What’s Coming to Netflix Europe in July 2022

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Stranger Things (Season 4: Volume 2) 

Fantasy-Horror – As Vecna continues terrorizing the town of Hawkins, it’s up to the Hellfire Club, Eleven, Hopper, and Joyce to stop him.

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between

The movie sees a couple on the verge of breaking up as they prepare to head out to college they retrace their relationship on one last date.

Control Z (Season 3)

Mexican Thriller – When a hacker begins releasing the secrets of students across the entire high school, social outcast Sofia begins investigating the identity of the hacker.

Boo, Bitch (Season 1)

The series is about a high school senior who discovers she’s got a new voice only to then realize she’s also a ghost.

The Sea Beast

Long-time Disney veteran Chris Williams will be bringing his first major animated movie to Netflix exclusively this summer.

Virgin River (Season 4)

Fan-favorite Virgin River is back for its fourth season which will continue the story of Mel and Jack in the quaint Californian town.

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