GlobalOwls Impact – Helping People Through Abondance

God calls us to work hard, take care of ourselves, our families, and others. 

Overcoming the 7 deadly sins and working on the 7 heavenly virtues (the counterparts) helps people achieve all of the above and live fulfilling lives.

Let’s have a look at how we do it (in hopes of inspiring you), how you can build abundance and help others, and how you can help our cause.


My name is Raul Tiru (founder of GlobalOwl), and together with family and friends (most notably Serkan Simsek and Wouter de Jager), we drive the GlobaOwls Impact mission.

We’re in our early thirties, have built a great life for ourselves and our families, and are now working hard to help others in need.

Life can be difficult, but that’s when God’s grace shines the brightest.

Everyone goes through difficult times. It’s up to the people who have it good to help however we can so people can get back on their feet and help others in their turns.

Healthy Foods for a Healthy Community

Healthy Foods for a Healthy Community

GlobalOwls’s mission is to help people live fulfilling lives.

We do that by helping people to overcome the 7 deadly sins, which always hold people back, by guiding them to start an (online) business so they can truly build abundance and help others, and by helping people live more healthy lives.

With GlobalOwls Impact, we rent a plot of land in a greenhouse to feed ourselves, our families, friends, and neighbors, and we strive to grow more healthy foods every year to help more and more people.

We’re able to donate a couple of bags of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits every month to the Dutch Food Bank which distributes the foods to people most in need.

7.1% of children in the Netherlands live with Food Insecurity 

This is crazy and unacceptable!!

For many, the Dutch Foodbank is the go-to place to be able to get a meal on the table. But getting healthy, organic, fresh fruits and vegetables is not always the case. We want to do our part and not just increase the number of people the Dutch Foodbank can help, but also help increase the percentage of Healthy Foods they can distribute.

You can imagine how happy we are to be able to donate harvests like these:

How you can help

Looking for ways how you can help? Here are a couple:

  • Live your best life and build abundance: Follow your own unique journey and along the way, think about how you can help others. If you’re stuck, check out our book on how to overcome the 7 deadly sins.
  • Build wealth: Start an (online) business. Allocate a couple of hours a day and create content around the topics that you are passionate about. Use our sponsor’s AI Copywriting Tool to create not just more, but also better content faster.
  • Become a sponsor: Send an email to hi @
  • If you’re looking to place or renovate a kitchen in the Netherlands. Consider contacting our Sponsor SJS Services.
  • Engage with family and friends. My mum knits children’s clothes and donates them to children in need. GlobalOwls Impact invests in the equipment, and she invests her time. What can you do to help with the resources you have?

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