Top AI Article Rewriting Tools For Creating SEO Content in 2024

Do you want to write great SEO optimized content? Check out how AI Rewriting Tools can help you create more and better content. Fast and how you can improve your SEO.

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This article presents a list of the best Paraphrase Generators available on the internet and how they can help you create better SEO content.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO includes the practices and technologies used to get on top of a search engine’s SERP. For any content writer, writing SEO-friendly articles is the most fundamental requirement.

An article with SEO optimization gets more views and screen time. The first page receives 33% of all organic web traffic. This traffic translates into sales

As per the statistics, the search engine generates an ordering rate of 14.6%, which is 12% greater than any traditional marketing technique. 

However, mastering SEO isn’t an easy task. Google considers more than 200 factors for ranking a website. To check all these boxes, writers required additional help. 

The best way to write SEO-friendly content is to consult an article rewriter. They can paraphrase your content as per modern SEO standards.   

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Best AI Article Rewriting Tools for Creating SEO-Friendly Content

Best AI Article Rewriting Tools for Creating SEO-Friendly Content’s AI Paraphrasing Tool

If you’re looking to reword / paraphrase your content, check out They’ve been building their AI tools for a couple of years now and have nearly 100,000 users.

Let’s see how they AI Paraphrase Generator works.

Here’s the input I’ve used:

“Everyone who’s writing Marketing Copy has hit a Creativity wall before. It’s super annoying and sometimes difficult to break through. But AI can

No. AI Marketing Copy Generators and Paraphrase Generators are not coming for your job.

Our human uniqueness is always going to be appreciated and felt by other’s. Even through a computer or mobile screen.

AI is here to help.”

Here’s what the AI came up with:

StoryLabAI AI Paraphrase Generator Example

Semrush´s ContentShake

Semrush ContentShake copywriting tool

Semrush is a Keyword research tool and they´ve created ContentShake to go from insights (keyword research) to content ideas and to full-written articles in minutes. ContentShake comes with a free trial so you can see if you like this AI Copywriting Tool better than other tools and select the one that fits your content creation processes best. Be sure to try it out and see if you love it.

 It is the most ideal paraphraser for SEO optimization of your content. The tool is backed up by advanced technology to rewrite content.

It offers 4 paraphrasing modes.

Creative: The mode works on adding a creative element to the original work.

Plagiarism Remover: This mode rewrites the entire content to make content 100% unique.

Near Human: Working like a human brain, this mode pays special attention to the contextual accuracy of the output.

Text improver: This mode improves the quality of content by small word adjustments.

paraphrasingtool ai

The tool also possesses a high-quality plagiarism and grammar checker to verify the final output. To write according to word count, the tool includes a summarizer and content generator. They can condense or expand a subject as per user requirements. 

The tool can translate your work into 14 different languages. The interface is also very efficient to facilitate the user.

The Free version can write 1000 words in one search. The premium offers are available on 99$/month.

It is our second pick in this endeavor. The unique content is the most important factor for any SEO optimization. This tool is a specialized plagiarism checker and remover.

It can bring plagiarism down to 0%. The conversions are quick and highly efficient. The tool only possesses one single mode. This mode is powered by the latest technology to eliminate any chances of error.

Plagiarismchecker ai

The tool can rewrite an entire article in one go. As a result, the output is more coherent and contextually accurate. The interface is simplistic. This results in attracting both, professionals, and newbies. The tool can also cite the source in APA, Chicago, and MLA formats.

 For 24/7 access, it is also available on Android Devices. You can download the app from the play store. We recommend this for bulk content creation.  

The free version is limited. You can get the paid versions for beginner, medium, and professional levels at 10$,15$, and 45$ per month.

Neural Writer

The tool is known for its ease of rewriting. It can paraphrase the content in two basic modes.

Light:  It is the basic setting. It works on altering keywords and expressions. The result is quicker with high accuracy.

