How to get on the Front Page of Reddit in 2024

See how we ended up on the front page of Reddit and how you can too. Follow this step by step guide to build up Reddit karma and get on their front page.

We all know that Reddit is a powerful platform with a very high engagement rate. People from all over the world gather to have meaningful discussions on various topics.

As a marketer, you can leverage Reddit’s power and build relationships around your brand and topics you’re interested in.

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In this post, we’ll show you how we’ve ended up on the front page of Reddit and got 17,350 visitors in one day.

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Let’s kick it off with some graphics of when we got on Reddit’s homepage

Traffic Reddit in one day

The traffic spike on the day that we got on the front page of Reddit, pretty much made GlobalOwls’s traffic on previous- and following days look like a small bleep in Google Analytics.

11k visitors at once on globalowls

With 1,106 people on GlobalOwls at the same time, we were really hoping the servers wouldn’t crash (luckily everything went smooth).

How did we get on the front page of Reddit?

We’ve launched a new blog series about “inspirational stories” of people committed to doing good. The goal is to share background stories of the organizations published on GlobalOwls and other stories we find inspiring.


Our first post was about: Two teen sisters committed to banning plastic bags in Bali

We’ve submitted this post to the SubReddit: UpliftingNews and received a lot of engagement.

GlobalOwls on uplifting news

Thanks to all the engagement. We ended up on Reddit’s homepage. Not too bad!

GlobalOwls on reddit front page

How to get on the front page of Reddit

We’ve been active on Reddit for quite a while now. We’ll try to give some tips on how to get on Reddit’s front page so you can try it for yourself, if applicable.

1. Build up your karma on Reddit

On Reddit, your karma is divided into “post karma” and “comment karma“. These show how much engagement your content receives on Reddit. Before we’ve submitted this post. We already had a few hundred post and comment karma.

What is post karma on Reddit?

Post karma is the total points (karma) accumulated for your Reddit posts. You can get points for upvotes on your posts and points can be deducted by downvotes for your post. Together, they make your total post karma on Reddit.

What is comment karma on Reddit?

Comment karma is the total points (karma) accumulated for your Reddit comments. You can get points for upvotes on your comments and points can be deducted by downvotes for your comments. Together, they make your total comment karma on Reddit.

Yes, both work the same, and those karma points accumulated are your total karma points.

How to build up your karma on Reddit

Search for subreddits you like to engage in, submit content you love, and comment on submitted posts.

It is crucial that you engage in SubReddits and topics that you love. Reddit is a place of hight engaging people. You can’t simply go to a SubReddit and discuss a topic you know nothing about. People will know, they will downvote your posts or comments and potentially kick you out of the Sub.

You will need to do your homework and find topics and SubReddits you love. You can simply Google for [topic] + [(sub)reddit] or search a topic within Reddit.

find subreddit in reddit

Search for a topic on Reddit (be sure to do this from Reddit’s home page)

FInd subreddit you love

Click ‘Enter’ and get a larger overview of SubReddits for that topic.

Here’s some inspiration to help you out:

There is a subreddit about TED Talks for instance with 59k readers. Submit your favorite TED talks and leave a comment about why you love them to get some initial Reddit karma points.

Here’s a big list of subreddits related to the environment, sustainability, activism, etc. to get you started. And here’s a list of Social Media and Digital Marketing subreddits.

2. Identify which subreddits in your domain get upvoted to the front page of Reddit often

When you look at the front page of Reddit, you often see content from the same (50) subreddits being featured. Identify which subreddit you could use to your advantage before creating a piece of content. Subreddits that are often featured on the front page are for instance:

  • r/mildlyinteresting
  • r/aww
  • r/DIY
  • r/todayilearned
  • r/Showerthoughts
  • r/UpliftingNews

And many more. See which subreddits are relevant to you.

3. Create great content about a topic people like to talk about

After you’ve built up some Reddit karma and you’ve identified which subreddit could help you get upvoted to the front page of Reddit, it’s time to create a great piece of content. This could be a video, text post, visual, white paper, you name it.

The key to getting engagement is to create something people on that subreddit would most likely like to talk about and share their thoughts about. Content directly related to your product will most likely not cut it. But you could try. Check out what people are talking about on that subreddit to get a feel for what content and topics they engage with.

