3 Simple ways you can Prevent Climate Change

Want to prevent climate change? These 3 habits are having the most impact on our planet. See how you can help prevent climate change.

Do people want to prevent climate change?

Of course they do!

People just need to:

  1. understand the impact that they’re having on our planet;
  2. have simple alternatives.

Which of our actions have the biggest impact in preventing climate change?

  1. wasting less food;
  2. adopting a plant-rich diet;
  3. consuming less energy and water.

Project Drawdown recently put together a report highlighting 30 behavioral solutions people can take to prevent climate change. The top three solutions include wasting less food, adopting a plant-rich diet and consuming less energy and water.

Well, that’s it! Good luck. Let’s all do our part to save billions of animals, to leave a wealthy and lush planet for generations to come and much more.

But that’s the thing…

It’s easy to point out what we should do and why we should do it. But how do we really understand the impact? How do we not read yet another article about climate change and go about our day 5 seconds later?

I’m an advocate of being kind to animals, helping people and all species around us. I believe we all are. But how come even I have trouble to regularly eat plant-rich foods instead of meat, why do I still throw foods away, why do I still buy plastic grocery bags, why…?

Because starting a new habit is difficult. Changing an old habit is even harder!

I believe that we also need to be kind to ourselves. If we want to make change happen, but we still buy plastic bags instead of bringing our own bags to the supermarket, it’s ok. As long as we’re conscious about it and do our best to not forget to bring it the next time.

Forming a habit takes time!

Saying: “this climate thing is clearly not for me”, “I can’t do this”, is the worst thing you could do.

Just be conscious about what you do, be kind to yourself and after a while, you’ll notice that it’s becoming much easier to; use less water, use less electricity, use less plastic, throw less food away, you name it. Whatever you want to commit yourself to.

Let us know in the comments below what you’re challenges are to forming a habit of tackling climate change and what has worked for you to build good habits. 

We’re all different. Different stories work for different people.

Some people stopped eating meat altogether when they found out that, for instance, pigs are as smart as 3-year old children. Or that, of course, all animals we eat can be happy, sad or afraid, just like humans.

Others are really trying their best not to use plastic because they see how their favorite beaches get polluted.

Others are worried about the planet they’re leaving behind for their children.

We all react to different stories. But we all know that there is more we could do to prevent climate change.

One step at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed. It’s not all or nothing. Small acts also make a difference.

Thank you for your effort! 

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