Best LinkedIn Groups Entrepreneurs should Join in 2024

Are you an Entrepreneur and looking to build relationships, learn and share your knowledge? LinkedIn is the place for you. Be sure to check out our list of Best LinkedIn Groups every Entrepreneur should Join below.

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LinkedIn groups are often overlooked, but you can be part of a highly valuable community, within the already valuable networking platform.

The nice thing about LinkedIn groups is that they are usually better curated than groups on other platforms. You will also need to apply oftentimes to become a member of these Entrepreneur LinkedIn Groups. This is a good thing. Once accepted, you know you’ll be engaging with like-minded people.

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In this article:

Best LinkedIn Groups every Entrepreneur should Join

1 Growth Storytelling – Effective Content Marketing, Storytelling and Writing Strategies

Become more effective. Improve your Content Marketing, Storytelling, and Writing with’s Growth Storytelling Framework.

Strategies, tactics, tools, and tips to help you reach your goals faster. Ask the community any questions and get help.

We’re just getting started, but we’re here to help you on your path. Get the Growth Storytelling Framework here.

Check out our website and tools at

Check out the new LinkedIn Group here.

2. Executive Suite

The purpose of the Executive Suite Group is executive-level peer connections and trusted advice to help you create the transformative results you want in your career, work, and wellbeing.

As a Suite member, you’re cordially invited to attend free sessions of the acclaimed online executive learning series, ExecuNet Master Class.  The weekly sessions are led by A-list CEOs, top B-school professors, leadership pioneers, wellness experts and acclaimed executive career strategists and recruiters. To get on the list, follow the link above or connect on LinkedIn with the Group Owner, Anthony Vlahos.

You can access this group after requesting to join and you will be part of a 372,000+ community.

3. A Startup Specialists Group

With more than 505,000 members, this Startup Specialists Group, offers a community of startups, mentors, founders and investors and is a great resource for entrepreneurs. Here you’ll find support, tips for building your business, crowd funding, best business practices, networking and so much more.

4. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Network

This group of 300,000+ members is not just great if you’re a Marketer + Entrepreneur. Also if you’re not a marketer, chances are you’re doing some marketing if you are running a Startup. Getting some quality advice from CMOs is never a bad idea.

Check out the CMO LinkedIn Group here and decide for yourself if it’s worth joining.

5. Band of Entrepreneurs

This “non-profit organization of, by, and for entrepreneurs” group has close to 27,000 members and provides support on topics like legal help, human resources, public relations, technology and more.

It is formed owing to the collective conscience of its founder entrepreneurs to facilitate and accelerate the development of the entrepreneurial /startup ecosystem.

This group is a lot smaller with just a bit over 31,000 members, but the people interacting in the group are great! Check this group out for yourself.

6. Bright Ideas & Entrepreneurs

Bright Ideas & Entrepreneurs offers a networking community for all types of Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Startups, Angel Investors, VCs and other like-minded individuals to join, share ideas, and connect!

7. Entrepreneurs Meet Investors

Whether you’re looking for funding to start a business or grow your existing company, this group could help. It has a network of more than 6,000 entrepreneurs and investors.

This group is for innovative entrepreneurs seeking seed/start up funding and more mature businesses seeking capital for business growth. Accredited investor, venture capital and hedge funds (principals only) who are seeking projects to fund. Please note that this group – specifically – does not deal in film projects, real estate transactions, mining efforts or oil and gas deals.

Are you looking for such connections and information? Check out this great group.

8. Future Trends

This group describes itself as a place to “connect with fellow trend hunters, corporate visionaries and future thinkers” in industries such as marketing, product development, brand management and more. The group has more than 662,000 engaged members that are ready to comment and share insights. Check it out if you want to become part of this community.

How to find LinkedIn groups that fit your needs best

Like always on Social Media, you’ll get the best out of your efforts if you engage with people and groups. It doesn’t make sense to joining 100 LinkedIn Groups. So how do you find the groups that fit your needs best?

1. Search online to find the best groups

You can almost skip this step because you probably already searched online and found this article. Great going! Check to see which groups in your niche are being recommended by others.

2. Join your first 10 LinkedIn groups

From the groups that are being recommended by others, join about 10 groups and see how you feel about being part of those communities. Don’t be afraid to leave a group if you find it too spammy or the insights that are being shared are not what you’re looking for.

Additionally to the groups that are being recommended, search for groups yourself on LinkedIn.


  • a) search for the term that fits your needs best;
  • b) click ‘groups’.
find LinkedIn groups within LinkedIn

Good luck with your entrepreneurial journey! We hope that you’ll enjoy the ups but also the downs.

Don’t be a stranger, drop us a line in the comment section below.

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Q: How can joining LinkedIn groups benefit my business networking?

  • Joining LinkedIn groups allows you to connect with industry professionals and peers. This networking can lead to partnerships, mentorship opportunities, and valuable insights into your industry.

Q: Can LinkedIn groups provide industry insights and trends?

  • Yes, LinkedIn groups are a great source for staying updated on industry trends and insights. Members often share articles, discuss changes, and provide analyses that can be invaluable for your business.

Q: How do LinkedIn groups aid in marketing my business?

  • Participating in LinkedIn groups can increase the visibility of your business. Sharing your expertise and engaging in discussions can attract attention to your profile and, by extension, your business.

Q: Can I use LinkedIn groups for lead generation?

