Simple Fundraising Ideas [+ AI Fundraising Idea Generator]

Check out these Simple Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits and the AI Fundraising Idea Generator to come up with more (specific) ideas.

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Whether you are a sports team looking to finance a trip, or an organization trying to gain access to additional funds, fundraising is important. Billions of dollars are given out each year, and it can be incredibly important for the success of a variety of different organizations.

However, if you simply use the same old fundraising tactics that everyone does, your fundraiser might not get the traction you would have hoped for. Instead, you need to get a little creative with your fundraiser to attract the masses.

With that in mind, this blog post is going to take you through simple and unique fundraisers we bet you haven’t tried yet.


1. Clothing Fundraiser

clothing fundraiser

A fundraiser where you sell custom and one-off clothing can be a great way to make money. This is a great option for sports teams, and really any other kind of organization under the sun. Many of these will focus on the design and sale of shirts. However, there is no rule saying that you need to stick to the common custom shirt fundraiser. For example, another great option is to do a custom sock fundraiser.

Everyone wears socks, and they are becoming a big and important part of our outfits. If you want to learn more about custom sock fundraisers, be sure to visit Elite Sport Socks for helpful information. These socks can be designed with a variety of different colors and logos present and will help your donors to show off their passion or pride.

2. Create and Sell a Silly Calendar

Selling custom calendars is another great way to raise funds for your organization. But instead of the firefighter calendar or cheerleader calendars that seem to often be sold, you can design a silly calendar. It could feature several individuals within your organization or other local celebrities in funny situations and themes.

This theme could be anything, depending on your brand and organization, or the time of the year. It could be a halloween-themed calendar where everyone wears a hilarious costume, a Christmas calendar or any number of other things. People will love to have this on their fridge and see people they know in funny poses or situations.

3. Trivia Night

Trivia Night

A trivia night is an incredibly fun time, which makes it a good choice for a fundraiser. You could charge people to join, and the event could be a couple of hours of fun. Finding a bar or restaurant to host should be easy, as there is a good chance they will sell a lot of food and beverage throughout the night. Of course, be sure to include some incentives for the winners.

This could be cash, free food or drinks, free entry to the next trivia or other prizes. This trivia night could be on anything. It could be general, could focus on sports, could be about your city or could be about a popular TV or movie franchise. Be sure to market the trivia night well to ensure the most amount of people possible show up.

4. Video Game Tournament

Video Game Tournament

While it was once a fairly small and niche industry, video games have exploded in popularity in recent years. In fact, well over 2 billion people around the world are playing video games in some capacity. As a result, holding a video game tournament could be a great way to raise funds for your company.

You could charge a small entry fee, have a bracket, and offer some good prizes for those who finish at or near the tip. There are several different games that would be perfect for this, from Super Smash Brothers, to sports games, or anything in between. If you want to go after the older crowd, you could feature some games from their childhood that would bring back a lot of nostalgic fun.

5. Discount Card Fundraiser

This is a great fundraising idea that can be implemented quite easily in most cases. This fundraiser focuses on partnering with local businesses, and providing discounts for those who buy your “discount cards”. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. You get the funds you need, donors get a card with a lot of potential savings, and businesses get more traffic.

Approach local businesses and ask them if they would be willing to participate. Be sure to tell them about the many benefits that their participation could bring their company. You can reach out to restaurants, retail stores, clothing shops, spas, barbershops or anywhere else that you think your donors would like to save some money.

Using an AI Fundraising Idea Generator

Using an AI Fundraising Idea Generator for simple ideas

For coming up with the Easy Fundraising Ideas for this article, we’ve used ChatGPT, and we’ll show how to use it to fine-tune ideas and make them more detailed for your Fundraiser. Also, check out ChatGPT Alternatives to help with your Marketing Copy, etc.

How to use ChatGPT to come up with Easy Fundraising Ideas

When logging into ChatGPT, you need to give it a prompt (question) so it can do its AI Magic and give you a detailed answer. Our prompt was:

Can I please get 10 detailed fundraising ideas that are easy to execute. Elaborate a bit on how to make the idea a success. 

