Making a Difference: Teen with Crohn’s disease helps kids in the hospital

The story of Jakob. A 13-year-old boy with Crohn’s disease and the founder of Seedz4Needz is helping children in the hospital.

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Jakob Zernick has been through a lot in his life. He still needs to visit the hospital frequently, but he decided to make it a positive experience by visiting other children in the hospital and bringing gifts.

Jakob has started Seedz4Needz. He plants vegetables, sells them and buys toys, blankets and other goodies for children in the hospital he visits.

He has raised $13,734.37 for his nonprofit in 2019 alone!

“It makes me feel great, like awesome,” Jakob said with a laugh.

For a little kid, he’s got a really big heart and he is determined to help make the time children spend in the hospital less daunting.

Nothing feels better for Jakob than giving toys to kids who are suffering from an illness.

Jakob’s biggest challenge is balancing his Foundation, school and all other activities he is involved in. Gardening and growing everything from seed is a lot of work and he must manage his time between schoolwork, activities and his Foundation especially from March – July.

Jakob 2 years ago. The start of Seedz4Needz

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