Scott Harrison, Founder & CEO of Charity Water on Running a Nonprofit

Check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s interview with Scott for unique insights on running a nonprofit.

This inspiring video covers Scott’s background story, why he decided to “quit being the worst guy he knew” and start working to serve others through his work at Charity Water.

Scott has had some great successes in setting up campaigns to receive large donations,  like with their “Charity Water Birthday Campaign”. Gary Vee of course also shares his vision and tactics on how charities, NGOs and nonprofits can become more effective.

Enjoy the video!


9:42 – What’s been the biggest key to establishing charity water’s story? How have you been able to connect so well?

15:38 – What should people look for in a charity to know that donations are going to a good cause?

18:51 – I do work in Uganda. After clean water, is creating sustainable jobs the best way to see an impact?

20:15 – What’s the best way to fundraise for a church that is also a community center with limited resources?

Over to you

What are your key takeaways from this video? Do you know other great examples of nonprofits doing marketing well? We, for instance, love how DonorsChoose is having an immense impact and how they’re doing great marketing.

Also, what are your biggest challenges? At GlobalOwls, we’re on a mission to help nonprofits, big and small, to become much more effective with their digital channels.

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