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Drew Dyksterhouse, founder Helping Hand Games

Drew Dyksterhouse, founder Helping Hand Games

Project: Helping Hand Games

For every minute you play Fruitums, Helping Hand Games donates to Samaritan’s Purse to feed children in need.

Drew Dyksterhouse, founder of Helping Hand Games, has six years of game development experience and he wanted to put that to good use.

At the moment, he has built one game, named Fruitums, and with the ad revenue from the game, he has donated more than one hundred meals to hungry children.

This is of course just the start. His first mission is to feed at least one million children through his games.

We have given our advice on how Helping Hand Games can become more effective with their digital channels. You can do too in the comments below.

Our slide deck with advice on user onboarding and copywriting

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5 second test

Do the 5-second test

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The 5-second test is simple, yet very powerful. We use it to test the important first impressions when people visit a website.

Simply go to, have a look at their homepage for 5 seconds, come back and write down your first impressions (what do you still recall, how did you like the look & feel of the website, etc.).

Do the 5-second test

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Share your thoughts about how Helping Hand Games can improve their online channels so they can help feed more children with their fun and exciting games.

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  1. Michael Vuong February 14, 2018 at 11:36 am

    Love the concept! However, I think from a marketing standpoint the main USP for this game should be what the actual game is about. Positioning myself as a child I would want to read what the game is about. The proceeds that you get through the gamification aspect is an extra that most players don’t realize (but can still count as a second usp).

    5 seconds test:
    The landing page gave me a good impression on the title of the game. I would love to see more screenshot of the game that would potentially trigger visitors to further in what the game actually is.

    Hope these small pointers are useful! If there is anything else you need shoot me a message

  2. Sumairah Rahman January 27, 2018 at 11:30 pm

    Hi Drew,
    Great job! I love the game. The first two levels were a bit counter intuitive because I played Candy Crush and expected the same “explosions”, but I got used to the new way of playing very quick and now I really love it.

    Would it be an idea to add a movie to the play store and your website? I think it shouldn’t be too hard to record your screen while playing the game, right?

    I think seeing it in action would be a great addition to the static pictures.

  3. Drew Dyksterhouse January 12, 2018 at 3:36 pm

    Thanks for the feedback and the slideshow. I will definitely be taking your advice and updating things asap.

  4. Raul Tiru January 12, 2018 at 1:06 pm

    Hi Drew,

    First of all, thank you for your commitment to doing good in your free time!

    I love your mission and the game Fruitums and I’m honored to be able to help you become more effective with your digital channels so more people will get involved in helping to feed children.

    About social media: I love your visuals and GIFs. Keep up the great work in sharing visually beautiful content.

    About your website: I showed in the slideshow above that I think that you could add a lot more valuable information on your homepage. People don’t really like to click to get the information they need. If it makes sense, add it on you homepage. Be sure to check out Joanna’s copywriting template to structure your homepage.

    I would also add a email capture on your website. For instance. How do I know when your new game goes live? I would have to go back to your website over and over again in the hope that you’ve released it. I hope you get my point 😉

    I’m really looking forward to reading the advice of other professionals!

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