Different Quality Assurance Services Offered For Call Centers

Quality assurance is important in Call Centers. Here’s what you can expect and how call centers can improve.

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In the call center qa industry, quality assurance services are essential to maintaining and improving customer service relationships and an organization’s customer satisfaction. Often, organizations will offer many types of quality assurance services. The quality assurance services provided by call centers vary depending on the industry and company. Here is a list of what they might be:

Call Center quality assurance

1 Process QC checklist 

Checklists provide a set of pre-determined questions to be answered for each process. This allows for a straightforward review of what has been done and where it falls short of maintaining objectives. By analyzing the results of a process, outcomes and impacts are measured. This allows for a detailed analysis of how to improve processes.

2 Problem report form 

A problem report form is a tool that allows call center agents to easily identify problems and submit them to the quality assurance department. This will allow the organization to remediate the problem more quickly.

3 Computer-Aided Testing  

CAT is the use of software in qa call center that agents can use as they go through daily calls in order to provide feedback on performance and areas for improvement. CAT can also be used as a tool for monitoring customer satisfaction levels.

4 Call Reports  

Call reports are employee reports that are provided to management during a shift as opposed to daily or weekly reports. These are often used in call centers to help identify areas for improvement. They allow for identifying the skills of first-time callers and those with poor communication skills.

5 Intermittent Quality Review 

Intermittent Quality Review is a form of quality assurance where quality checklists are done on incoming calls during certain periods of the day. The purpose is primarily to provide feedback to agents so they can improve their quality of customer service and increase customer satisfaction levels, increasing return customers over time and reducing churn rates.

6 On-site team  

The on-site team is an external company that comes in and conducts quality assurance visits. This is to provide a neutral party to ensure that the entire organization meets quality assurance standards.

7 Skills benchmarking 

Skills benchmarking is a process where organizations can review their staff’s skill level and compare it against the competency level required for the qa in call center industry. This will help optimize staffing levels and improve agents’ performance over time.

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