  • LinkedIn groups can be a tool for lead generation. By establishing yourself as a knowledgeable and reliable group member, you can build trust and interest among potential clients or customers.

Q: How do LinkedIn groups facilitate professional development?

  • They offer opportunities for learning and professional growth. You can gain new skills and knowledge from discussions, webinars, and resources shared within these groups.

Q: Are LinkedIn groups effective for brand building?

  • Absolutely. Regularly contributing valuable insights and participating in discussions can help in building your brand as an authority in your field, enhancing your business reputation.

Q: How can LinkedIn groups help in solving business challenges?

  • LinkedIn groups provide a platform to seek advice and solutions for business challenges. The collective expertise and experiences of group members can offer diverse perspectives and practical solutions.

Q: Can I get feedback on business ideas or services in LinkedIn groups?

  • Yes, these groups can be a sounding board for your business ideas or services. Members can offer constructive feedback, suggestions, and validation, helping you refine your offerings.

Q: How do LinkedIn groups offer opportunities for collaboration?

  • They are an excellent place to find collaboration opportunities. Networking within these groups can lead to joint ventures, partnerships, or collaborative projects beneficial for your business.

Q: Is it beneficial to create my own LinkedIn group for my business?

  • Creating your own LinkedIn group can be beneficial as it positions you as a leader in your industry and provides a dedicated platform to engage with your audience, share content, and build a community around your business.

Q: How does joining LinkedIn groups improve my online presence?

  • Active participation in LinkedIn groups helps in building a stronger online presence. Regular contributions and interactions increase your visibility and help establish your digital identity and credibility.

Q: Can LinkedIn groups provide competitive insights?

  • Yes, these groups can offer insights into what competitors are doing, as members often discuss industry developments, strategies, and best practices, giving you a broader view of the competitive landscape.

Q: How can I use LinkedIn groups for market research?

  • LinkedIn groups are valuable for market research. You can gather opinions, conduct informal polls, or observe discussions to understand market needs, customer pain points, and industry gaps.

Q: Are LinkedIn groups helpful for international business expansion?

  • These groups can be instrumental for international expansion, providing access to a global network of professionals, insights into different markets, and potential international partnerships or clients.

Q: Can LinkedIn groups aid in hiring talent for my business?

  • Absolutely. LinkedIn groups can be a resource for finding talented individuals. Posting job openings or searching within the group for skilled professionals can help in sourcing qualified candidates.

Q: How do LinkedIn groups facilitate knowledge sharing?

  • They foster an environment of knowledge sharing, where members can exchange tips, advice, strategies, and experiences, contributing to collective learning and individual business growth.

Q: Can I use LinkedIn groups to promote my business events?

  • LinkedIn groups can be an effective channel to promote business-related events such as webinars, workshops, or conferences, reaching an audience that is already interested in your industry.

Q: How do LinkedIn groups enhance customer engagement?

  • By engaging in relevant groups, you can directly interact with potential and existing customers, understand their needs, answer their queries, and build stronger customer relationships.

Q: What role do LinkedIn groups play in personal branding?

  • Active participation in groups helps in building your personal brand alongside your business. It showcases your expertise, thought leadership, and values to a professional audience.

Q: How can I measure the impact of LinkedIn groups on my business?

  • Measure the impact by tracking your network growth, website traffic from LinkedIn, engagement on your posts, leads generated, and any direct business opportunities that arise from your group interactions.

Q: How can LinkedIn groups assist in crisis management?

  • In times of crisis, LinkedIn groups can offer support, advice, and shared experiences from peers who may have faced similar challenges, providing practical solutions and moral support.

Q: Can LinkedIn groups be used to track industry benchmarks and standards?

  • Yes, these groups are a valuable resource for keeping up with industry benchmarks and standards. Discussions and shared resources in these groups can help you ensure that your business stays aligned with current practices.

Q: How do LinkedIn groups contribute to thought leadership?

  • By sharing insightful content, engaging in meaningful discussions, and providing valuable feedback, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry within these groups.

Q: Can participation in LinkedIn groups enhance my business’s SEO efforts?

  • Active participation can indirectly enhance your SEO efforts. Sharing content from your website or blog can drive traffic, and discussions in groups can increase the visibility of your brand online.

Q: How can LinkedIn groups help in understanding customer feedback and expectations?

  • Customer feedback and expectations are often voiced in these groups. Monitoring discussions related to your industry can provide insights into what customers are looking for and their pain points.

Q: Is it beneficial to engage in competitor groups on LinkedIn?

  • Engaging in groups where your competitors are active can provide valuable insights into their strategies, marketing efforts, and customer interactions, helping you refine your own strategies.

Q: How can LinkedIn groups aid in improving product or service offerings?

  • Feedback and discussions in these groups can offer direct and indirect suggestions for improving your products or services, helping you to meet market needs more effectively.

Q: Can LinkedIn groups provide opportunities for business mentorship and advice?

  • Many professionals in these groups are willing to offer mentorship and advice. Engaging with experienced professionals can provide you with valuable guidance and growth strategies.

Q: How do LinkedIn groups support collaborative innovation?

  • These groups can be hotbeds for collaborative innovation, where brainstorming, sharing of ideas, and joint problem-solving can lead to innovative solutions and business improvements.

Q: Are there any drawbacks to using LinkedIn groups for business improvement?

  • The main drawbacks include the time commitment required to actively participate and the potential for information overload. It’s important to choose and engage in groups strategically to ensure the best use of your time.

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