How to get on the front page of Reddit [Step by Step Guide]

See how we ended up on the front page of Reddit and how you can too. Follow this step by step guide to build up Reddit karma and get on their front page.

We all know that Reddit is a powerful platform with a very high engagement rate. People from all over the world gather to have meaningful discussions on various topics.

As a marketer, you can leverage Reddit’s power and build relationships around your brand and topics you’re interested in.

In this post, we’ll show you how we’ve ended up on the front page of Reddit and got 17,350 visitors in one day.

Let’s kick it off with some graphics.

Traffic Reddit in one day

The traffic spike on the day that we got on the front page of Reddit, pretty much made GlobalOwls’s traffic on previous- and following days look like a small bleep in Google Analytics.

11k visitors at once on globalowls

With 1,106 people on GlobalOwls at the same time, we were really hoping the servers wouldn’t crash (luckily everything went smooth).

How did we get on the front page of Reddit?

We’ve launched a new blog series about “inspirational stories” of people committed to doing good. The goal is to share background stories of the organizations published on GlobalOwls and other stories we find inspiring.


Our first post was about: Two teen sisters committed to banning plastic bags in Bali

We’ve submitted this post to the SubReddit: UpliftingNews and received a lot of engagement.

GlobalOwls on uplifting news

Thanks to all the engagement. We ended up on Reddit’s homepage. Not too bad!

GlobalOwls on reddit front page

How you can try to get on the front page of Reddit

We’ve been active on Reddit for quite a while now. We’ll try to give some tips on how to get on Reddit’s front page so you can try it for yourself, if applicable.

1. Build up your karma on Reddit

On Reddit, your karma is divided into “post karma” and “comment karma“. These show how much engagement your content receives on Reddit. Before we’ve submitted this post. We already had a few hundred post and comment karma.

Search for subreddits you like to engage in, submit content you love and comment on submitted posts.

There is a subreddit about TED Talks for instance with 59k readers. Submit your favorite TED talks and leave a comment about why you love it to get some initial Reddit karma.

Here’s a big list of subreddits related to the environment, sustainability, activism, etc. to get you started. And here’s a list of Social Media and Digital Marketing subreddits.

2. Identify which subreddits in your domain get upvoted to the front page of Reddit often

When you look at the front page of Reddit, you often see content from the same (50) subreddits being featured. Identify which subreddit you could use to your advantage before creating a piece of content. Subreddits which are often featured on the front page are for instance:

  • r/mildlyinteresting
  • r/aww
  • r/DIY
  • r/todayilearned
  • r/Showerthoughts
  • r/UpliftingNews

And many more. See which subreddits are relevant to you.

3. Create great content about a topic people like to talk about

After you’ve built up some Reddit karma and you’ve identified which subreddit could help you get upvoted to the front page of Reddit, it’s time to create a great piece of content. This could be a video, text post, visual, you name it.

The key to getting engagement is to create something people on that subreddit would most likely like to talk about and share their thoughts about. Content directly related to your product will most likely not cut it. But you could try. Check out what people are talking about on that subreddit to get a feel for what content and topics they engage with.

You also need luck.

Getting low engagement doesn’t always mean your content is bad or not relevant.

Don’t aim to go viral. Your goal should, as always, be to add value to a community you want to become part of. The rest will follow naturally.

This post is just an overview of how it could look like if you get on the first page of Reddit and some tips to help you on your journey.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below so we can help.

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