 Medium: This is an advanced mode. It can rewrite complete sentences and paragraphs. The conversion is slower than its predecessor.

Neural Writer

The tool can paraphrase in more than 16 different languages. Courtesy of its intra-continental reach, the tool has become a global phenomenon.

It can rewrite 10,000 words in one search. The tool also possesses an in-built summarizer, allowing it to reduce content as per desired word count. The interface is very simple with no extravagant design or complex options. 

 However, one missing link is the lack of a credible plagiarism checker. Due to this, you have to validate the output from another source.

The tool is free to use, you can access all features without buying any premium subscription.

The essay writer has been developed on the quality of rewriting. The tool paraphrases the content as per widely used academic norms. It pays special attention to writing with complete context. 

If you are a writer looking for quality SEO optimization, you should opt for this tool. The tool can accept the input as a copied text or a txt file.

Essayrewriter io

The tool only contains only one paraphrasing mode. You only have to input the content on the left window and select your writer. The output would appear on the right tab. To make things easier, special efforts have been invested in minimalistic interface design.

The tool lacks a variety of paraphrasing modes. The absence of added features is also notable. It doesn’t have an in-built translator either. All of this is because those developers have put quality before quantity.

The tool is completely free to use. The features can be used unlimited times without having to pay any additional pennies. 


The tools improve SEO rankings of your content via 3 distinctive modes. The modes are categorized based on an article’s length. It includes:

Shortest Mode: This mode works on the minimization of original content. The mode uses direct sentences to engage the readers.

Default mode: This mode rewrites the content without altering the original length. The mode pays special attention to maintaining contextual accuracy.

Longest Mode: This mode works on elaborating the initial draft. The output is longer, carrying more details.


The tool can paraphrase 10,000 words in one search. It also utilizes an additional option of “ignore words”, which enables it to carry your keywords in the final output. 

The tool also possesses a credible article spinner. The missing features include the lack of a checker and summarizer. However, the builders have promised to include it soon 

The tool is completely free of cost and is particularly useful for technical writing.

Final Words 

With 63% of the world population using the internet, it has become a necessity to write SEO-Friendly content. The article rewriter is your best bet for SEO optimization of your content.

This blog post enlists the best article rewriting tools for creating SEO-friendly work. The relevant characteristics have also been added. If used well, they can bring you to Google’s SERP.



Q: What are AI Article Rewriting Tools For Creating SEO Content?
These tools use artificial intelligence to rewrite existing articles, making them unique and optimized for search engine rankings.

Q: How do these tools improve SEO content?
By rewriting content to be more engaging, relevant, and keyword-rich, these tools enhance readability and SEO performance, potentially leading to higher search rankings.

Q: Can AI rewriting tools generate completely original content?
While they primarily rewrite existing content, some tools can add original elements by incorporating related information and new perspectives.

Q: How do AI tools ensure the rewritten content remains true to the original meaning?
AI algorithms are designed to understand context and maintain the core message while altering the phrasing and structure for uniqueness and SEO optimization.

Q: Are AI rewriting tools capable of handling different writing styles and tones?
Yes, these tools can adapt to various styles and tones, making them suitable for different types of content, from formal articles to casual blog posts.

Q: How user-friendly are AI article rewriting tools for beginners?
These tools are generally user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces that make it easy for beginners to use without requiring advanced SEO knowledge.

Q: Can AI rewriting tools improve keyword density without keyword stuffing?
Yes, they’re designed to optimize keyword density naturally and contextually, avoiding the pitfalls of keyword stuffing.

Q: Do these AI tools support multiple languages for SEO content rewriting?
Many AI rewriting tools offer multi-language support, though the range of languages and the level of optimization may vary.

Q: How do these tools handle complex technical or specialized content?
Advanced AI tools are capable of understanding and rewriting technical or specialized content, though they may require some manual oversight for accuracy.

