How to easily plant trees and help reverse climate change

When is it the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago. Second best time, today! – Chinese proverb. Here are 2 simple ways you can plant trees and help reverse climate change without getting your hands dirty.

Plant trees while searching the web – more than 45 million trees already planted

Plant trees with Ecosia

Ecosia uses 80% of their ads revenue to plant trees. We as users can simply go to instead of or to perform our searches. That’s all we need to do to have an impact. No signup, nothing.

Here’s a short video by Ecosia

Start using Ecosia today!

Donate to nonprofits that are dedicated to planting trees and conserving nature

Money can really help to have a social impact. If you find that you’re not making a large enough impact by simply using Ecosia, you can also donate to nonprofits to help plant trees. Two great nonprofits you could consider are:

  • The Nature Conservancy (Check out and help The Nature Conservancy plant one billion trees by 2025. Currently, more than 81.000.000 trees have been planted).
  • Also, check out One Tree Planted. They’re having a great impact by getting businesses involved to sponsor and help plant trees. One dollar will plant one tree. Check out their video, below.

Top 22 benefits of trees

I’m sure you know, but here’s a quick recap of the amazing power of trees (source).

  1. Trees combat climate change.
  2. Trees clean the air.
  3. Trees provide oxygen.
  4. Trees cool the streets and the city.
  5. Trees conserve energy.
  6. Trees save water.
  7. Trees help prevent water pollution.
  8. Trees help prevent soil erosion.
  9. Trees shield children from ultra-violet ray.
  10. Trees provide food.
  11. Trees heal and reduce stress.
  12. Trees reduce violence.
  13. Trees mark the seasons.
  14. Trees create economic opportunities.
  15. Trees are teachers and playmates.
  16. Trees bring diverse groups of people together.
  17. Trees add unity.
  18. Trees provide a canopy and habitat for wildlife.
  19. Trees block things (ugly things).
  20. Trees provide wood.
  21. Trees increase property value.
  22. Trees increase business traffic.

Over to you

Share your thoughts about conserving nature, helping reverse climate change or planting trees in the comment section below. I’m really looking forward to reading your comments.

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