Here’s what it looks like:

ChatGPT Easy Fundraising Idea Generator Example

We asked ChatGPT this question a couple of times and hand-picked the best simple fundraising ideas for this list.

You can go ahead and better define your questions. For instance with modifications like; for a small group of people, for parents, low-cost ideas, holidays, virtual ideas, etc.

Check out the video below to see how the AI Fundraising Idea Generator works.

Easy to follow Fundraising Ideas

Here are some cool hand-picked Simple to Follow Fundraise Ideas the AI Idea Generator Came up with:

  1. Online Donation Drive: Launch an online donation drive using platforms like GoFundMe, PayPal, or your nonprofit’s website. Create a compelling campaign page with a clear goal and impactful visuals. Share the campaign on social media, through email newsletters, and on your organization’s website. Regularly update supporters on the progress toward the goal and express gratitude for their contributions.
  2. Virtual Raffle: Organize a virtual raffle where participants purchase tickets online for a chance to win prizes. Partner with local businesses to donate items or gift cards. Use social media and email marketing to promote the raffle and announce winners through a live stream or video.
  3. Bake Sale: Host an online bake sale where supporters can order baked goods for delivery or pickup. Create a simple online ordering system and showcase photos of the delicious treats. Promote the sale through social media and word-of-mouth, and emphasize the homemade and community-driven aspect of the event.
  4. DIY Craft Sale: Invite supporters to create and donate handmade crafts, artworks, or DIY products. Host an online marketplace or auction where these items are sold. Promote the sale through social media and encourage participants to share their creative process and stories behind their creations.
  5. Virtual Coin Jar: Set up a virtual coin jar campaign where participants can easily contribute small amounts of money. Use social media to spread the word and share the impact that even a small donation can make. This approach is particularly effective for engaging a large number of supporters.
  6. Themed Online Workshops: Offer easy-to-join virtual workshops related to your nonprofit’s mission. Charge a small fee for participation and provide valuable insights or skills. Promote the workshops through your website and social media, and consider partnering with experts in the field.
  7. Online Silent Auction: Host an online silent auction featuring donated items or services. Use auction software to create an easy bidding process. Promote the auction through social media and email newsletters, and set a clear end time for the bidding period.
  8. Dine for a Cause: Partner with local restaurants to organize a “Dine for a Cause” event. Encourage supporters to order takeout or dine in on a specific day, with a percentage of the proceeds going to your nonprofit. Promote the event through social media, your nonprofit’s website, and local media.
  9. Virtual Thank-You Campaign: Launch a virtual thank-you campaign where supporters can purchase virtual “thank-you” notes or videos from your team or beneficiaries. Use social media and email marketing to spread the word and express your gratitude in a creative way.
  10. Charity Auction Preview Event: Host a virtual preview event for an upcoming charity auction. Share stories behind the auction items and generate excitement. Encourage attendees to register for the auction and provide them with a sneak peek of what’s to come.
  11. Virtual Trivia Night: Organize an online trivia night using platforms like Zoom or dedicated trivia apps. Charge a small entry fee for participants and create fun and engaging trivia questions. Promote the event through social media and encourage friendly competition.
  12. Digital Art Sale: Host an online art sale featuring digital art, prints, or downloadable designs. Showcase artists’ work on your website and provide a simple purchasing process. Promote the sale through social media and highlight the artists’ profiles.
  13. Online Giving Challenge: Launch a short-term online giving challenge with a specific fundraising goal. Encourage supporters to make small donations within a limited timeframe. Use social media to create urgency and excitement around reaching the goal.
  14. Virtual Coffee Morning: Host a virtual coffee morning where supporters join a video call for informal conversations and updates about your nonprofit’s activities. Encourage participants to make a small donation for their “virtual coffee.”
  15. Social Media Takeover: Partner with local influencers or supporters to host a day-long social media takeover. They can share posts, stories, and videos about your nonprofit’s mission. Use this opportunity to engage with new audiences and encourage donations.
  16. Online Book Sale: Collect donated books and organize an online book sale. Showcase the available titles on your website and provide a simple ordering process. Promote the sale through social media and target book enthusiasts.
