How to Come Up With Content Ideas in 2024 [Tips and Tools]

Coming up with new content ideas should not be difficult. Check out the tips below and create your long list in now-time!

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What is your favorite blog? Who is your favorite content creator?

You might have thought about; ‘how do these people come up with so many great pieces of content’?

Good question!

I don’t know the answer to that, but I can try to guess and give guidelines into how you can come up with new content ideas.

Each and every single day.


The worst thing you can do is stare at a blank piece of paper.

So step number one is to find tools and resources to get inspired so you can create a long list of ideas.

Step number two is to take that list of fresh content ideas and select the best ones that you want to get started with.

By following this process, you’ll create better quality content because you’re not starting with the first idea that pops up.

Whether you’re trying to come up with new content for a website, social media page, or even print media, it’s nice to know where and how you can find some fresh ideas and topics.

Let’s get into it!

Resources to find content ideas


Let’s start with a tool that you probably have not heard of yet, but is awesome to find new content ideas. is an A.I. generator based on GPT-3 that helps your write better marketing copy faster.

One of her features is the Content Idea Generator.

Simply create a free account, enter a topic you would like to write about and you’ll get content ideas.

It’s that simple.

You can re-run it and get as many content ideas as you need for your long list.

2. Google

You can basically get lost in Google by entering a topic, scrolling all the way down to ‘related topics’ opening those in a new tab, scrolling down again, finding new related topics, and repeating that process. Write down all content ideas that you like on your long list.

3. Answer The Public

If you find that going through Google’s related topics is too time-consuming, you could also opt-in for a tool called Answer The Public.

Answer The Public basically crawls search engines and show related topics on one screen and you can dive into the rabbit hole of fresh new content ideas based on what people search.

4. Hashtags on Social Media

If you’re looking for inspiration for creating new social media content, check out your favorite platforms and related hashtags and take notes of what you see.

Just be observant, take notes, and look back at your notes. This exercise should help to get the creative juices flowing and help you come up with new social media content ideas.

5. Unique Graphic Elements  

Are you trying to create new content for your website? Many visual elements are found on websites. But, if you want your website to stand out, you should try unique graphic designs, such as Anime surprised face by Vectorfair. This visual element can attract Millennials and Gen Zs because they’re interested in Japanese cartoon and video game characters and superheroes. 

Infographics are also trending and appealing because of texts are combined with images and other graphical elements, like shapes, tables, charts, and more. Presenting your case study, new product, upcoming promotion, or any announcement in infographic form is an excellent idea to capture the attention of your intended audience. 

Memes referring to an image, behavior, style, or idea often found on social media are also effective content. They’re an excellent way to promote a brand without being too advertorial. They also don’t cost much to produce. Many people can relate to memes, which improves engagement. Follow the memes and trends to find out what your target audience finds funny.

What to do after you’ve created your long list of content ideas

First of all, congratulations!

By using the tools mentioned above, you should have a pretty long list of content ideas. Before diving into creation, it’s vital to apply content modeling principles to organize and prioritize your ideas.

By answering the next questions, you can find out what your next piece of content should be:

1. Which content idea are you most excited about?

2. What will the format be (blog post, video, social post, etc.)?

3. What have others created about this topic? Are you excited to create something that is 10x better?

4. Does it make business sense? How close to your business is it? How many people search for it?

To wrap up

Coming up with new content ideas should not be a difficult task. Use the right tools and you’ll be ok.

Creating awesome content and promoting it is the hard part.

By creating a long list of content ideas, you’ll be sure to spend your time well.


Q: What are effective methods to generate content ideas?
Brainstorming sessions, analyzing audience feedback, monitoring trends on social media, and conducting keyword research are effective methods for generating content ideas.

Q: How can social media help in generating content ideas?
Social media platforms can provide insights into current trends, popular topics, and audience interests, which can inspire relevant content ideas.

Q: What role does audience feedback play in content ideation?
Audience feedback, such as comments, reviews, and survey responses, can provide direct insight into what your audience finds interesting or valuable.

Q: Can competitor analysis aid in content ideation?
Yes, analyzing your competitors’ content can reveal gaps in their strategy that you can fill or inspire new angles on similar topics.

Q: How can keyword research contribute to content idea generation?
Keyword research helps identify what your target audience is searching for online, guiding you to create content that meets their needs and questions.

