Social Media Monitoring Tools for Non-Profits

Your Nonprofit is a champ in Social Media Marketing and your Brand is getting mentions throughout many channels. How do you Monitor Success and reply accordingly? Check out these Social Media Monitoring Tools by Lilian Sue.

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What exactly is social monitoring? It’s basically the measurement side of social media content marketing. Social monitoring is the process of watching different online sources for mentions of your organization, whether by name, through branded hashtags or by link. These mentions could come from blogs, websites, online newspapers/media outlets, videos and on various social platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Mentions can happen at any time based on the original content you’re sharing from your blog, or content you’ve curated via an e-newsletter or Facebook. Chances are, if you’re putting it out there, there’s going to be people sharing the content on different platforms and mentioning your organization/brand.

Where social monitoring really earns its stripes is when you’re promoting an event, launching a fundraising initiative or influencer campaign and sharing consistent content updates. Your audience will pick up on this, especially if you’re using a branded hashtag and start to share, re-tweet and create their own content using your special hashtag as well. Keeping track of all the mentions, shares and re-tweets during a campaign is nearly impossible without a good tool at your disposal.

Here are a few free/fairly affordable social monitoring tools and how they can benefit non-profits.

Talkwalker Alerts

Talkwalker Alerts - social mention tool

An alternative to Google Alerts, Talkwalker is also available for free and doesn’t send you notification emails one at a time. Talkwalker Alerts scans every available source for brand mentions from websites like Mashable to blogs, forums like Reddit and social media feeds like Twitter and collates all of them for you in one email. It’s a great tool to manage your Social Media presence.

Talkwalker gives you the top results mentioning your brand or keyword (such as the tweets with the most engagement), making them a great free alerts service that includes mentions from social media. You’ll also be able to filter the results you want based on sources, so if you only want blog sources, you can have them. They also offer and allow you to set up how often you’d like to receive alerts in your inbox.

Social Mention

Social Mention tool

Another free social monitoring tool, Social Mention monitors blogs, microblogs, images, comments, bookmarks, events, audio, Q&A and videos for any mentions of your organization. Mentions are then displayed on the results page and you have the ability to export the results in an RSS feed, email alert or CSV/Excel file. On the left sidebar, you’ll be able to see that Social Mention measures how many re-tweets there were of each mention, how many authors created the content, when the last mention was, how many hours separate each mention and the top keywords, sources, users, hashtags for the results.

In addition, the sidebar also tells you whether the sentiment is positive or negative and what the strength, reach and passion is for all the mentions. In other words, the tool will calculate how far each mention has reached, whether audiences feel passionate about the content and how strong it is based on the number of people that interact with it.


Twilert - social mention tool

An affordable and easy to use monitoring tool for Twitter, Twilert captures all brand mentions on the platform, including those that have URLs, contain keywords and branded hashtags. You can also set it up to record mentions in real time as well, making sure nothing falls under the radar. The advanced Boolean search options allow you to execute deeper searches into the tweets you want to see, letting you monitor users, exclude/include keywords and search for specific tweets based on language or location.

Every tweet is sent to you via email digest and the search history and email digest will keep of all the important tweets, allowing you to return them any time you like. You can also monitor multiple brand accounts and searches simultaneously and email the digests to pre-determined groups.

Not only does Twilert help you monitor brand mentions but it can help you generate new fundraising opportunities and guest-posting spots on different blogs to raise your organization’s profile. Email alerts sent straight to your inbox can also help you answer potential donor questions, even if they forget to tag your account. The most popular option is the Pro package which is $19/month but allows you to create 20 alerts and have unlimited alert emails as well as searchable history and the ability to export mentions in RSS feeds.


SocialClout - social mention tool

Mentionlytics is a popular social media analytics tool for businesses and brands to keep track of brand or product mentions across social media sites.

From start-ups to multinational businesses and public figures to agencies, anyone can use the tool for online reputation management, hashtags tracking, lead generation, competitor analytics, searching digital marketing influencers, and more.

Apart from analytical data and statistical reports, Mentionlytics offers a unique feature called ‘Social Intelligence Advisor’. This AI-powered feature runs an algorithm to uncover brand mentions and other useful reports. Not only this, but SIA also gives deep insights into the reports to allow brands to use it. One can also seek advice on how to make the most out of the reports from the experts.

Getting started with Mentionlytics is fairly easy and quick – explore the tool to get started.


SocialClout - social mention tool

With SocialClout, you’ll have the ability to monitor social conversations with real-time coverage on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The keyword search functionality will allow you to track a campaign hashtag, brands, services and even other organizations being mentioned on various networks.

Insightful reports analyze numerous data points and allow you to see all the status updates from each social platform as well as the geographics and demographics of where the conversations about your campaigns & organizations are happening. The automated sentiment analysis helps you identify who your brand advocates/key influencers are and if there are any negative sentiments surrounding your brand.

With the Starter Plan, you can get 30 days of extra validity for $49 USD that will allow you to add up to 5 social media accounts & 5 different platforms. You’ll also be able to generate up to 7 in-depth reports and analyze up to 4 competitor profiles with priority email support to help you when you’re stuck. Any time you get stuck, SocialClout has dozens of tutorials, blog posts and email/chat support to answer any questions you might have.

Author Bio:

Lilian SueLilian Sue is a marketing communications professional with over 10 years of experience developing integrated multi-channel marketing campaigns (copywriting, social media & PR/media relations) for lifestyle brands, indie film & television projects, B2B companies, tourism/hospitality & food/beverage brands. Learn more about her work at In Retrospect Writing Services.

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