Q: What is the cost of using AI article rewriting tools for SEO content?
The cost varies depending on the tool and its features. Some offer free basic versions, while more advanced features and capabilities might be available in paid plans.

Q: Can AI rewriting tools integrate with content management systems (CMS)?
Many AI tools offer integration capabilities with popular CMS platforms, streamlining the content creation and publication process.

Q: How do these tools ensure the rewritten content passes plagiarism checks?
AI rewriting tools are designed to alter the phrasing and structure significantly, ensuring the content is unique and passes plagiarism detection software.

Q: Is human editing necessary after using an AI rewriting tool?
While AI tools are efficient, a final human review is recommended to ensure the content meets quality standards and aligns with the desired tone and message.

Q: Can AI tools help in optimizing old blog posts for current SEO standards?
Absolutely. These tools can update and refresh old blog posts, making them more relevant and optimized for current SEO practices.

Q: How does AI handle the inclusion of specific keywords or phrases requested by users?
Users can specify keywords or phrases, and the AI tool will incorporate them naturally into the rewritten content.

Q: Can these tools generate SEO-optimized titles and headings?
Yes, many AI rewriting tools can also create or improve titles and headings, optimizing them for SEO and reader engagement.

Q: How does AI rewriting compare to manual rewriting in terms of time efficiency?
AI rewriting is significantly faster than manual rewriting, saving considerable time, especially for large volumes of content.

Q: Do AI rewriting tools offer content analytics or performance insights?
Some advanced tools may provide analytics on the SEO potential of the rewritten content, though this feature varies by tool.

Q: Can AI tools maintain a brand’s unique voice in the rewritten content?
While AI tools can adapt to various writing styles, ensuring a brand’s unique voice may require some manual adjustments.

Q: What future advancements are expected in AI article rewriting tools?
Future developments may include more advanced natural language processing capabilities, better integration with SEO analytics tools, and enhanced personalization in content rewriting.

Q: How does the AI ensure content readability and engagement in rewriting?
AI tools use advanced language processing to create content that is not only SEO-friendly but also readable and engaging for the audience.

Q: Can these tools help in rewriting content for different formats, like articles and social media posts?
Yes, they are versatile and can adapt content for various formats including long-form articles, social media posts, and even email newsletters.

Q: How do AI rewriting tools handle content with specific legal or compliance requirements?
While they can rewrite such content, it’s crucial to have human oversight to ensure compliance with legal standards and industry-specific regulations.

Q: Is it possible to train the AI on a company’s specific content style or guidelines?
Some AI tools allow customization and training based on specific content styles or guidelines to align more closely with a company’s branding.

Q: How does the AI adapt to evolving SEO algorithms and criteria?
AI tools are regularly updated to reflect the latest SEO best practices and algorithm changes, ensuring the content remains effective over time.

Q: Can these tools assist in content localization for different regions or languages?
AI rewriting tools can assist in localization, though the effectiveness depends on the tool’s language capabilities and understanding of regional nuances.

Q: How secure is the data inputted into AI rewriting tools?
Reputable tools prioritize data security, ensuring that any content inputted into the system is protected and not misused.

Q: Can AI tools provide suggestions for improving content structure and flow?
Advanced AI tools can offer suggestions for structural improvements, making content more coherent and impactful.

Q: How does AI handle the integration of multimedia elements in rewritten content?
While AI primarily focuses on text, some tools can suggest or incorporate multimedia elements based on the context and content strategy.

Q: What kind of customer support is available for users of AI rewriting tools?
Most AI tool providers offer customer support through various channels like email, chat, and phone, along with tutorials and knowledge bases.


What Are AI Article Rewriting Tools?

AI article rewriting tools use artificial intelligence to rephrase, restructure, or rewrite content, often to improve clarity, avoid plagiarism, or tailor the text for a different audience.

How Do AI Article Rewriting Tools Work?

