A couple of Social Impact Organizations GlobalOwls supports

See which organizations we support and how easy it is for you to get involve and have an impact.

Seedz 4 Needz project

Seedz 4 Needz

Impact the lives of kids in hospitales.

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Lift Up project

Lift Up

Lift Up believes that every dollar makes a difference, so they give every single one away.

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slavefreetrade project page


Let’s demand slave-free products on our shelves!

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Veganuary project


Try Vegan this January.

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AJTKD Project

Associação Jadir de Taekwondo (AJTKD)

Assisting children and teenagers in social vulnerability through sport, cultural and social activities.

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abillionveg project


Find the best vegan and environmentally friendly options anywhere. Review Vegan Products and Have an Impact. Every review = $1 donated.

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Improving healthcare and the environment through the efficient recovery and redistribution of the surplus of medical supplies and equipment to those most in need.

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KidsEmpowerment project


This NGO founded in 2016, aims to realize the full development of children and youth by full compliance with international law & best practices.

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