Interview with Shane O’Rourke, CEO and Founder at Lift Up

Lift Up believes that every dollar makes a difference, so they give every single one away. See how Lift Up got started and how you can get involved.

We have interviewed Shane O’Rourke, CEO and Founder at Lift Up, to learn more about his background story, how he started Lift Up, his advice on starting your own nonprofit, charity or social enterprise and the future he hopes to create through his work.

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Q: What is your biggest life lesson, or key takeaway from this interview, that you would like to stick with our readers?

Shane: We all have the potential to make a life-changing impact for generations to come. Never underestimate the difference one simple act of generosity can make! More importantly, never underestimate the impact you can make

Q: Can you tell us more about yourself? What is your passion?Shane O’Rourke founder Lift Up

Shane: My name is Shane O’Rourke, I am 27 years old and I am passionate about generosity. I believe that generosity is one of the most authentic ways to show people love. There are no strings attached, and you are truly giving time, resources, or finances of your own, to fill the void in someone else’s life. Personally, I think that is the best way to spread the tangible love of Jesus. 

When there are people all over the world in need, I am passionate about bringing people together to be generous, in order to bring healing to a hurting world.

Q: What was the inspiration for starting Lift Up and how did you get started?

Shane: After five separate trips to a remote village in Haiti, I was inspired and challenged by the experience of meeting a young boy who was kicked out of school after losing his only pair of shoes. I realized that he was going to miss out, not only on his opportunity to receive an education, but also the majority of his food and nutrition that came from the school. It only cost $5 to purchase this young boy a life-changing pair of shoes, allowing him to get back into school and an access to five extra meals a week, for the entire year. This fueled my passion for generosity and the desire to create a user-friendly, trusted platform, where ANYONE can help bring healing to a hurting world. After returning home from Haiti, I founded Lift Up with the team in 2018.

Q: What were your biggest challenges up until now?

Shane: We have committed to a model that gives 100% away. This allows Lift Up to maximize impact and build trust. However, we are looking to hire staff, and have the budget to create increasingly more merchandise and marketing materials. We have created the CORE (Covering, Operations, Recurring, Expenses), which is an account that is dedicated to simply fund overhead costs. This is a separated amount of money that individuals and corporations donate too, who get behind the vision and want to strengthen the organization.

We also were challenged to find projects at first, however, now that has increasing traction as people are hearing about our platform. 

Q: What are your happiest moments with Lift Up?

Shane: The happiest moments of Lift Up are funding projects that make a life-changing impact for countless people.

One project we are most proud of, is a $25,000 school in Iquitos, Peru, impacting 1,000 kids. We sent a team of 21 people to Peru, including a team from Highmark Builders, a custom home building company. The combination of the funding and the team was able to create an impact for an entire community for generations to come.  

Q: What future do you hope to create through your work at Lift Up?

Shane: We hope to bring healing to a hurting world. Were no kids or people have to go without a home, clean water, an education, electricity, or proper nutrition.

Q: What is the biggest obstacle you face in achieving this future?

Shane: We have the platform built to scale to this level. We simply need the viral visibility to include enough people who together, can truly change the world. 

Q: How can readers participate in helping you achieve this future?

Shane: There are a couple ways to get involved. Visit our website and donate to a project or become a Lifter (donate monthly). And/or become a brand ambassador who can spread the brand and mission of what we are doing in your community. Producing the visibility to propel the impact of this platform to 10’s of millions of people in need! 

There will also be ways for people to physically get involved with campaigns, to raise funds for specific projects! Such as riding your bike for a certain amount of miles. 

Mission: To Lift Up tangible projects with the greatest impact around the world.  

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