Top Sales Collateral You Should Be Using in 2023

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What is Sales collateral?

Sales collateral is any kind of document or media that helps support the sales process and moves leads through the sales funnel. This includes printed media such as adverts, flyers, or brochures and digital collateral such as blogs, landing pages, eBooks, videos, and social media.

What kinds of sales collateral are most effective?

Ask yourself what guidance, stats, facts, and figures might help address any barriers to sale at this time. What additional knowledge or data would help convince them that you are the brand to help them fulfill their needs and desires.

Sales Collateral for the Awareness stage

- eBooks; - Blog posts; - Pillar pages;  - Landing pages; - Branded content; - Infographics. 

Sales Collateral for the Consideration stage

- Brand stories; - Case studies; - White papers;  - Corporate brochures; - Product catalogs.

Sales Collateral for the Decision stage

- Proposals & presentations; - Re-engagement emails; - Corporate magazines;  - Digital reports; - Customer magazines.

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