These tools use natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to understand the context and meaning of the text, then reorganize or replace words and sentences while maintaining the original message.

Are AI Article Rewriting Tools Effective in Avoiding Plagiarism?

Yes, many AI rewriting tools are effective in avoiding plagiarism by creating unique versions of the original content, but it’s important to ensure the rewritten text maintains the original intent and accuracy.

Can These Tools Retain the Original Tone and Style of the Article?

While AI tools are advancing, retaining the exact tone and style can be challenging. They are generally better at maintaining factual accuracy than mirroring nuanced writing styles.

What Are the Common Uses of AI Article Rewriting Tools?

Common uses include content creation, improving readability, academic writing, website content optimization, and repurposing existing content for different platforms or audiences.

How Accurate Are AI Article Rewriting Tools?

The accuracy can vary depending on the tool and the complexity of the original text. Some may accurately convey basic information, while others may struggle with complex or technical content.

Do AI Rewriting Tools Require Human Review After Rewriting?

Yes, it’s advisable to review and edit the output of AI rewriting tools to ensure it aligns with the desired message, tone, and style, and to correct any inaccuracies or awkward phrasings.

Are There Any Free AI Article Rewriting Tools Available?

There are free AI rewriting tools available, but they may have limitations in features or usage quotas compared to paid versions.

How Can AI Rewriting Tools Benefit SEO?

AI rewriting tools can help create more engaging and varied content, potentially improving SEO by increasing the originality of the content and targeting different keywords.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing an AI Article Rewriting Tool?

Consider the tool’s ability to understand context, maintain factual accuracy, the range of rewriting styles offered, ease of use, and whether it meets your specific content needs.

Can AI Article Rewriting Tools Improve the Readability of Text?

Yes, these tools can enhance readability by simplifying complex sentences, improving sentence structure, and using more accessible vocabulary, making the content more user-friendly.

How Do AI Rewriting Tools Handle Technical or Specialized Content?

AI rewriting tools vary in handling technical content. Advanced tools with industry-specific knowledge can handle specialized content better, but they may still require human expertise for accuracy.

Is It Ethical to Use AI Article Rewriting Tools?

Using AI rewriting tools is generally ethical as long as the content is used responsibly, respects intellectual property rights, and doesn’t mislead readers about its originality.

Can These Tools Be Used for Academic Writing?

While AI tools can assist in rephrasing academic writing, caution is advised. The rewritten content should be checked for accuracy, and proper citations should be included to avoid plagiarism.

How Do AI Rewriting Tools Compare to Manual Paraphrasing?

AI tools can paraphrase text more quickly than manual rewriting, but they might lack the nuanced understanding and creativity of a skilled human writer, especially for complex or subtle content.

Can AI Rewriting Tools Help in Multilingual Content Creation?

Some AI rewriting tools offer multilingual support, which can assist in creating content in different languages, but they may not always capture linguistic nuances accurately.

Are AI Rewriting Tools Suitable for Creating Web Content?

AI rewriting tools are often used for creating web content, as they can quickly produce varied and SEO-friendly versions of existing articles, blogs, or product descriptions.

How Can Content Creators Ensure Originality When Using AI Rewriting Tools?

To ensure originality, content creators should use these tools as a starting point and add unique insights, perspectives, or updates, rather than relying solely on AI-generated content.

What Impact Do AI Rewriting Tools Have on SEO and Google Rankings?

If used wisely, AI rewriting tools can positively impact SEO by diversifying content and avoiding duplication. However, over-reliance on AI-generated content without value addition may not favor Google rankings.

How Do AI Tools Ensure the Consistency of Rewritten Content?

AI tools use algorithms to maintain the consistency of themes and key points in the original text. However, it’s important to review the content for coherence and continuity after rewriting.

Can AI Article Rewriting Tools Integrate with Other Content Creation Software?

Some AI rewriting tools can integrate with content creation platforms and software, providing seamless rewriting capabilities within the content creation process.

