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Do you want to get the most out of you Social Media Marketing efforts? Check out how to properly write on Social Media platforms.

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The approach you use for your social media could include branding recognition and lead generation, as in addition to the retention of clients. All of this is accomplished through a single element: the ability to write well on social media.

This article will help you with writing social media posts and your content will be more effective and better after you read it.

Then, let’s learn some easy tips for writing posts for social media with just 10 seconds to read it:

Avoid lengthy or complex sentences: stay clear of lengthy or confusing sentences; stay clear of the “business-speak”, “promotional-speak” and “I want to include everything I know in this article” mood. Do not use a lengthy word when there’s a shorter alternative. And let’s read the full version with useful tips below!

Keep it friendly

If you’re trying to make friends with your audience, just begin to think about them as your buddies. Make use of pronouns like “we” “I,” “me,” and “you” as opposed to “the company,” “the client,” or “the team.” Keep in mind that you’re trying to build relationships and be engaging. The notion of entertaining your followers with stories from your corporate headquarters doesn’t suffice. Write as if directly speaking to every customer, follower or fan and you’ll have a better engagement rate.

Make your writing as short as possible

Social media isn’t a place to write long musings and case studies or re-purposed stories. It’s not necessary to make use of the entire word count as it is not one of the essays of and there is no need in a long and well researched paper. The best length for Facebook posts is 40 characters after that engagement diminishes. If you’re looking to share a blog post or an article with your followers make sure to introduce it briefly and then include an online link.

Don’t forget to use “call-to-action”!

The call to action (CTA) should be something you should think of while writing about your own blog or your company’s branding or the product you offer. A successful method of writing social media posts begins with a question that prompts thinking and a call to your followers to take action.

That doesn’t mean that you have to be searching for ways to advertise. However, you’d like your followers to do what you tell them or you don’t? If it’s a request to search your post or watch your video, participate in an online discussion and share your post, or even go to some event. The correct response is always sought.

Do research of your audience 

You may be the most proficient writer on earth. However, if you do not evolve – your content will not be a hit with viewers.

For instance, suppose you manage a repair shop for cars and you know that your ideal client is a male. What do you know about males? The fact is that there are a billion males all over the world. They all have food and dress up. However they differ from one the other.

The idea behind this part is that if you would like to write efficiently you need to know the audience you’re writing to.

Don’t follow writing rules like a robot

You may be a seasoned professional writer however, the process of writing to social media platforms isn’t quite the same as writing your Ph.D. dissertation. It’s possible to overturn some accepted rules of creating content for social media platforms.

Answer your audience

Social media updates are just one aspect of the job of the person in charge of social media. You must also create concise and precise responses to users as you’re their role model.

It’s essential to be aware of what the tone of voice is for your product, brand or account, and how you’ll interact with social users on social media. Are you the kind of brand that is eager to interact with your customers? Are you a truthmaker brand that responds to questions with no chat? If so, you have a social media department – it must be instructed on how to answer questions in the same manner.

Be sure to use appropriate tools and applications to write. They will free up your time for other tasks. Reminders can also be a good option to avoid spelling errors when you’re trying to get things done.

Always check your grammar

Whatever the issues you’re experiencing with your company or how casual you’d like to appear, or the amount of abbreviations and terms you’re using. Your spelling and grammar need to be flawless.

An absence of grammar or spelling can affect your image and give your readers the perception that they aren’t in the top position of your game, or that you’re silly. If you’re publishing in multiple languages, you should ensure you get a native speaker, but if you are not sure in your English – you can always hire a writer from study bounty to write or proofread your posts before making them live.


Writing for social media may be a bit difficult to get used to if you have never written posts or have an experience in academic writing but it’s entertaining. If you maintain the social media accounts on your own, then you should take it as an opportunity to challenge limits and get to understand your audience.

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