How to Find Your Purpose

An in-depth self-reflection questionnaire and Purpose story framework for humans and brands — in 10 steps.

How to Find Your Purpose - phases

How this article will help you find your Purpose

Context: a moment in time

Alternative and quick-fix ways to find your Purpose


Definitions: Vehicle, Next Step, and Purpose

Purpose, Vehicle, Next Steps: Definitions

“My Purpose is to inspire and help other people to find, communicate, and live their Purpose.”

Erwin Lima

Me, being all Purpose-y

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Finding or redefining your Purpose

Phase 1: Making time and space for self-research and self-reflection in five steps

the only time is now

Step 1: History & Roots

What were your five biggest wins and your five biggest setbacks in life? What did they teach you?

Step 2: Past & Present self-reflection

Step 3: Asking for input

Step 4: Hard data

Step 5: The My Ultimate Self, My Hero — exercise;

How to Find Your Purpose - phase 2

Phase 2: Constructing your Purpose Story

to live is to create

Finding or redefining your Purpose and Legend Story in five steps

Step 6: Review your notes

Step 7: Write your Purpose Story

Based on your review of your notes from last week; Write your (Personal) Brand/Legend story. Here are the nine steps you will need for that:

Got your first draft done? Awesome. You can edit it later. That’s actually what you’ll do tomorrow. For now, pat yourself on the back, have a drink, or do both. Be proud of yourself for a moment!

be grateful

Step 8: Editing and feedback

After this, ask for feedback from no more than five people in your closest circles — including your Peer2Peer coach. It would be great if you could ask feedback from about two extra people — outside of the people that helped you answer questions about yourself or your business in week 2.

Step 9: Adjusting your Purpose/Legend story

After the analysis of each point, adjust your Legend Story where you deem necessary. You’re almost done.

Step 10: making your Purpose Story come alive — and keeping it that way

be the best version of yourself
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