The Best B2B Content Marketing Metrics for Your Business

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It's time to measure correctly

Gone are the days of chalking “marketing success” up to the number of leads generated from a piece of content, or the open rate of a nurturing email.

Metrics that matters

What today’s stakeholders want to know is simple: did the funds going into your marketing budget actually lead to more revenue for your business?

It starts with using measurable content formats

A go-to file format for most businesses, PDFs have been around for decades. Despite the familiarity and universality of PDFs, the word “decades” is a red flag considering the pace at which digital marketing has evolved.

PDFs only show vanity metrics

Once a visitor downloads a PDF from your website, they take their traceability with them; in other words, their actions become impossible to track.

Stop using PDFs

Start using interactive web content formats

Then, start tracking metrics throughout the funnel

Which pages / topics were most valuable, how did people get retargeted, how long did it take to go from reader to MQL?