How Charity Water Hacks the Nonprofit Model

A video by THNKR. Scott Harrison, founder of Charity Water explains how they do things differently and are able to help millions of people to get clean drinking water each year.

At GlobalOwls, we love to use the nonprofit Charity Water as an example of how to do good marketing and branding. Scott Harrison and his team have reached a lot and they tell their story well so other nonprofits can learn, adapt and succeed as well.

Quick scoop

One of the strategies that worked out very well for Charity Water was making it possible that 100% of the money people give, goes towards helping to bring clean water to people in need.


Scott has made sure overhead costs are being paid by a select group of people.

Sit back, enjoy this short video and get excited to become more effective with your nonprofit

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Over to you

I’m very curious to hear your thoughts. What do you do differently? What are the most difficult aspects of running a nonprofit?

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