Support 2 million mothers and their babies

In medically underserved countries, giving birth safely is not a given. Here’s how is helping 2 million mothers and how you can help.

The statistics are horrifying. We won’t be getting into the sad side of this story too much. We would rather focus on the bright side.

The bright side is that nonprofits like, generous donors and volunteers fight daily to help these mothers to lower child mortality rates by donating ultrasound machines, baby warmers, birthing beds, clean birthing kits, and other essential medical equipment to save moms and babies in low-resource areas.

Hundreds of thousands of mothers and babies have been helped, but much more needs to be done.

Here are some simple ways you can help 

Provide supplies for clean birthing kits

Many babies die because of preventable infections, meaning this can be prevented if doctors have the right equipment.’s Clean Birth Kits save lives and you can help by donating parts of this kit. You can donate many of these materials through their Amazon Wishlist.

Donate supplies for clean birthing kits

Donate to the 2 million mothers campaign

You can also simply make a donation to You can donate any amount, once or monthly. Really any amount counts given how low the costs of clean birthing kits are. has made it possible for us to do incredible good with small amounts of money.

Donate to MedShare and support 2 million mothers

Become a volunteer at has various opportunities to volunteer. Become part of this great organization by donating a small amount of your time. Volunteers make it possible for to run as efficient as possible, ensuring clean birthing kits can be provided at the lowest costs.

Check out volunteering opportunities

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