4. Focus on the title of your post

BuzzFeed was the king at creating compelling titles for their posts. People used to click on the headlines A LOT. Now, most people understand the difference between ‘Click-bait’ and genuine interesting posts and titles.

It’s difficult to find the fine line between:


Here are a couple of examples and a resource that can help you write great headlines so you can go viral on Reddit.

Examples of well-written headlines

  • 9 Things No One Tells You About Blogging. One of Them Really Sucks.
  • 21 Breathtaking Free Stock Photo Sites. The Last One Blew me Away.
  • A Shocking Thing 71% of Marketers Fail to do On Their Blog.
  • How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Online Marketing Tools.
  • The Only Way to Increase your Twitter Following Without Spamming.

If you’re new to this, make use of’s Blog Title Generator. Simply describe your post and click ‘inspire me’ to get Headline examples.

how blog title generator works

5. Engage and answer comments on your post

If you want to maximize your chances of being featured on the home page of Reddit, don’t just drop a post and call it a day. Engage with people that are commenting, ask questions, drive the conversation forward, make it more and more interesting for people to join the conversation.

6. Share your post outside of Reddit

Next to Reddit, you’re probably also active on other channels. Ask followers what they think about the topic you just posted on Reddit. Get more people to engage with your content. It’s very important to create a lot of buzz in the first few hours the post went live. More on the Reddit virality score below.

7. Reddit virality score

Getting enough engagement on your post is not enough to get on the front page of Reddit. You will also need to accumulate a lot of engagement FAST!

Reddit’s algorithm favors new content over old content. Getting 2,000 upvotes and 100 comments on a post that has been live for 30 minutes will get you higher up the rankings than a post with the same upvotes and comments that has been live for 5 hours.

All the tips above help you crank up your virality score.

  • Having a lot of post and comment karma will help you get on the first page of the SubReddit you post in.
  • Being a known figure in the SubReddit helps attract friends and people that have interacted with you before to upvote and comment.
  • Having a great headline will help others to be curious and engage with your post.
  • Engaging with others commenting on your post helps drive more conversations and engagement.
  • Promoting your post outside of Reddit helps drive even more engagement in a short period of time.

Last words

Don’t forget that you’ll also need a lot of luck to get on the front page of Reddit.

Getting low engagement doesn’t always mean your content is bad or not relevant.

Don’t aim to go viral. Your goal should always be to add value to a community you want to become part of. The rest will follow naturally.

This post is just an overview of how it could look like if you get on the first page of Reddit and some tips to help you on your journey.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below so we can help.


What Is Reddit Marketing?

Reddit marketing involves promoting products, services, or brands on Reddit, a social media platform known for its communities (subreddits) on various topics, through authentic engagement and valuable content.

How Can Businesses Benefit from Reddit Marketing?

Businesses can benefit from Reddit marketing by reaching a diverse audience, gaining insights into consumer behavior, increasing brand awareness, and driving traffic to their websites.

What Are Subreddits and How Are They Important in Reddit Marketing?

Subreddits are niche communities on Reddit centered around specific topics. Targeting relevant subreddits allows businesses to engage with a focused audience interested in their niche.

How Should Companies Approach Content Creation for Reddit?

Content for Reddit should be engaging, valuable, and tailored to the interests of the subreddit. It’s important to prioritize quality and community relevance over overt promotion.

What Are the Best Practices for Engaging with Reddit Users?

Best practices include contributing valuable insights, being transparent about your brand affiliation, responding to comments thoughtfully, and respecting the community’s rules and culture.

How Can Reddit AMAs (Ask Me Anything) Be Used in Marketing?

Reddit AMAs can be used to establish thought leadership, enhance brand transparency, and directly engage with the audience by answering their questions in real time.

What Are the Risks or Challenges Associated with Reddit Marketing?

Challenges include navigating Reddit’s aversion to self-promotion, adhering to each subreddit’s rules, and managing potentially negative feedback in a public forum.

Can Paid Advertising Be Effective on Reddit?

Yes, Reddit offers paid advertising options, including promoted posts, which can be targeted to specific subreddits or demographics, offering another channel for brand visibility.

How Important Is Authenticity in Reddit Marketing?