  17. Virtual DIY Workshop: Offer a virtual DIY workshop where participants create a craft, recipe, or home project. Charge a fee for participation and provide clear instructions and guidance. Promote the workshop through your website and social media.
  18. Digital Thank-You Wall: Create a digital wall on your website to publicly thank donors. Encourage supporters to leave messages or quotes along with their donations. Promote the wall through social media to recognize and appreciate contributors.
  19. Online Pet Photo Contest: Host an online pet photo contest where participants submit photos of their furry friends. Charge an entry fee and engage participants by sharing the adorable pet photos on social media.
  20. Virtual Garden Plant Sale: Organize a virtual plant sale featuring potted plants, flowers, or seeds. Display the available plants on your website and offer a simple purchasing process. Promote the sale through social media and gardening groups.
  21. Digital Fitness Class: Offer a virtual fitness class taught by an instructor. Charge a participation fee and provide a link to join the live stream or access a recording. Promote the class through social media and wellness communities.
  22. Online Donation Matching Challenge: Partner with a donor or business to match donations up to a certain amount. Use this challenge to encourage supporters to donate within a specified timeframe. Promote the challenge through email campaigns and social media.
  23. Virtual Game Night: Host an online game night where participants play virtual board games, card games, or trivia games. Charge a small entry fee and provide a fun and interactive experience.
  24. Online Recipe Book: Collect and compile recipes donated by supporters to create an online recipe book. Sell the digital book and promote it through your website and social media.
  25. Virtual Fitness Marathon: Organize a virtual fitness marathon where participants engage in various exercises from home. Charge an entry fee and provide a schedule of workout sessions throughout the day.
  26. Digital Crafts for Kids: Offer virtual craft sessions for kids. Charge a fee for participation and provide parents with a list of simple supplies. Promote the sessions through parenting forums and social media groups.
  27. Virtual Volunteer Awards Ceremony: Host a virtual event to recognize and celebrate your nonprofit’s volunteers. Highlight their contributions and share inspiring stories. Encourage supporters to attend and show appreciation.
  28. Online Plant Care Workshops: Offer virtual workshops on plant care and gardening tips. Charge a participation fee and target plant enthusiasts and gardening communities.
  29. Virtual Pet Adoption Fair: Partner with animal shelters for a virtual pet adoption fair. Showcase adoptable pets through live streams and encourage donations to support animal welfare.
  30. Digital Storytelling Campaign: Collect and share stories from beneficiaries or supporters through videos or written content. Use these stories to inspire empathy and encourage donations.
  31. Virtual Puzzle Challenge: Organize an online puzzle challenge where participants solve digital puzzles. Charge a small entry fee and offer different difficulty levels. Promote the challenge through social media and puzzle enthusiast groups.
  32. Digital Music Playlist Sale: Curate themed music playlists and offer them for sale on your website. Create playlists for different moods or occasions and promote them through social media.
  33. Online Charity Auction Preview: Host a virtual preview event for an upcoming charity auction. Share stories about the items up for auction and encourage participants to register and bid.
  34. Virtual Fitness Party: Organize a virtual fitness dance or Zumba party. Charge a participation fee and invite an energetic instructor to lead the session. Promote the event through fitness communities and social media.
  35. Digital Art Showcase: Create a virtual art gallery to display artworks donated by local artists. Showcase the pieces on your website and encourage art enthusiasts to make purchases.
  36. Online Storytime for Kids: Offer virtual storytime sessions for kids with engaging storytellers. Charge a small fee for participation and promote the sessions to parents and schools.
  37. Virtual Comedy Night: Host a virtual comedy show featuring local comedians. Sell tickets for access and create a lighthearted and entertaining event.
  38. Digital Photography Contest: Run an online photography contest where participants submit their best photos. Charge an entry fee and engage participants by sharing their entries on social media.
  39. Virtual DIY Home Improvement Tips: Provide virtual DIY home improvement tips and tricks through video tutorials. Charge a small fee for access and promote the tutorials through home improvement forums.
  40. Online Craft Supply Sale: Sell craft supplies or DIY kits online. Curate a selection of popular crafting materials and promote the sale to DIY enthusiasts.
  41. Virtual Nature Walk: Host a virtual nature walk where participants explore outdoor environments through guided video sessions. Charge a fee for participation and promote the experience as a way to connect with nature.
  42. Digital Recipe Exchange: Organize a digital recipe exchange where participants share their favorite recipes. Charge a participation fee and compile the recipes into a digital cookbook.
