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What is marketing collateral?

Marketing collateral is any media material used to promote a company’s products or services. This includes everything from print materials like posters and flyers to digital content like catalogs and digital magazines.

What kind of Marketing Collateral should you use?

Different collateral types serve different purposes and largely depend on how far along your prospects are in the marketing funnel.

Marketing Collateral for the Awareness stage

- eBooks; - Blog posts; - Pillar pages;  - Landing pages; - Branded content; - Infographics. 

Marketing Collateral for the Consideration stage

- Brand stories; - Case studies; - White papers;  - Corporate brochures; - Product catalogs.

Marketing Collateral for the Decision stage

- Proposals & presentations; - Re-engagement emails; - Corporate magazines;  - Digital reports; - Customer magazines.

Designing your Marketing Collateral

- Mind your Brand Consistency; - Use the right design tools.

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