October update GlobalOwls

Summary of GlobalOwls’s vision, goals, achievements and a call for feedback.

Goal of this post

At GlobalOwls, we believe organizations can become much more effective when they ask for help.

We’ve experienced the power of receiving advice from professionals first hand on our project page. These pieces of advice allowed us to improve this platform and we will continue to welcome anyone to contribute.

Because GlobalOwls is being developed by the community, for the community. We would love to share some common monthly achievements.

GlobalOwls vision


A world where every individual believes in his or her own capabilities of changing the world for the better.

World-changing organizations

People and organizations committed to doing good, receiving all the help they need.

October 2017 update

First steps for growth

2418 web sessions

In our second month, we’ve received 2418 web sessions (own ip-address excluded), 2095 new visits.


global owls traffic october 2017


We’re still not getting consistent recurring traffic. SEO takes time, but we’re working on improving our Content Marketing Strategy and Domain Authority. We’ve featured guest posts from four great marketers and welcome more professionals to write for us. Our Domain Authority increased from 10 to 14 in just a few weeks. (Really looking forward to seeing all these numbers grow, very soon).

4 projects, 43 professionals, 34 pieces of advice, 55 conversations

We now have 4 great projects online and about 43 professionals ready to make a difference by donating their knowledge. This month, organizations have received 34 pieces of advice & 55 conversations were started.

November focus (pivoting, kinda)

Yes! We’re currently having many conversations with advisors and stakeholders to find ways to drastically improve the value we deliver to organizations and professionals.

We wanted to improve our branding and messaging so we heavily researched great organizations to learn from them. When diving a lot deeper (about 4 pages deep) into the services GlobalGiving provides, we saw that they already have a community of professionals donating their time to helping nonprofits become more effective, called GlobalGivingTime.

We saw this as an opportunity to learn from what works for them, what has worked for us and what didn’t so we could drastically improve our services.

After a few brainstorm sessions, we can announce that we’ve come up with something awesome!

But the only thing we’re going to disclose during this update is that our vision will remain the same but that there will be some big changes and that we’re really excited about it!

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