  43. Online Workout Challenge: Launch a fitness challenge where participants follow a workout plan at home. Charge a fee for access to the plan and provide support and motivation.
  44. Virtual Talent Showcase for Kids: Create a virtual talent showcase where kids can submit videos showcasing their talents. Charge an entry fee and celebrate the creativity of young participants.
  45. Digital Puzzle Hunt: Design a virtual puzzle hunt with clues and challenges that participants solve online. Charge a participation fee and create an engaging and interactive experience.
  46. Virtual Costume Contest: Host a virtual costume contest with specific themes or categories. Charge an entry fee and encourage creative and imaginative participation.
  47. Online Language Learning Sessions: Offer virtual language learning sessions taught by language enthusiasts. Charge a small fee for participation and promote the sessions to individuals interested in learning new languages.
  48. Digital Home Organization Workshops: Provide virtual workshops on home organization and decluttering. Charge a participation fee and offer practical tips for maintaining an organized space.
  49. Virtual Cooking Showdown: Organize a virtual cooking competition where participants showcase their culinary skills. Charge an entry fee and promote the competition among food enthusiasts.
  50. Online Kids’ Craft Classes: Offer virtual craft classes designed for kids. Charge a fee for participation and promote the classes to parents and schools.
  51. Virtual Movie Night: Host a virtual movie screening where participants watch a film together from their homes. Charge a small admission fee and select a movie related to your nonprofit’s mission or a popular film.
  52. Digital Fitness Challenges: Launch short-term digital fitness challenges that participants can complete from home. Charge a participation fee and provide workout plans and encouragement.
  53. Online Pet Photo Calendar: Collect adorable pet photos and create a digital or physical pet photo calendar. Sell the calendars to pet lovers and animal enthusiasts.
  54. Virtual Art Therapy Sessions: Offer virtual art therapy sessions led by experienced therapists. Charge a fee for participation and promote the therapeutic benefits of creative expression.
  55. Digital Plant Care Workshops: Host online workshops focused on plant care and gardening tips. Charge a small fee and offer guidance for nurturing indoor and outdoor plants.
  56. Online Cooking Demos: Partner with local chefs to offer virtual cooking demonstrations. Charge a fee for participation and share recipes that participants can recreate at home.
  57. Virtual Dance Class: Arrange a virtual dance class led by a professional instructor. Charge a participation fee and promote the class to dance enthusiasts.
  58. Digital Poetry Workshop: Organize a virtual poetry workshop where participants can learn and practice the art of poetry writing. Charge a small fee and encourage creative expression.
  59. Online Home Concert Series: Invite local musicians to perform virtual concerts from their homes. Sell tickets for access and showcase a variety of musical genres.
  60. Virtual Origami Workshops: Offer virtual origami workshops where participants learn the art of paper folding. Charge a fee for participation and provide step-by-step instructions.
  61. Digital Fitness Fundraiser: Encourage supporters to track their exercise activities using fitness apps and gather pledges from friends and family. Promote healthy living while raising funds.
  62. Online Environmental Challenge: Launch an eco-friendly challenge where participants commit to eco-conscious actions. Charge a small entry fee and encourage sustainable practices.
  63. Virtual Story Slam: Host a virtual storytelling event where participants share personal stories related to a theme. Charge an entry fee and create a platform for self-expression.
  64. Digital Painting Classes: Offer virtual painting classes for beginners and enthusiasts. Charge a fee for participation and provide guidance for creating beautiful artworks.
  65. Online DIY Home Décor Projects: Provide virtual workshops on DIY home décor projects. Charge a participation fee and inspire participants to personalize their living spaces.
  66. Virtual Music Lessons: Arrange virtual music lessons with skilled instructors. Charge a fee for participation and offer lessons for various instruments and skill levels.
  67. Digital Cookbook Sale: Compile a digital cookbook featuring recipes donated by supporters. Sell the cookbook online and promote it through social media.
  68. Online Guided Meditation Sessions: Offer virtual guided meditation sessions for relaxation and stress relief. Charge a fee for participation and provide a soothing experience.
  69. Virtual Chess Tournament: Organize a virtual chess tournament for enthusiasts of all levels. Charge an entry fee and create a competitive and engaging event.
  70. Digital Craft Workshops for Seniors: Provide virtual craft workshops tailored for seniors. Charge a small fee and offer activities that promote creativity and engagement.

