September update Global Owls

Summary of Global Owls’s vision, goals, achievements and a call for feedback.

Goal of this post

At Global Owls, we believe organizations can become much more effective when they ask for help.

We’ve experienced the power of receiving advice from professionals first hand on our project page. These pieces of advice allowed us to improve this platform and we will continue to welcome anyone to contribute.

Because Global Owls is being developed by the community, for the community. We would love to share some common monthly achievements.

Global Owls vision


A world where every individual believes in his or her own capabilities of changing the world for the better.

World-changing organizations

People and organizations committed to doing good, receiving all the help they need.

Our focus for the coming 6 month

focus global owls

1. Building a Growth Engine for recurring relevant monthly traffic

Later in this post, you’ll see that we receive traffic spikes after campaigns from our partners or from us. For the coming 6 months, we will put a lot of effort into creating quality content to be able to generate a steady influx of traffic. Month over month.

2. Improving the platform / value we deliver to our stakeholders

Self explanatory.

3. Building quality relationships

We’re looking forward to building meaningful relationships with stakeholders. We’re honored to be able to work together with people who are committed to doing good. We call on you to introduce us to other great organizations and journalists.

September 2017 update

First steps for growth

803 web sessions

In our first month, we’ve received 803 web sessions (own ip-address excluded), 655 new visits. All traffic spikes, that’s why we need to build a steady growth machine.

Global Owls September sessions

4 projects, 20 professionals, 21 pieces of advice, 35 conversations

We now have 4 great projects online and about 20 professionals ready to make a difference by donating their knowledge. This month, organizations have received 21 pieces of advice & 35 conversations were started.

A few of our members

Platform for about 60% SEO friendly

The platform is far from optimally SEO optimized, but we’ve made some steps last month. For instance: all professional profiles automatically get unique Meta Tags inserted. This is a very scalable way to receive search traffic.

Improving the platform / value we add

Added pictures of project owners on project page

Thanks to Damir’s advice, we’ve added picture of project owners on every project page to make requesting for advice more personal.

Added the 5 second test

Thanks to Francisco’s advice, we’ve added the 5 second test to empower anyone to make an impact. Francisco contacted us and said he would love to get involved but he saw that many requests were marketing related. As a developer, he couldn’t give advice. Now, with the 5 second test, anyone can!

Improved lay out, colors, and mobile friendly design

Introduced Global Owls Share Twitter account  

To be able to help partners to get even more online exposure, we’ve introduced Global Owls Share where we can share posts more freely.

October focus

  • In October we will keep improving the platform. We’re looking forward to receiving your feedback on our project page.
  • We also invite professionals to write guest posts that can help nonprofits, social enterprises & NGOs become more effective. See Ryan Biddulph’s guest post as reference.
  • We’re looking forward to adding more projects and to get in contact with journalists. If you know an organization that would like to join us or a journalist that would like to cover us, please let us know.

You have a story to tell. We want to help.

Let’s create memorable content and reach tens of thousands of people.

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