096 characters. This amount won’t allow you to see the complete text of a long essay. 
  2. Bad quality. The capabilities of artificial intelligence impress, but still it cannot compare to people’s skills and way of thinking on assignment help service. ChatGPT cannot define what source of information on the Internet is no longer relevant for use, that is why you can get the work for which you won’t get the best mark.
  3. Connection errors. The internet connection is not always stable, which means that the access to this chatbot will be cut off, and you won’t be able to get your work done before the deadline.


Luckily there are some tools that can make our university life easier. But it is also important to weigh all pros and cons of every option. Artificial intelligence despite all assumptions will never outshine the power of the human brain. Assignment writing services have a row of significant advantages over AI writing tools, which concern the quality of text, plagiarism, and legitimacy. People should always think about personal safety and security even when it comes to the choice of writing service. So, students be very careful and use only reliable ways to get the text for university.

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