Promote your Simple Fundraiser on Social Media

Promote your Simple Fundraiser on Social Media

Coming up with a Creative Simple Fundraiser and getting people excited to help you make the dream a reality is one thing.

You will also need to make sure people participate in your Fundraiser so you can reach your Fundraiser Goal.

Social Media Marketing is great for reaching an audience for free. Here’s how you can use the best Social Media Caption Generators to come up with great copy for your social posts so you can get the views, likes, and engagement you need.

How to use an AI Social Media Caption Generator

AI Social Media Caption Generators have come a long way and they are great at helping you write great social media posts. Feel free to be as detailed as you want and don’t forget to always add a ‘call to action’ to your post. A call to action can be something like; sign up, join us, share with friends, etc.

We’ve used’s Social Media Caption Generator to show you how easy it is to write great social media post copy. We basically took one of the ideas ChatGPT helped us come up with and added that it’s a nonprofit fundraiser + date into the AI Tool (we chose Facebook as the social platform). Here’s what it looks like. This was our exact prompt:

Join our Virtual Trivia Night Fundraiser in April

Here’s what the AI Facebook Caption Generator came up with:

Simple Fundraising Social Media Caption Generator Example

AI Social Media Caption Generator output examples

  • Be a part of our enlightening community event this April! Participate in our Virtual Trivia Night Fundraiser to support our ongoing educational initiatives. Let’s learn, engage, and contribute to making a difference, together. #TriviaNight #Fundraiser #EducationSupport
  • Dear esteemed community, we are thrilled to extend an invitation for our Virtual Trivia Night Fundraiser this April. A night of knowledge, interaction, and an opportunity to support a worthy cause. Let’s come together for some fun while making a substantial difference. Mark your calendars! #VirtualTriviaNight #Fundraiser
  • Join us in expanding our knowledge and supporting a great cause at our April Virtual Trivia Night Fundraiser. Your involvement and contributions will have a profound impact. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details. #Knowledge #Support #VirtualTriviaNight

We then used the same prompt but changed to writing style to; Comedic and the AI Tool came up with the following:

  • Alright brainiacs, it’s time to prove that all those “useless” fun facts aren’t so useless after all! Our Virtual Trivia Night Fundraiser is the perfect opportunity to flex those brain muscles from the comfort of your own couch. So put on those thinking caps…or your favorite pajamas, we won’t judge! See you in April! 🧠🎉
  • Ready to dip your smarty-pants toes in a pool of random facts and fun? Join us for our Virtual Trivia Night Fundraiser in April – it’s the only time we’ll actually encourage fights over who knows more about the lifespan of a goldfish! 🤓🐠 #TriviaNight #KnowItAllForACause
  • Ready to crown yourself the king or queen of random facts? Join us for our virtual trivia night fundraiser this April! Not only will you have a chance to put your weird and wonderful knowledge to the test, but you’ll also be helping a great cause! Because the only thing better than being right, is being right and charitable at the same time! 💡👑😄 #TriviaForGood

You can use the inspirational pieces the AI Caption Maker came up with, add your unique human touch, and publish your posts on Social. you don’t need to be a professional copywriter or social media expert to make your fundraiser a big success!

Video Tutorial of how the AI Social Media Caption Generator works

Check out this short video tutorial to learn more about the AI Social Media Caption Generator:

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