How Fast Are AI Article Rewriting Tools Compared to Manual Rewriting?

AI article rewriting tools are significantly faster than manual rewriting, often producing rewritten content in a matter of seconds or minutes.

What Are the Limitations of AI Article Rewriting Tools in Understanding Context?

While AI tools have advanced in understanding context, they may still struggle with nuances, humor, or highly specialized content, potentially leading to inaccuracies or misinterpretation.

How Can Writers Use AI Rewriting Tools to Overcome Writer’s Block?

Writers can use AI rewriting tools to generate new ways of expressing ideas, providing inspiration or alternative perspectives that can help overcome writer’s block.

Are AI Rewriting Tools Reliable for Legal or Compliance Sensitive Content?

For legal or compliance-sensitive content, AI tools should be used cautiously. It’s advisable to have such content reviewed by a legal expert to ensure accuracy and compliance.

How Do AI Rewriting Tools Handle Idiomatic Expressions or Slang?

AI tools may not always accurately interpret or rewrite idiomatic expressions or slang, which could lead to loss of intended meaning or tone.

Can AI Rewriting Tools Assist in Adapting Content for Different Audiences?

Yes, AI rewriting tools can help adapt content for different audiences by altering the complexity of language, tone, or presentation style to suit the target audience.

What Should Be Considered When Using AI Rewriting Tools for SEO Purposes?

When using AI tools for SEO, consider not just keyword optimization but also the readability and value of the content to the reader, as search engines increasingly prioritize user experience.

How Do AI Rewriting Tools Maintain the Original Intent of the Article?

AI tools maintain the original intent by using algorithms that recognize the main themes and messages of the text while altering the phrasing and structure.

Can AI Rewriting Tools Be Customized According to Specific Writing Styles?

Advanced AI rewriting tools may offer customization options for different writing styles, but they may not fully replicate the unique style of an individual author.

How Do AI Rewriting Tools Ensure the Accuracy of Technical Terms?

Advanced AI rewriting tools are programmed to recognize and retain technical terms, but it’s important to review and verify the accuracy of these terms after the rewriting process.

Can AI Article Rewriting Tools Enhance Keyword Density for SEO?

Yes, many AI rewriting tools can enhance keyword density by naturally incorporating relevant keywords into the rewritten content, improving SEO.

Are There Specific AI Rewriting Tools Designed for Bloggers?

Yes, there are AI rewriting tools specifically designed for bloggers, focusing on enhancing creativity, readability, and SEO-friendliness of blog content.

How Can Businesses Utilize AI Rewriting Tools for Marketing Content?

Businesses can use AI rewriting tools to quickly generate multiple versions of marketing content, ensuring variety in messaging and broader appeal.

What Are the Best Practices for Using AI Rewriting Tools in Journalism?

In journalism, AI rewriting tools should be used to assist with initial drafts or rephrasing, while ensuring final content is fact-checked and adheres to journalistic standards.

Can AI Rewriting Tools Be Used for Academic Writing?

While AI tools can assist with academic writing, careful review is necessary to maintain academic integrity and ensure the content meets scholarly standards.

How Do AI Rewriting Tools Handle Data and Privacy Concerns?

Reputable AI rewriting tools follow data protection and privacy regulations, but it’s important to check their privacy policy, especially when working with sensitive content.

Can AI Rewriting Tools Adapt to Different Languages?

Many AI rewriting tools support multiple languages, though the effectiveness can vary depending on the language’s complexity and the tool’s capabilities.

How Frequently Do AI Article Rewriting Tools Need to Be Updated?

Like most AI-based applications, rewriting tools benefit from regular updates to improve their algorithms, expand language capabilities, and incorporate user feedback.

Are AI Rewriting Tools Suitable for Social Media Content?

AI rewriting tools can be suitable for social media content, helping to rephrase and tailor messages for different platforms and audiences.

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