Top Innovative Plastic Pollution Solutions

A great number of organizations are working hard to help solve our plastic pollution problem. Here's our top selection.

Reducing our plastic pollution is one of the greatest challenges facing planet earth

Luckily, there are solutions. Governments, Organizations, and millions of people are stepping up. Together, we can fight the currently, 13 million tonnes of plastic that ends up in our oceans each year and eventually on our plates.

Turning Plastic Trash into Currency so people would pick it up and have a small income

Solution 1:

Go into the Ocean and collect Plastic Waste as efficiently as possible

Solution 2:

Collect Plastic Waste from Rivers as Efficiently as possible

Solution 3:

Use the power of Plastic Eating Bacteria

Solution 4:

Use Plastic-Free Packaging more often

Solution 5:

Using Unrecyclable Plastics to pave Roads

Solution 6:

Tech and Organizations can not stopt our plastic pollution by themselves

See how people and governments are joining the fight in the article below