How to see your LinkedIn page followers on your company page

Are you gaining some nice followers on your LinkedIn company page? You might want to learn who is following you. Here’s how you can find out.

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Nice! You’re getting some nice traction on LinkedIn. Let’s go beyond just the number of followers and check out who is following your LinkedIn Company Page.

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In the 2020 update, LinkedIn has added a feature to:

  • See who is following your LinkedIn company page;
  • How your LinkedIn company page is growing compared to other pages in your industry.

How to see your LinkedIn page followers on your company page

The simple way is to go to your LinkedIn company page, click on your followers and you’ll get your overview.

see your LinkedIn page followers on your company page

Your LinkedIn followers overview

This is how your LinkedIn followers overview looks like (pictures and names of GlobalOwls followers are deleted). From here, you can explore and learn more about who your audience is, where they live, etc. This is very valuable to understand if you’re creating the right content and attracting the right followers to your LinkedIn page.

see linkedin page followers

LinkedIn company page followers drill down

From this overview, you can drill down and learn more about your followers:

  • Where they live;
  • Their job function;
  • Job seniority;
  • The industry they work in;
  • Seize of the company they work at.
see linkedin page followers

Again, this is very valuable to learn and see how it progresses or shifts over time.

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