How to Get the Job You Want: 10 Tips For Success

Getting your dream job can be challenging as the world has become so competitive. Continue reading this article to learn the 10 tips to land your dream job successfully.

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We all have a dream job we aspire to do in life. It can be due to the love for the profession or the fact that we have people we admire in the industry. Irrespective of your reason for choosing that dream job, you must put certain things in place before that dream can come to actualization.  

However, fulfilling your career dream comes with immense joy. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work to achieve this feat. In this regard, we have teamed up with experts from job aggregator Jooble to enlighten you on the 10 tips that can help you succeed in getting the job you want. Let’s proceed.

10 Tips For Securing The Job You Want

Different jobs require different processes and steps before any individual can be rightly placed for it. Also, note that your dream job won’t automatically come to you because it is your dream job. So, you need to know the right things to do to make your dream job a reality. 

Below are the 10 tips to get the job you want successfully: 

1. Be Sure of What You Want

The first step towards getting your dream job is being sure about what you want. You must be convinced that you want the job and will be satisfied doing it. This conviction has to stem from passion, tenacity, and strength. Therefore, you should evaluate your strengths and be sure you can do the job well, even in the long term. For instance, if you are someone that hates sitting in a place, making coding your dream job because of a temporary interest in it is a bad idea. 

Having a clear picture of what you want will help you have a goal and work toward achieving the goal more quickly. 

2. Research the Industry

After knowing the job you want, the next thing is to learn as much as you can about it. Learn about the industry and the requirements for getting the job.  

Even if you want to get the job from a reputable job search platform like Jooble, you must know what the job entails, the day-to-day activities, and the duties you might be expected to perform. It is also important to know how much the job pays and the potential career growth before delving into it. 

If you are transitioning to a higher role or another company, learn about the position as much as possible. For the company, learn what their values are and what drives them. Having deep knowledge about your dream job will make it easier for you to work towards getting it. 

3. Gain the Necessary Skills

Skills are a necessity to get employed in any industry. Even though specific academic qualification requirements exist not for all jobs, some skills are often demanded before you can get employment. This demand is because these skills are essential to the job that needs to be done. 

There are two major classes of skills— soft and hard skills. Soft skills are attributes and habits that are related to how people work. These include time management, teamwork, punctuality, and organization. Soft skills may seem like just habits, but they go a long way in determining how well you can do a job and may affect your chances of getting employed. Moreover, unlike many people believe, soft skills can be learned.

On the other hand, hard skills are also known as technical skills. They are specific to different jobs to which they are related. Hard skills can include languages, machinery skills, coding languages, software skills, etc, and are mostly acquired. 

4. Build a Portfolio

A portfolio helps you take the things listed on your resume up a notch. A portfolio shows what you have done, confirming your skills and giving an insight into what you can do.

To get your dream job, you should put the different samples of the jobs you have done together, as this will be a backing for what you have written in your resume. 

5. Build Your Network

Networking is an important way of trading information. Building a network with people in your dream career allows you to get first-hand information and build a long-term relationship with great benefits. Networking will help you stay on top of the trends in the job industry. It will also allow you to meet prospective clients, mentors, and employers. 

6. Gain Experience

Getting a job without experience is possible as you can apply for entry roles. However, it isn’t easy. It may not work if you want a middle or high-level job. As a matter of fact, some companies also request that potential employees gain a certain number of years before employment.

Therefore, you should start building experience toward your dream job immediately. You can start right from school by doing internships and volunteering. 

7. Build Your Online Presence

The internet has been a great tool for helping people fulfill their dreams. Getting a job has become easier these days due to the internet. You can leverage it to secure your dream job by making yourself known on different platforms. 

Create an online presence that shows your interest in some field. Also, some employers look at social media to determine the kind of person you are. You must, therefore, be careful of what you post. For instance, a good Linkedin account will help you stay informed about the formal world. 

8. Have a great Resume and Cover Letter

Your resume and cover letter are the basis on which an employer leans to form their opinion. They are the first set of documents that the employer sees, and their judgment of you starts from there. They project your personality, qualifications, professional accomplishments, and drive. A good resume and a great cover letter can also help you capture the attention of your prospective employer. 

9. Prepare a Pitch

If you are hoping to get noticed or employed by a company that is not currently hiring, you can pitch to them. This is a more aggressive way to get your dream job. Prepare a good pitch that shows who you are, your skills and qualification, what you can offer them, and what you want from there. A good pitch might be your springboard to getting your dream job.

10. Apply for The Job

After putting everything in place to get your desired job, it is time to apply for it. Send your application letter, prepare for the interview, and get everything done. 


Although many people want to do the job they love, it does not happen every time. Statistics show that more than 60% of people in America are not doing their desired job. This may be due to a lack of resources, belief in themselves, or simply a lack of knowledge of how to get the job they want. Nevertheless, you can follow the points we have listed above to get the job you want and live a great work life.

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