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Drew Dyksterhouse, founder Helping Hand Games

Drew Dyksterhouse, founder Helping Hand Games

Project: Helping Hand Games

For every minute you play Fruitums, Helping Hand Games donates to Samaritan’s Purse to feed children in need.

Drew Dyksterhouse, founder of Helping Hand Games, has six years of game development experience and he wanted to put that to good use.

At the moment, he has built one game, named Fruitums, and with the ad revenue from the game, he has donated more than one hundred meals to hungry children.

This is of course just the start. His first mission is to feed at least one million children through his games.

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Our slide deck with advice on user onboarding and copywriting

How you can make an impact

5 second test

Do the 5-second test

(Easiest way to make an impact. Also for non-marketers/designers)

The 5-second test is simple, yet very powerful. We use it to test the important first impressions when people visit a website.

Simply go to, have a look at their homepage for 5 seconds, come back and write down your first impressions (what do you still recall, how did you like the look & feel of the website, etc.).

give marketing design advice

Give marketing/design advice

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