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How it works

We believe small organizations that are committed to doing good deserve a platform to tell their story. 

Plug your best content into our channels and reach hundreds of thousands of people that want to do good.

Let GlobalOwls and her partners tell your story.

1. Get in touch with us by filling in our form or by sending an email to hi @ and tell us a bit more about your organization and your goals.

2. If we’re a great match, we’ll discuss the promotion strategy. We work with organizations that are already having an impact.

To make sure we improve our impact month over month, we ask for a donation of 30 dollars.

We are confident that we help you reach at least 10x the number of people that you would if investing the money elsewhere.

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globalowls tells your story

We believe it’s crucial to help small organizations who are committed to doing good to flourish so they can scale up and increase their impact.

We’re on a mission to make it easy for small NGOs that don’t have marketing knowledge, don’t have much time or don’t have a large budget to share their story and inspire action.

Each month, we reach 1M+ people that want to do good. This is your chance to profit from the marketing engine we’re building.

About GlobalOwls

We all have our strengths. GlobalOwls’s strength is Marketing. We started by building a platform where Social Impact organizations could receive advice from Marketers and Designers from all around the world. 

We soon found out that, even though a lot of generous professionals were giving great advice for free, Social Impact organizations still struggled to implement the pieces of advice they received. It was because small NGOs didn’t have marketing knowledge, didn’t have much time or didn’t have a large budget. 

We all have our strengths. And the three areas above are the area’s small NGOs struggle with when optimizing their Digital Marketing efforts. 

Growing with small Social Impact organizations

We’re learning daily about how we can have the largest impact with the strengths that we have and with our great, current and future, partners. 

The model that we have at the moment is

1. Build a marketing machine. We reach 1M+ people that want to do good every month. Let’s get to 10M+ as soon as possible!

2. We will do this by plugging the best content of our partners into our marketing machine, creating a large ecosystem for positive change.

3. To scale up, we will ask for a small donation of $30 per project we run. We have two rules when it comes to asking for donations

a) the amount needs to be very low so that any organization can participate.

b) the value organizations receive needs to be at least 10x the value they would receive if investing the money elsewhere. 

4. In 10 years, we want to look back at all the amazing accomplishments we’ve achieved together with our partners and be passionate to push further to help solve humanity’s most complex problems

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