Authenticity is crucial in Reddit marketing. Redditors value genuine engagement and contribution to the community over blatant advertising and sales pitches.

How Can Businesses Measure the Success of Their Reddit Marketing Efforts?

Success can be measured through metrics such as upvotes, comments, traffic referrals to websites, and increases in brand mentions or subreddit subscribers.

What Types of Content Tend to Perform Well on Reddit?

Content that is informative, entertaining, and relevant to the subreddit’s interests typically performs well. This includes unique insights, helpful advice, and engaging discussions.

How Can Businesses Navigate Reddit’s Guidelines for Self-Promotion?

Businesses should balance promotional content with genuine, non-promotional contributions. Typically, only a small percentage of posts should be self-promotional to adhere to Reddit’s guidelines.

What Is the Role of Karma in Reddit Marketing?

Karma, earned through upvotes on posts and comments, reflects a user’s contribution to the community. High karma can lend credibility to your posts and comments in marketing efforts.

How Effective Is Influencer Marketing on Reddit?

Influencer marketing can be effective if influencers genuinely resonate with and are part of the Reddit community. Authenticity and credibility are key.

Can Reddit Marketing Help in SEO Efforts?

While Reddit links are generally nofollow, successful marketing on Reddit can lead to increased brand searches and indirect SEO benefits through improved online visibility.

What Are Some Strategies for Community Building on Reddit?

Strategies include regularly engaging with relevant subreddits, providing value, hosting AMAs, and responding to comments to build a community around your brand.

How Can Businesses Use Reddit for Market Research?

Reddit can be a valuable tool for market research, offering unfiltered opinions, discussions about competitors, and insights into the latest trends and consumer preferences.

Is It Possible to Target Specific Geographic Locations Through Reddit Marketing?

Yes, Reddit’s advertising platform allows businesses to target ads based on specific geographic locations, making it useful for localized marketing campaigns.

How Do Reddit’s Unique Demographics Influence Marketing Strategies?

Reddit’s user base skews towards younger, tech-savvy individuals, often requiring content that appeals to these demographics, including tech-related humor, current trends, and internet culture.

Can Reddit Be Used for Crisis Management or Reputation Building?

Reddit can be used for crisis management and reputation building by directly addressing customer concerns, providing transparent communication, and engaging with the community to rebuild trust.

How Should Businesses Handle Negative Feedback on Reddit?

Businesses should handle negative feedback professionally, responding with empathy and offering solutions or explanations. It’s important to engage constructively and not defensively.

Can Reddit Be Used to Drive Traffic to E-commerce Sites?

Yes, Reddit can drive traffic to e-commerce sites, especially when businesses share valuable content or promotions that resonate with the interests of specific subreddits.

What Is the Impact of Reddit’s Algorithm on Marketing Efforts?

Reddit’s algorithm favors content with high engagement. Marketing efforts should focus on creating content that encourages upvotes and comments to gain visibility.

How Can Visual Content Be Leveraged in Reddit Marketing?

Visual content like infographics, charts, and images can be effective if they provide value and are relevant to the subreddit’s interests. Originality and humor can also enhance engagement.

Is It Beneficial to Engage in Trending Topics on Reddit for Marketing?

Engaging in trending topics can be beneficial for marketing if your brand can contribute meaningful insights or perspectives, but it’s important to stay relevant and authentic.

How Can Brands Measure ROI from Reddit Marketing?

ROI from Reddit marketing can be measured through increased website traffic, growth in sales or leads, brand mentions, and engagement metrics on Reddit itself.

What Are the Dos and Don’ts for Brands Using Reddit?

Do engage genuinely, provide value, and respect community norms. Don’t spam, overtly self-promote, or ignore subreddit rules.

How Can Small Businesses Utilize Reddit Marketing Effectively?

Small businesses can utilize Reddit marketing by targeting niche subreddits, participating in relevant discussions, and sharing expertise without heavy promotion.

Can Reddit Marketing Be Automated?

While some aspects like post scheduling can be automated, successful Reddit marketing generally requires active, manual engagement due to the platform’s focus on authentic interaction.

What’s the Future of Reddit Marketing for Businesses?

The future of Reddit marketing lies in brands finding innovative ways to engage with the platform’s growing user base, leveraging its unique community-driven environment for authentic marketing.

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