About GlobalOwls

Using the power of Marketing to accelerate adaptation of solutions that help solve our most complex problems.

We live in exciting times where technological solutions that can help propel us miles ahead get invented on a daily basis, where governments wake up and see that action is needed to keep everyone safe and where millions of people are taking action to support, protect and help with great passion.


We’ve been helping social impact organizations for the last 4 years. While we were on this journey,  we have built a large audience of people wanting to do good, reaching more than 1 million people a month.


Today, we use our marketing power to showcase how many solutions to complex problems we already have. Sometimes, it seems like we’re losing many battles, but if you take a look at how many solutions exist and how many people dedicate their lives to do good, people become inspired and with renewed energy, they can step up and take action.


To be honest, we’re not sure where this journey will take us. We just know that we will continue to spread positivity and enable people to take action on causes they care about and that we’re in it for the long run.

To road ahead is yet to be paved, please feel free to contact us (hi @ globalowls.com) to partner with us or.. to say hi.