The Future of PDF – Rise of Engaging and Intelligent Content

PDFs (Portable Document Formats) have been good for marketers and consumers. But. It is time to look to the future of PDFs and which other solutions may be better.

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PDFs have been developed by Adobe in 1992.

That’s a long time ago.

Of course, PDFs have been over the years, but have they actually evolved with the needs of modern marketers and consumers?

Are PDFs engaging? Are they easy to consume on small devices? Do they offer marketers the data they so much love and are used to?

Not really.

Back in the days when the first mobile device came out with a camera, people loved it but did not demand that from now on all new mobile phones should have ca camera built-in by default.

A couple of years later, we can not imagine buying a mobile phone without a camera.

The future of PDFs for consumers

Consumers are used to engaging websites and. apps. No matter on which device they consume it.

And then they come across a PDF that is not responsive, not interactive, and often times not even pretty (yes, beauty is important).

For consumers to fall in love with PDF content, PDFs need to evolve to an engaging and responsive format.

I understand that Interactive PDFs exist. But… how mainstream are they and how easy are they to create?

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The future of PDFs for marketers

Marketers are used to creating beautiful content.

Next to that, marketers are used to getting quality data. How did people interact with a piece of content? How many seconds or minutes did they spend on a page? And much more.

You just can’t track PDFs the right way and get that data marketers need.

As a marketer, you might know how many people downloaded your PDF, but that’s pretty much all you know.

You don’t even know IF they read the PDF.

The difference with consumers is that marketers actually have a choice. They can decide which format they use to create their next white paper, brochure, e-book, annual report, etc.

Check out this article to find how why you should stop using PDF for business content.

The future of PDFs

What do you think?

Have PDFs evolved enough to meet the needs of modern consumers and marketers or do you think it’s time for PDF alternatives?

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