Hello, my fellow seeker. How are you feeling today?

I hope you're ready to take your first steps in finding your purpose.

We need a Purpose

A story that helps us make sense of ourselves, and our place in this world. Whether in our personal lives, in business, or even in society at large.

What we will go over today

How To Find Your Purpose: Pase 1 (5 steps) Phase 2 (5 steps)

Sit back and relax.

Phase 1: Making time and space for self-research and self-reflection 

Step 1: History & Roots

We begin by examining the inheritance, cultural context and family X childhood dynamics that shaped you

Step 2: Past & Present self-reflection

For this part we collect as much Emotional/Self-reflective data and information as possible concerning our past and present Self.

Step 3: Asking for input

Next, use the following questions about your past and present self with others.

Step 4: Hard data

Gather hard data from your past and present.

Step 5: The My Ultimate Self, My Hero — exercise;

How would your life look like if you never needed to work again?

Phase 2: Constructing your Purpose Story

Step 6: Review your notes

Review your answers from last week. Read through your notes and answers, and circle, underline and connect concepts, words that stand out to you. Then, leave these notes for a day.

Step 7: Write your Purpose Story

*Cue drumroll*. Today you’re going to write your actual Purpose or Legend Story.

Step 8: Editing and feedback

Go back to the Purpose or Legend Story you wrote yesterday. Edit your first draft critically.

Step 9: Adjusting your Purpose/Legend story

Take the feedback you received yesterday and analyze it. What points stand out? Which points make you feel something?

Step 10: making your Purpose Story come alive — and keeping it that way

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