12 Quick Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram has been gaining popularity in recent years. It’s getting harder to get in front of the audience you like. Here are tips that will help you with that.

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Instagram is one of the most competitive Social Media platforms across the world. If you want to shine among the crowd, you need to boost your followers count. According to a study, Instagram has more than 1 billion active users. How do you stand and shine on the platform?

We share 12 quick ways to attract your target audience and get more followers to your Instagram account in 2021.

Before we jump in, we need to know about Instagram statistics, which help to improve your audience base:

  • On average, users spend 30 minutes per day on Instagram.
  • 81% of the audience research products & services using Instagram
  • 500 million users use Instagram stories per day
  • 1X Instagram business accounts posts once a day
  • 130 million users click on the shopping posts every month.

Let’s move to the tips to attract more followers:

1. Optimize Your Instagram Profile:

Optimizing your Instagram profile is the best way to increase your following growth. With a recent Instagram announcement, English speaking and understanding viewers are present in six countries. Hence, they will be able to use Instagram and search for products by using keywords.

In your Instagram profile, you can place your website link or blog. Try to add a short bio about you or your process that helps to trust your website by the audience. Adding stylish fonts and characters looks more attractive. The Instagram bio limit is 150 characters.

For example, Instagram expert Elise Darma has educated freelancers and thousands of creators on how to improve their business on Instagram. Her favorite way is by searching the username and name field.

2. Work with Micro-Influencers:

If you are searching for new people for your profile, working with influencers is the best way. Choosing high followers and verified Instagrammers are not always the best choice for your business or brand.

According to a survey, micro-influencers have between 10K to 100K followers. They are oftentimes your best bet to promote your brand and increase your engagement.

Chrissy Abram shared the benefits of working with micro-influencers in 2021:

Working with micro-influencers has the strength of clicking into really engaged viewers without having to fight for their attention. Micro-influencers work on a small scale because they know a specific interest or niche.

3. Promote Instagram Content on other Platforms:

Are you wondering how to grow your Instagram followers? Use a cross-promoting method to enhance your followers and reach a larger audience.  After sharing your post on Instagram, you need to promote your content on other social media platforms.  Share your content on social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.

Many marketers and brands have noticed an increase in their Instagram following since joining TikTok and Pinterest.

If Pinterest and TikTok aren’t in your marketing strategy, you can always contact people on Instagram through your website, email newsletter, podcast, etc.

4. Build Branded Hashtags

Using branded hashtags on Instagram is an efficient way to reach a larger audience. There are many ways to utilize the power of branded hashtags, such as user-generated content(UGC), create a community, and impress new followers.

A branded hashtag can be as simple as your company name, products, tagline, events, or campaigns.

According to Visual Objects, the perfect way to increase view engagement on your banded hashtag is by motivating your customers.

5. Create Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a very important feature of Instagram. Based on statistics, half of million users use Instagram stories per day.

If you want to reach a large audience, you need to share your posts through Instagram stories. Receiving more views to your Instagram stories will help get more engagement and build organic views simultaneously.

You can also use AR filters and stickers in your stories, which expose a lot of potential followers to your brand.

6. Go Live on Instagram

Building conversations is the best way to increase followers and drive engagement in 2021.

Then, how to build conversations with followers?

Go live. Instagram Live is a completely unedited video stream and the perfect way to engage your followers to tune in. While making it live, you & your followers directly communicate with each other; Hereby, you can explain your brand directly to your audience.

At the same time, people can ask their questions and get solutions directly from you. The content options are endless for Instagram live, such as games and tournaments, weekly shows, online webinars, and so much more. Finally, you can showcase your products to help drive sales.

7. Do Viral Challenges on Instagram:

Top brands and influencers have known the worth of viral Instagram challenges, increasing brand awareness and improving your followers count.

For instance, Bailey Stanworth is a play digital founder. She created a challenge called #BathtubChallenge where she encouraged her audience to dress up and take a photo in a bathtub and tag their friends.

Suddenly, her followers were doing the same and were tagging their friends, and the hashtag grew up to 2000 posts! It’s also one of the ways to enhance your followers organically.

8. Write Excellent Captions

Instagram is a visual platform filled with high-quality photography, cohesive aesthetic, and on-brand images. But now, viewers are looking to learn more about your brand and your mission.

According to Fohr’s research in 2016, the average caption length has more than doubled.

As expected in 2021, our Instagram feeds will be filled with a moderate caption length of 405 characters(approximately 65-70 words)!

Maximum influencers jumped on this trend by sharing lengthy captions on their feeds or posts to give higher insight into their world and share their metric on current events.

Pay more attention on Instagram captions and describe your product in detail. Also, it should be catchy and engaging to your readers.

9. Make Authentic & Shareable Content

The power of authenticity will help to grow your Instagram followers. The most common way to reach a wider audience is by making authentic, shareable content. Sharing content on Instagram is the best way to reach your brand to the audience. Viewers can share posts on their Instagram stories or through direct messages.

When you build followers like friends or family, they may naturally push your content with their own community of followers. Day by day, Instagram viewers have increased on that platform to get a new follower to your account.

10. Post Consistently

Posting content frequently on your account is one of the ways to attract new followers. Creating curiosity about your brand is a great technique to improve your business. Consistency is a major key to success!

If you want to increase engagement for your business, you should interact with your audience. So allowing your existing followers to interact can help bring in new Instagram followers.

How frequently should you post on Instagram?

According to the Tailwind analysis, posting daily will grow your followers four times faster rather than posting once a week.

11. Make IGTV Series

One of the viral parts on Instagram is IGTV in 2021 and the future. After COVID-19, more social media influencers turn to Instagram for making entertainment. Thanks to the IGTV profiles, it’s effortless to align your Instagram audience.

Making an IGTV series is an effective way to associate with your community when also reaching a wider audience. Don’t you have an IGTV channel yet? It’s a perfect time to start.

IGTV is not the same as Instagram, and you can upload long content (up to 10 minutes). In case you are a verified user, you can upload videos for up to 60 minutes. IGTV helps to increase engagement on your videos and get excellent results with more followers.

12. Understand your Instagram Insights

Instagram tools for analytics will help you to give information on each post, such as reach, engagement, impressions, and much more. You can also determine the demographic data such as your followers, gender, age, & location.

Analyzing the data at every post regularly helps you find areas where you can improve your strategy and get more followers to your account.

Keep an eye on your analytics, which helps to know your target audience, like which post you get more traffic, what time your followers use Instagram, which audience engages with posts, etc.

Wrapping up

Keep increasing your followers to your account, which helps to enhance your business reach. At this moment, you can promote your brand, launch new products, increase traffic, and generate sales. If you have 10K followers with your account, you can add a link to your Instagram stories.

This article will help you to improve your business in the future.

Best of luck!

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