How to Seek Inspiration for Decorating Your Home

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Decorating your home means adding furnishings and accents that bring the interior design together. They also make your home cozy and add a layer of convenience.

For example, a home can’t have too many side tables. They stand at two feet by two feet on average. Thus, you can conveniently situate them next to your sofa, hallway entrance, and bed. Then, you can use them to place trinkets, drink glasses, lamps, and books.

We provide seven suggestions on how to seek inspiration for decorating your home.

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1. Take the Exterior into Account

Some individuals use their home’s exterior to inspire the interior. The architecture is most noticeable outside. You can bring elements of it inside with sculptures, side tables, and art.

Maybe you prefer to contrast the interior from the exterior. Nonetheless, examine the outside. You might find inspiration in it.

2. Explore the Interior Design Eras

To truly dive into decorating your home, complete some research. Interior design is a result of the circumstances of any given time. In 2022, vintage continues to make a comeback.

Some individuals have a true fascination with vintage. Others purchase it because it’s what’s available. As supply chain disruptions continue, Americans obtain decorations from the existing inventory including vintage options.

You might fall in love with vintage too. As you explore, you might find that rustic, coastal, French country, or medieval speaks to you.

3. Visit A Home Furnishings Store

A great way to find inspiration for decorating your home is to visit a home furnishings store. Seeing what’s in stock allows you to find inspiration in person. 

You can also feel their texture, gauge the intensity of the colors, and place them next to each other. Seeing them in the store windows is not enough. You need to imagine yourself living among them.

While you browse, consider picking a focal point.

Those who pick a luxury rug as their home’s focal point benefit from visiting a high-end rug store. Lawrence of La Brea carries a significant inventory of rugs. Plus, their store associates make themselves available to answer your questions.

4. Find Your Style

The years 2020 and 2021 turned a lot of things upside down for Americans. They spent more time in their homes, living among the furnishings they previously purchased.

Americans realized that seeing furnishings in the store windows and living among them became two different things.

Everyone has a style. For some it’s ornate. Others prefer minimalism. Regardless, your style is the one that gives you comfort when you find yourself at home resting, streaming entertainment, or entertaining others.

5. Take a Class

Several organizations offer low-cost and no-fee classes including in interior design. Even higher education institutions offer free online courses in myriad subjects but they don’t advertise them. 

It doesn’t hurt to take a free interior design or art class online. The class helps you gain knowledge and seek inspiration.

Although you won’t receive school credit, it’s a nice way to spend a few of your hours.

6. Watch Television

Television show producers pay set designers to make home settings look inviting. Therefore, watch television or stream some shows to find inspiration. 

Every year brings a new focus to television. It trends the way interior design trends too. 

Mad Men brought Americans into the late 1950s and 1960s for eight years. Thus, they caught a glimpse of decor from those eras. In 2022, the Wild West is making its way into American homes through shows such as Yellowstone and 1883.

No one is encouraging you to become a couch potato. But you can find inspiration from television. 

7. Visit Historic Homes

All individuals should obtain a healthy amount of physical activity daily. Consider touring some historic homes.

These tours preserve the homes on their circuit for several reasons. They aim to keep history alive. Plus, these homes provide historical significance for the area and era.

By visiting them, you gain inspiration from the way some people choose to decorate their spaces.



Inspiration for decorating your home exists around you. There is no shortage of ideas or possibilities. If you still have doubts, start with one piece and build from it. Decorating style trends change annually. You can pick a trend for a year. Then, change it with the following one. 

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