How Nonprofit Organizations Can Leverage Digital Marketing

Are you looking to grow the number of Donations, run a Fundraiser or improve your Nonprofit’s Brand? Here’s how Digital Marketing can help.

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Running a nonprofit organization is a time-consuming, painstakingly challenging process that demands commitment and passion from everyone involved. After all, without any profit in the mix, what else is to keep people from jumping ship when it gets tough, and for nonprofits, that can be quite often. Digital marketing can help nonprofits not just in terms of engaging the public and spreading the word of their existence – it can also inspire donations and investors to join the cause.

There are, however, potential issues you could come across, such as distributing your limited budget properly for maximum result. As a nonprofit organization, you need to find a way to combine free and paid digital marketing opportunities to your advantage without breaking the bank. Here, we’ll cover some of the most effective digital marketing options that nonprofits can use in 2021 and beyond in the hopes of building up a stronger digital presence and, ultimately, a better world.

Leverage social media

No matter what kind of values you’re promoting and what goals you wish to achieve, your website should be connected to your social media accounts, too. Your influencers cannot be the only ones promoting your organization on these platforms – you, too, need to engage with your audience, educate the public on what kind of impact you wish to make, and how they can contribute. Using social media for digital PR is a necessity, especially in the non-profit world.

Use the built-in analytics to understand your audience’s preferences. Post when they are most active, look for groups and communities where you can join and post as well, and of course, invite people to engage. This is where people’s willingness to share and comment can get you the desired visibility and the needed growth for your organization.

Design a compelling website

A website is your nonprofit’s window into the online world and the main vessel for getting donors and supporters to your organization. Start by selecting the right domain name as well as an extension that properly reflects your brand values and your organization’s official name. Although it’s not always possible to find a domain of the same, exact name, it’s important to keep it as relevant as possible.

You can also opt for an action-inspiring extension such as a .me domain that can be combined with an inviting verb that will immediately inspire people to take action. You can create combinations like or and thus get more people to understand what your nonprofit is looking for. Make sure that your website is performing well, loading quickly, easy to navigate, and you’ll set your website for success in 2021 and beyond.

Maximize the use of content 

Impactful, educational, and engaging content is often all you need to get the needed visibility for your organization. Content, as it turns out, is also a vessel for great digital marketing success, and by far the best way to position your nonprofit online properly.

In addition to blogs and articles, make sure you post research studies, interviews with donors and scientists you work with, but also with the people you’re helping. Content is your opportunity to optimize your website for better ranking, but also to provide a safe space for engagement and interaction.

Email marketing to spread the word

Email marketing is one of the most financially frugal, yet effective ways to stay in touch with donors, keep them apprised of any changes, and inspire more action from your followers. You can automate your campaigns and then use the analytics to improve them as you move forward.

Use newsletters to share your latest content and stories. Send out emails alerting your donors and followers of any upcoming events, digital or otherwise. Show your appreciation and thank your donors with the help of your email campaigns, and offer them alternative ways to support your organization, too.

Employee perspectives and community stories

Sharing a common cause is all nice and swell, but your regular audience, the wider population won’t always be able to fully internalize each cause you represent. If they live in relatively developed and stable regions, they might not understand the issues entirely. So, letting your employees and entire communities involved tell their stories can help bridge that gap.

From a marketing perspective, this approach has immense SEO value for your nonprofit. It adds plenty of content to your website, allows you to engage your audience from different standpoints, and it helps you emphasize various causes and campaigns when they are most relevant, giving you more visibility and traction.

Live streams and videos are the latest hit

Different formats will be more popular with different generations and target audiences, but you’ve noticed that modern-day internet users lean more towards visuals. In addition to infographics and authentic photography that can capture what your organization is about, videos and live streams bring your company to life more than anything else.

Whenever possible, create recordings of events, as well as the results of your efforts. If you are working on education equality for impoverished families in a region, let your donors and supporters know what their contributions are achieving. Show them the kids with their new laptops and books. This is an oversimplified example of creating videos, of course, but you know what this is all about: eliciting compassion and helping people understand topics that are typically distant for them, and educating them about the world’s most prevalent issues.

Marketing changes every day, but your nonprofit needs to get creative and find ways to keep up. These cost-effective digital marketing ideas can help you launch your campaigns, get more visibility in the oversaturated online world, and most of all, engage your target audience. Building a base of investors is another possible outcome, as a prominent online identity will help you gain more traction with possible donors. In time, you’ll find out which strategies work for your particular organization and refine your efforts accordingly!

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