Top 6 Features of Digital Signage for Enhanced Marketing Strategies

With the popularity of digital signage, it’s now easy to let the displays do all the work for you.

From informing people about certain products to important announcements from your brand, digital signage is the best way to get the most of your investment and see a boost in your sales.

But it’s not just about displaying what you want, you need to have a strategy for people to notice your digital signage and keep them coming back for more.

Here are our top five digital signage features for enhanced marketing strategies.


What is a Digital Signage?

What is a Digital Signage

Digital signage is a digital installation which displays content such as videos or multimedia contents for informational or advertising purposes.

You may not notice it, but we see them everywhere. We’ve looked at advertisements at bus stations, ordered food in fast food restaurants, found gate information at the airport, and pulled up directions at museums — all thanks to digital signage.

Plus, the digital signage market is expected to grow from $20.8 billion in 2019 to $29.6 billion by 2024, which just shows its positive impact in the market.

The best digital signage systems consists of three key components:

  1. Digital Signage Content: Things that you want to show in your signage such as audio, video, image, text, graphics, and more.
  2. Digital Signage Hardware: The physical, tangible parts such as screens, printers, cameras, etc.
  3. Digital Signage Software: The tools that enable the creation, deployment, management, and analysis of content shown on the hardware.

Benefits of Using Digital Signage

Here are some of the benefits of using digital signage to provide public information:

  • Enhanced Engagement: One major benefit of digital signage is its ability to drive more customers into your store. With our screen-obsessed world, people are naturally drawn and attracted to screens.
  • Provide Entertainment: A study from Urban Land Institute found that 50% of millennial men and 70% of millennial women consider shopping as an entertainment and bonding. Digital signages are an obvious form of providing entertainment to your customers. You can use these signs to announce sales or highlight your best-selling products.
  • Additional Opportunities: Digital signage also helps with various time-consuming jobs that have been the responsibility of employees. For instance, you can display sales information that employees no longer have to spend time relaying to the customer.

6 Must-Have Digital Signage Features

Must-Have Digital Signage Features

Here are six features that every digital signage system must have:

1. High-Resolution Display

Imagine trying to read a blurry message — it’s frustrating and unappealing.

With a good screen, your words and pictures will look great. It makes your content stand out and grabs people’s attention.

2. Multi-Screen Support

Multi-screen support allows you to connect multiple screens and display the same content across all of them or different content on each one.

If you plan on putting your digital billboard in larger spaces like malls, airports, or conference halls where you need to reach people in different areas simultaneously, multi-screen support might be your best bet.

3. Integration of Dynamic Content

Dynamic content means you can show real-time updates like news, weather, or social media feeds. This keeps your smart digital signage fresh and interesting.

People are more likely to pay attention if they see something new and relevant. It also allows you to quickly change your messages based on current events or special promotions.

4. Easy to Mount Anywhere

Your digital signage should be easy to mount anywhere. You should have no problems placing your signs in the best spots, whether on a wall, ceiling, or stand.

When it’s simple to set up, you save time and effort. You can quickly adjust your signs to reach more people and get the best visibility.

On top of that, easy mounting means you can change locations if needed, ensuring your message always gets seen.

5. Touchscreen Capability

Allow people to interact directly with the screen and make their experience more engaging.

If your digital signage has touchscreen capability, customers can tap to find more information, browse through options, or dig more about a certain product. It keeps people interested and can make your messages more memorable.

Interactive digital signage is great for directories, product catalogs, or surveys.

6. Built-in Media Player

A built-in media player allows you to play videos, show images, and display other content directly from the screen without needing extra devices.

With a built-in Media Player module you don’t have to be an expert to set up and control your signage. You can instantly upload content, make any changes and publish. It collects your digital dealings like a unified dashboard for an incomparable display.


Having the right features in your digital signage can greatly enhance your marketing strategies. High-resolution displays, multi-screen support, dynamic content integration, easy mounting options, touchscreen capability, and built-in media players all contribute to making your signage more engaging and effective.

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