Essential Advice for Non-Profits Hiring Overseas Workers

Is Hiring Overseas Workers and option for your Nonprofit? Check out these tips to see what you should consider.

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A successful nonprofit organization needs a dedicated team behind it and hiring the right staff can be crucial to your mission. However, finding and compensating qualified and skilled employees is often a challenge for nonprofits. Since many nonprofits cannot often offer salaries that match up to those offered in the private sector, many talented employees can be deterred from applying. The challenges are even greater when hiring overseas employees to work for your nonprofit. To ensure that your hiring process is successful and you get the right team on your side, keep these tips in mind.

1. Work with a Global PEO

A global PEO, or professional employer organization, can act as an intermediary between you and potential applicants for job positions overseas. Working with a PEO can benefit your nonprofit in a variety of different ways as not only will they have extensive knowledge of the local area, but they may also be more knowledgeable when it comes to where and how to find the best potential employees. A global PEO can not only help you streamline your overseas hiring process, but also make it easier to manage international teams with a global payroll service, human resources, tax, employee benefits, and compliance with local laws and regulations. This global payroll service, New Horizons Global Partners, is the ideal choice for overseas hiring and employee management.

2. Set Clear Expectations for the Role

Many candidates are often unaware of the time commitments and requirements involved in nonprofit work. Setting clear expectations early on in the recruitment process will help you save valuable time when interviewing and make it easier for you to filter out candidates that may not be the right fit for the work. It will also enable to you avoid having candidates accept positions before they determine whether or not the workload and activities expected are suitable for them. A detailed job description allows candidates to get a better idea of the role’s responsibilities and the expectations that come with it.

3. Find Candidates in Your Network

Many nonprofit organizations have worldwide networks which can be a very useful resource when it comes to finding the right candidates for certain job positions. Working at a nonprofit will appeal to individuals around the world that are purpose-driven. Talk with other nonprofits in the area, volunteers, current employees, and board members to find and recruit candidates who are passionate about your mission and possess the necessary skills for the job.

4. Consider Offering Other Benefits

Many nonprofits operate on a small budget and are therefore not able to offer the same salary levels as you would expect from a company in the private sector. However, additional employee benefits and perks might help to entice suitable applicants for your role. This is another benefit that you can gain from working with a global PEO who can help you obtain and offer employee benefits to your team that is usually reserved only for larger companies that can afford them. They do this by grouping together the employees of several nonprofits or small businesses to meet the required numbers to get the best price. Other benefits that may help to make your job positions more attractive include the opportunity to work from home, travel for work, or reimbursement for training. It’s worth getting your employees together to discuss the benefits that would offer the most value to them.

5. Develop Your Existing Team

Promoting staff from within your organization can make it easier for you to fill certain overseas job roles. Chances are that you already have employees who would be willing to travel for a promotion or relocate to another country with your nonprofit. Promoting employees and hiring from within can be an ideal way to make sure that your organization’s needs are met and give your existing employees a path for growth within the organization, which can also lead to improved employee motivation, productivity, engagement, and loyalty.

6. Ensure You Are Protected

Finally, wherever in the world you need to hire employees, make sure that you are protected and avoid getting sued for employment practices. Nonprofits that work globally need to ensure that they are aware of the different labor laws and employment regulations in each area that they hire as these may differ from place to place. Along with having good employment practices liability insurance where applicable, working with a PEO can help you ensure that you have a solid understanding of local regulations and are able to meet them at every step of the process.

Recruiting staff for a nonprofit can be challenging enough, and when you have the additional challenge of recruiting overseas, it can be even more tricky to get the right people on your team. Working with a PEO that’s experienced in the area you are working in and tapping into your local network can help you find the right individuals to add to your team.

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