Leverage the Power of Podcasts for Your Non-Profit

Ever thought about starting a podcast for your non-profit but didn’t know where to begin? Well, you’re in the right place. How do you get your message out there through the magic of podcasts?


Why Podcasts?

Why Nonprofits should start Podcasts

Think of podcasts as intimate conversations with friends. They’re a way to engage your audience in a personal, direct manner that other mediums can’t match. For non-profits, this means an opportunity to share impactful stories, insights from thought leaders, and discussions on social issues that need attention—all while your listeners go about their day, whether they’re commuting, exercising, or just chilling at home.

 Getting Started: Finding Your Voice

 1. The What and The Who

First things first: What’s your podcast going to be about, and who are you talking to? Nail down the purpose of your podcast. Are you aiming to share success stories from your community, provide insights on specific issues, or offer advice and resources? Knowing your “what” will help you define your “who” – your target audience. Think about who would benefit most from your podcast and what they’re interested in hearing.

 2. Content is King (and Queen)

Content planning is where the fun begins. Brainstorm topics that align with your mission and maybe even (or is even encouraged to) consider a mix of formats, like interviews with experts, storytelling episodes, and Q&A sessions. Variety keeps things fresh and caters to different listener preferences. Remember, your podcast should educate, inspire, and engage, so choose topics that resonate deeply with your audience’s interests and your organization’s goals.

 3. The Tech Stuff

Don’t let the technical side scare you off! You don’t need a fancy studio to start a podcast. A quiet room, a good microphone, and some basic editing software are enough to get rolling. There are plenty of free and affordable resources out there designed for podcast newbies. Focus on clear, quality sound, and the rest will fall into place.

 4. Creating a Community

Engagement doesn’t end when the episode does. Use your podcast as a springboard for building a community around your cause. Encourage listeners to interact by leaving comments, asking questions, or suggesting topics. Social media platforms are great for continuing the conversation and connecting with your audience on a more personal level.

 5. Spread the Word

Now, let’s talk distribution. Platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts are where you want to be. They make your podcast accessible to a wide audience and are pretty straightforward to use. Don’t forget to promote your podcast through your non-profit’s website, newsletters, and social media channels. The more you share, the more you grow.

 Real Life Examples 

Real Life Examples nonprofit podcasts

Nonprofit organizations are increasingly using podcasts as a medium to share stories, inspire action, and connect with wider audiences on various topics. Here are some podcasts produced by nonprofits that highlight their work and mission:

Seeking Peace by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security, hosted by Melanne Verveer, aims to amplify the voices of women leaders in conflict-ridden countries and inspire listeners by sharing stories of courage and collaboration​.

Sounds Like Hate by the Southern Poverty Law Center, hosted by Jamila Paksima and Yvonne Latty, was launched to spur activism against hate and extremism. This podcast has successfully raised the nonprofit’s profile and delivered its message through investigative journalism​.

Urban Roots by Urbanist Media, hosted by Vanessa Quirk and Deqah Hussein-Wetzel, focuses on historic preservation through an anti-racist lens. The podcast tells hidden stories of endangered buildings and neighborhoods, aiming to make the field more inclusive​.

WGRL NYC (Where Girl Radio Lives) by the Lower East Side Girls Club of NY, offers a platform for girls to learn radio journalism and audio engineering. It showcases the organization’s work nationally, helping to attract attention, brand awareness, and funding​.

The Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) produces and curates several podcasts, including Justice & The Inner LifeFoster Movement PodcastThe Fostering Church Podcast, and More Than Enough Podcast. These series cover topics from the spiritual disciplines needed for justice work to insights from former foster youth and guidance for churches involved in foster care ministry.


Starting a podcast for your nonprofit is not just about sharing stories; it’s about creating a space for meaningful dialogue and connection. It’s a journey that requires passion, patience, and persistence. But with each episode, you’re not just reaching ears; you’re touching hearts and minds, sparking change, and making a difference. So go ahead, grab that mic, and let the world hear what you have to say.

Happy podcasting!

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