How to Get Started with AI Marketing in 2024 [Guide + Free Tools]

Discover why marketers are falling in love with AI Marketing Tools and start today for free.

How Start with AI Marketing

“I’ve never used AI to improve my marketing, I’ve played a bit with a couple of AI Tools. I could never go back to a pre-AI age.”

In which category do you fit?

For me, I definitely fit in the ‘I’m in love with AI’ category.

In this guide, I want to share how to make good use of AI tools so you can bridge the gap as fast as possible.

The more complex a tool, the more powerful it is.

It’s easier to learn to ride a tricycle, but a bicycle is much faster after you’ve mastered it.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours (maybe even thousands of hours) and I’m the co-founder of, A future-proof AI Marketing Toolkit with almost 100,000 users and discovered years ago how powerful AI Tools are and I’m constantly learning how to apply it to the best of my abilities to help reach my goals.

Because… O boy! This tech is going FAST!

When we started and the AI Marketing Copy Generators were running on GPT3, the ability for AI to help was cool, but when we went to GPT 3.5 and now GPT4, my goodness. What a difference. The same goes for AI Text To Image Generators and I’m really looking forward to improvements in the AI Text To Video space.

In this guide, I want to help you apply AI Marketing Tools to help achieve your goals much faster than ever before.


AI Content Creation Tools

AI-Powered Content Creation Tools

AI Content Creation Tools are getting more powerful month-over-month and are helping marketers to create more and better content faster than ever before.

Sure, some people use AI Content Creation Tools to create sub-standard content, but the trick is to get AI to help you create variations so you can pick the best one and perfect that. More on that later in this guide. Let’s first look take a helicopter view on how AI Content Creation Tools help:

AI Content Creation Tools help to:

  1. Overcome writer’s block;
  2. Create variations so you can select and perfect the best one;
  3. Scale Content Production.
Overcome Writers Block With AI Powered Content Creation Tools

Overcome Writer’s Block With AI-Powered Content Creation Tools

AI Copywriting Assistants have been helping marketers overcome Writer’s Block even in the GPT3 age. If you’re stuck on your blog outline, your social media caption, or your ads, type a couple of keywords in an AI Copywriting assistant, and within seconds you’ll get the ball rolling.

Let’s say you’re starting a new blog post. Let’s say it’s about ‘How to start with AI Marketing’. Geezz. Blanck page. There we go… Start writing, please… Let’s make a new cup of coffee first. Ah, maybe open a window. Ok, let’s start writing.

Or. Simply enter ‘How to start with AI Marketing’ in a Blog Intro Generator. Here’s what it looks like when we enter those keywords in’s Blog Intro Generator:

StoryLab AI Blog Intro Generator Overcome Writers Block

Blog Intro Generator Outputs:

  • The marketing world is changing and if you’re not already using artificial intelligence (AI) in your business, you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities. AI technology can help marketers deliver more personal experiences to their customers through trends, data and predictive analytics. It can also save time by automating mundane or repetitive tasks or allow them to develop strategies faster. So how do you get started?
  • With the right tips and tools, any marketer with a bit of technical know-how can quickly learn how to succeed with AI marketing. Today’s article will cover the basics for those who are new to this technology—from understanding what it is about Artificial Intelligence that makes it unique for marketing applications, to choosing an AI platform that fits your budget and skill level. Ready? Let’s dive in!
  • Driving revenue growth today means accessing data points from all sorts of sources — website visits, customer interactions over email or social media channels — as well as anticipating changes in customer behavior based on patterns identified by AI algorithms. That kind of insight requires more than just basic techniques like A/B testing; it requires leveraging advanced technologies like artificial neural networks (ANNs), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML). But don’t worry if these terms look intimidating – with the right context they’re actually quite easy! In this post we’ll teach you all the basics so you too can start implementing successful artificial intelligence initiatives into your digital marketing strategy

If I’d like, I can re-run the AI Tool and get more inspirational pieces. Or, I can select one of the outputs and perfect it. Beats staring at a white screen, right?

As mentioned above. You can do this for your social media posts, articles, product descriptions, ads, YouTube titles or descriptions, you name it.

Here are a couple of cool AI Marketing Copy Generators you can try out:

Top AI-Powered Marketing Copy Generators

See which of these tools fit your needs best


Notion AI

Create variations with AI so you can select and perfect the best piece

One of the cool powers of AI is that it can help you come up with variations from different angles.

Regardless if you’re a seasoned copywriter or not a copywriter at all; producing good, sticky, punchy copy from a variety of angles can get pretty exhausting.

Think about your Google ads. How difficult it is to come up with 5 headline variations. What if you’re running dozens of Google ads? Would it not be awesome to get help from AI to come up with variations and you simply select the ones you love most and perfect those?

Creating variations and getting insights from different angles is not just great for ads. Also for your headlines, your social posts, your email subject lines, and even email body text. AI can do it. AI can help you brainstorm. 24/7. Whenever you need it.

And here’s the cool thing.

AI can not just help to come up with Marketing Copy Variations. Also Visuals! 

You have no idea how many visuals we’ve generated for this blog post. At the end of the day, we’ve selected just a handful. The best ones 😉

Use one of the AI Marketing Copy Generators we shared above to create awesome copy variations and try one of the AI Tools below to create awesome visuals. Some AI Platforms (like, Writersonic, etc. offer both in one platform).

Top AI-Powered Text-To-Image Generators

See which of these tools fit your needs best


AdCreative AI

Hypotenuse AI

Scale Content Production with AI

Of course, the coolest thing (in my opinion) is the fact that AI can help you achieve your dreams much faster.

When I have a plan, it’s never; ‘I need to create this one piece of content’. It’s a much bigger plan / strategy and I need quite some pieces of content and it’s quite daunting just thinking about it.

For instance.

The guide you’re reading right now is just one small piece of the bigger strategy of helping people to become more effective with their marketing. AI is just a part of that yet again.

With the help of AI, I can achieve my dream a lot faster because creating a piece of content can be 10x faster. And the quality will be even better than if I would not use AI.

In my book ‘How to get 1,000,000 website traffic with the help of AI‘ I go over how AI can fit into your overarching Content and SEO Strategy. Be sure to check it out! Simply creating more content (even with the help of AI) will not mean you’ll achieve your goals if the pieces of content you’re creating do not fit into your SEO strategy. 

How To Get 1000000 Websites Visits With The Help Of AI Strategies, Tips, Tools, And Daily Rituals Book

When we talk about scaling content with the help of AI, we’re not simply talking about written articles. It’s also your YouTube videos and getting AI to help your write or refine your script. Create variations for your YouTube Titles, Write YouTube Descriptions faster than ever before so you can get back to creating your next video faster, and much more.

Next to your articles and video content, AI can also help with content distribution so you can get back to creating more content faster and so you can engage on Social Media instead of wasting time on creating social media captions and visuals. The opportunities are endless.

Achieve your Goals with AI

Achieve your Goals Faster with the Help of AI

There is a lot more we can discuss to help you achieve your goals faster with the help of AI. We’ll be sure to update this guide and consider joining our community. You can ask us anything and the moderators of the community are seasoned marketers and have not just played around with AI, they’ve also created AI Tools. Check out the community here. 

Free AI Content Creation, Marketing & Growth Masterclass [Video]

One of our community moderators, Erwin Lima, recorded a free AI Content Creation Masterclass.

This free Masterclass is a 90-minute introduction to the world of AI copywriting and content creation, and how to think about, work with, and implement AI content tools into your marketing strategies, tactics, and processes to maximum effect.

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