How To Get More LinkedIn Followers

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Today, we'll go over 11 ways you could get more LinkedIn followers for your Company Page.

LinkedIn is evolving into a Content Powerhouse

Understand why anyone would follow your LinkedIn company page

Step 1


It's not because you constantly share how awesome you are. It's because you understand your audience and provide real value.

Be consistent with sharing content and your branding

Step 2

Sorry. Posting once a month won't cut it.

Pro tip

Check out this free Social Media Caption Generator and create LinkedIn posts in half the time. It just makes life a lot easier.

Understand the LinkedIn Algorithm 

Step 3

We've created an Infographic to help you out. Check out the resource below.

Find and use the right #s

Step 4

LinkedIn posts with 0 hashtags, will mainly be seen by your followers and connections of people that interact with that post.

#s help you take it a step further.

Let colleagues know that you’ve published a post on your LinkedIn company page

Step 5

You can do this within LinkedIn or via own channels like Slack.

Educate employees on how to get the best out of LinkedIn

Step 6

Everyone within a company can become a content creator.

Interact in LinkedIn groups

Step 7

There are great LinkedIn groups for just about any niche. Check them out and add value.

Invite connections to follow your LinkedIn company page

Step 8

Do you have connections that might find your page valuable? Invite them with LinkedIn's feature.

Interact with your LinkedIn company page

Step 9

Follow relevant hashtags and like, comment, share with your LinkedIn company page instead of your personal profile.

Publish long-form content on LinkedIn with your personal account

Step 10

These content formats can get a high reach. Tag your company page and expand your reach.

Make it easy to share website content on LinkedIn

Step 11

Can people easily share your content on LinkedIn and will it look pretty?

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