How To Create A Content Marketing Strategy

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Having a well-documented content strategy is fundamental to content marketing. And yet, as HubSpot reports, only 37% of B2B companies that use content marketing have a documented content strategy.

Understanding who will be reading your content.

Step 1

Create your Persona

Every piece of writing should target a specific group and inspire them to take a particular action.

Inspire your audience to take action by Telling a Story that resonates

Understanding where your readers hang out.

Step 2

Which platforms do they use, when are they most active, mobile or desktop?

Mapping your content to the buyer's journey

Step 3

- Awareness stage - Consideration - Decision

Do a Content Audit to understand where the gaps are

Are you mainly focusing on the Awareness stage and lack content for the Decision stage?

Establish goals for your content

Acquisition Activation Education Revenue Expansion Referral

Build your content calendar

Step 4

Organization is paramount to a good content strategy. To be successful, you need to be able to see the big picture in terms of which content assets you've already created,

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