The Perks of Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces have come to revolutionize the way we work. Check out how Coworking spaces can benefit your way of woking.

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Work culture has been evolving quite rapidly in the recent past. Among the most notable changes is the rise of coworking spaces. A concept that was rarely known a few years ago has now become popular among businesses and individuals alike. The shift to remote and flexible working and the need for modern working spaces are among the drivers that are fueling the growth of the coworking concept. A trend that is expected to continue growing.

But, what’s the buzz around coworking spaces? Are there any perks that come with working from a coworking space?

Well, coworking spaces strive to go over and beyond what the modern worker can get in a traditional or home office. They are transforming business interactions for both businesses and freelancers. If you have been thinking of trying out the coworking concept, here are four perks to expect.

1. Robust of benefits

Remote working comes with a lot of challenges. This is especially true for parents who have to work from home. Finding a balance between work and life and working with distractions from your kids can be overwhelming. This makes it extremely difficult to be productive working from home.

Coworking spaces provide just the right workplace alternative away from all this chaos. You step into a work mode once in a coworking space, which helps you focus and concentrate on your work. Stepping into a new location can help you find a new perspective on a task, which increases your creativity. In addition, some coworking spaces provide concierge services. You can trust the management to arrange for your laundry to be picked or order office supplies for you, relieving the stress of carrying out such menial tasks. If you are a remote working parent located in Chicago, for instance, don’t let things overwhelm you. Chicago coworking spaces are reliable and equipped to offer these benefits.

2. Wellness facilities

General wellness is essential for a productive individual, and physical exercise contributes greatly to this. However, between busy schedules of work and life commitments, it gets hard to stick to workout schedules consistently. The long morning and evening commutes leave one with little or no time to squeeze in a workout session.

Coworking spaces incorporate exercise facilities for people working there. It becomes easier to find time for the gym when it is within the vicinity. In addition, you find the inspiration and morale to get active from other people working there. Some coworking spaces also offer wellness rooms for meditation and yoga sessions, which take care of your mental wellbeing.

3. Networking opportunities

Building business connections is very important if you are to get ahead in your career or take your business to the next level. Working from home or in a traditional office denies you the opportunity to build an effective network.

Coworking spaces on the other hand bring together like-minded people in one place. They provide a good atmosphere where individuals are willing to establish relations with people working in the same or a different niche. Some coworking spaces take it a notch higher to organize networking events for members. Through such events, you can meet people who can help you find better solutions for the growth of your venture.

4. Refreshments

Coffee is what you can refer to as the fuel for the modern worker. It is very hard for most individuals to get through the day without a cup or two of coffee. Other times they will throw in a snack here and there. That is why most people opt to work in coffee shops as an alternative workspace where they can have what they want in the vicinity.

A good coworking space provides refreshments such as tea, coffee among other beverages, and snacks such as fruits, nuts among other fresh choices. These are then charged at a single monthly fee while some coworking spaces provide free snacks as an incentive. Besides, the kitchenettes work well as a water cooler where you can escape for some fresh air or when you want to rejuvenate.


An entrepreneur can tell a tale of the costs that come with renting and equipping an office space. Likewise, a person working from home can tell about the loneliness of working in isolation. Telecommuters can narrate the distractions of working from busy coffee shops. Coworking spaces have come to revolutionize these experiences to bring modern spaces that incorporate the technology and the atmosphere that the modern worker requires to be productive.

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