How to start a corporate philanthropy program

A guest post by Kara Whittaker about how you can start a corporate giving program.

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Many workplaces combine a unique approach to giving back to communities—perhaps encouraging volunteer days at work, for example, or even matching giving to certain charities or within certain limits. It’s a great way for companies to promote both corporate culture and values, as well as support the community. And giving programs are a way to attract and retain employees, too.

The facts bear that out: Nearly 80 percent of companies have some sort of matching program to recognize employees that give to good causes.

Guidelines to follow to help enact or expand giving

But what about those businesses that don’t have a philanthropy program in place? Or what if you want to change or expand your corporate program? There are some guidelines to follow to help enact or expand giving. For example, the local aspect of giving programs is often a draw for employees: They like to know that their efforts and dollars are changing the immediate world around them.

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