PDFs are Outdated

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Here's Why You Should Stop sending PDFs to prospects in 2024

PDFs not mobile-friendly

PDFs are extremely difficult to use on a mobile device, requiring zooming in and panning around.

PDFs require multiple steps to access

Because they're offline documents, PDFs require you to download them before viewing.

You can’t track reader engagement with PDFs

PDFs completely lack the ability to collect data. You may be able to see how many times a PDF was downloaded, but you don't know what people did with it afterwards.

PDFs are static, boring, and don’t let you embed multimedia

It's nowhere near the format you're consuming this content on right now.

You can't control distribution or circulation of PDFs

Once a PDF has been sent, downloaded, or shared, you lose all control over it.

PDFs are difficult to create

For every PDF you want to create, you often need several people to get it done.

PDFs have had their time.

(In the 1990s). Check out below how you can create better content experiences at scale.