3 Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

Moving has an impact on the environment. Not just driving, but also the packaging etc. that are involved when moving. See how you can decrease your impact.

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Many people are unaware that moving, like most other activities in our lives, has some impact on the environment. Therefore, if we are not indifferent to its fate, it is worth learning how to transport things not only ecologically but also safely.

Which has the greatest impact on the environment when moving

When moving, we carry out many different activities, most of which have a greater or lesser impact on the environment. Virtually everything we do, from transporting things to throwing away unnecessary items, has an impact on the environment.

Undoubtedly, the biggest impact on the environment when moving is having to carry your belongings. Depending on the car used for the move, the impact may be minimal or quite high. Additionally, when packing, we use a large number of packages, tapes, and films that decompose for a very long time. Things like polystyrene can take up to 50 years to decompose. So as you can see when moving, there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to reducing our impact on the natural environment.

Give away or recycle what you don’t need

Before you start packing, go through your clothes, kitchen items, and furniture, and stack or collect piles of what you no longer need. Find services like OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace to help you sell furniture or home furnishings locally. Another option? Give them back. I had to stuff my large chest of drawers in the back of my friend’s car. Was it easy? Not, but it was good to know that my items were being reused. As for the clothes, if they are in good serviceable condition, give them to homeless shelters, Goodwill, or the Salvation Army.

If you plan to throw away old appliances or batteries, remember that e-waste causes terrible damage to the environment. Earth911 is a service that finds the closest recycling destination based on the type of battery you need to throw away. You can also visit your nearest Best Buy (or other large-scale electronics stores) – they allow you to bring your old phones, chargers, and generic gadgets and recycle them on your behalf.

Hire green moving companies If you need a moving truck

look for green moving companies that often use biodiesel trucks instead of conventional gasoline. For example, Movegreen in Southern California and Green Van Lines in Texas use hybrid vehicles as well as adopt other sustainable practices. The best time to start an llc in california is when you have a good idea for the business, and you have the necessary capital to start the business. If you are moving locally and transporting items to a new location, consider fewer travel options back and forth to reduce emissions

Wrap delicate items in clothes and underwear

This trick is as old as the world, but believe me, it always works. Pads for packing spoons, ceramic plates, and items that break in clothes or bedding are the perfect replacement for bubble wrap. I even wrapped some wine glasses in thick winter socks and they made it to my door unscathed. Whether it’s towels, blankets, or clothes, protect fragile items with what you already have before purchasing disposable supplies.


As already mentioned, when packing for a move, we use many accessories that are not very environmentally friendly. Packing tapes, stretch films, and bubble wrap or polystyrene filling for cartons take a long time to decompose. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the environment and ourselves, especially in these heavy quarters, we have some reckoning because of “covid-19”.

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