Q: Are there tools available to help generate content ideas?
There are various online tools like BuzzSumo, Google Trends, and Answer the Public that can help generate content ideas by analyzing popular topics and search queries.

Q: How can personal experiences be leveraged for content creation?
Personal experiences can offer unique perspectives and authentic stories that resonate with audiences, making for compelling and original content.

Q: What is the importance of brainstorming in content idea generation?
Brainstorming encourages creative thinking and idea collaboration, leading to diverse and innovative content ideas.

Q: Can industry news and events be sources for content ideas?
Absolutely. Keeping abreast of industry news and events can provide timely and relevant topics for content that are of immediate interest to your audience.

Q: How does understanding the target audience influence content ideation?
Understanding your audience’s interests, challenges, and questions ensures that the content you create is relevant and engaging to them.

Q: How can reading industry-related books and articles inspire content ideas?
Reading widely in your industry can spark new ideas, provide deeper insights into current trends, and inspire topics that resonate with your audience.

Q: Can attending conferences and webinars contribute to content idea generation?
Yes, these events can introduce you to the latest industry developments, thought leader insights, and emerging trends, all of which are valuable sources for content ideas.

Q: How does monitoring forums and online communities help in generating ideas?
Forums and online communities are where your audience might discuss their needs and challenges, providing a rich source of ideas for relevant and helpful content.

Q: What is the role of customer queries in content ideation?
Customer queries, especially those frequently asked, are a direct indicator of your audience’s interests and pain points, making them a great source for content topics.

Q: Can revisiting old content lead to new content ideas?
Absolutely. Updating old content, responding to previous comments, or expanding on past topics can provide fresh content while building on what your audience already values.

Q: How effective is using content idea generators and brainstorming tools?
These tools can offer a starting point for brainstorming, helping to overcome creative blocks and generating a range of ideas quickly.

Q: Can analyzing your own successful content inspire new ideas?
Yes, examining which past content performed well can provide insights into what your audience prefers, guiding future content creation.

Q: How can lifestyle and current events influence content creation?
Integrating lifestyle trends or current events into your content can make it more relatable and timely, appealing to a broader audience.

Q: Is collaborating with others an effective way to generate content ideas?
Collaboration can bring diverse perspectives and ideas, making it a powerful way to generate more creative and varied content topics.

Q: How does setting a specific theme or focus help in content ideation?
Setting a theme narrows your focus, making it easier to generate targeted ideas and creating a consistent narrative for your content strategy.

Q: How can storytelling techniques be used to generate content ideas?
Storytelling can inspire content ideas by focusing on narrative elements like character, conflict, and resolution, which resonate with audiences and create engaging content.

Q: Can analyzing data and analytics lead to new content ideas?
Yes, data from website analytics, social media insights, and customer behavior can reveal patterns and interests that inform targeted content ideas.

Q: How do trends and pop culture influence content ideation?
Incorporating current trends and pop culture references can make content more relevant and engaging, especially to a younger audience.

Q: What is the benefit of using case studies and success stories for content ideas?
Case studies and success stories showcase real-life examples and achievements, providing authentic content that builds trust and interest.

Q: Can customer testimonials and reviews be used for content creation?
Absolutely. Testimonials and reviews offer genuine feedback and can inspire content that addresses common questions or highlights customer experiences.

Q: How can seasonal events and holidays inspire content ideas?
Seasonal events and holidays offer timely opportunities for themed content, which can attract more engagement due to their relevance.

Q: Is it effective to create content based on common myths or misconceptions in your industry?
Yes, addressing myths or misconceptions can provide informative content that clarifies and educates your audience, establishing your authority in the field.

Q: How can repurposing content across different mediums lead to new content ideas?
Repurposing content for different mediums (like turning a blog post into a video) can reveal new angles and ideas, expanding the reach and lifespan of your original content.

Q: Can conducting interviews or Q&A sessions generate content ideas?
Interviews and Q&As with industry experts or audience members can provide fresh insights and perspectives, sparking ideas for new content.

Q: How important is it to consider the content’s purpose or goal in the ideation process?
Understanding the purpose, whether it’s to inform, entertain, or persuade, is crucial as it guides the content creation process and ensures the content aligns with your overall strategy.

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