6 Apps to Fight the Stress of Moving to College

Stay organized with Todoist to avoid all tasks piling up and stressing you out. Use My Mood Tracker to spot stress and anxiety early on. Try Mint for budgeting all your moving and first-semester expenses, and more.

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Starting a new life in college is equally exciting and stressful. For the majority of freshmen, it is their first time on their own away from home. You might be looking forward to meeting like-minded people and going to parties. But you also have to arrange to move your belongings, set up a new environment, and prepare for the changes yourself.

There are a lot of tasks to handle at once. So, there is no wonder you’d be stressed and overwhelmed. But the good news is that you can keep it under control. And the only thing you’d need for that is your phone and a few clicks in Google Play Market. Thus, look into these six apps to fight off the anxiety of moving to college in no time.      


One of the most efficient ways to fight stress is to keep everything organized. When you have all your tasks listed, you’ll more likely stop stressing over every detail of your move. You’ll already know what and when you have to do. And Todoist is just the app to have your perfect schedule drafted out and have it at the reach of your fingertips.

This app allows you to organize your tasks in different folders and mark their importance. So you can always see what you need to do first. For example, searching “write my college paper” for your future assignments could be your top priority before starting college. It is a necessity but not an urgent one. Therefore, you’d rather deal with belongings’ transportation first. 

Plus, having an organizational tool early on will benefit your life in college. If you think that the move is a lot to deal with, wait till you start your first semester. Thus, you’ll be avoiding a lot of stress by setting up and practicing your college life organization from the very start.     

My Mood Tracker

Knowing your weak spots makes you stronger in the long run. Notably, this rule applies to managing stress as well. Before you have a full-on meltdown, there is a pattern of small signs and emotions that gradually accumulate into a disaster. Thus, tracking down the early signs and dealing with stress until it blows out is a smart strategy to adopt.

My Mood Tracker is just an app to help you here. It allows you to write down not only how you feel but what made you feel that way. Thus, if your anxiety is striking up when you think about packing for college, that might be a sign to deal with this task asap. You don’t necessarily have to start packing. But compiling a list of what you need can help to relax.

Moreover, My Mood Tracker also has a Medicine feature. Thus, if you need to take medication, you can set a reminder for that. This way, you will see clearly if the stress is caused by the big life change or if it’s related to feeling under the weather.

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Money is a source of stress for many students. Before you even start your college life, there are a lot of expenses you need to take into account. You have to consider what budget you have, set your priorities, and convince yourself not to spend hundreds on cute stationery supplies. Thus, you can use some help from the budgeting app Mint.

This is a flexible and customizable tool that tracks your spending and helps you to achieve your budgeting goals. With Mint, you can:

  • Sync the app with your bank account. Thus, you see how much you spend on every area in your life.
  • Do credit monitoring. So, you can start with a good credit history early on.
  • Track all suspicious activities. The app sends you alerts to warn you about a possible scam. 
  • Set your budgeting goals. If you want to save money to buy all textbooks, you would have to cut corners somewhere. And seeing your spending and financial possibilities clearly will help you to succeed.


Speaking about textbooks and saving money. The prices for new books can be stressful to look at. Nonetheless, you’ll need all of them. And you’ll need them before the semester starts. Thus, it is better to deal with this task early on and have a slow relaxing summer before your new life starts. 

CampusBooks will be a huge help here. This app is designed to find the cheapest version of the needed textbook. Plus, you can sort your options based on location. Therefore, you can see who sells textbooks nearby you. And maybe it will take you just 15 minutes to get your best deal.  


Sometimes you need a pick-me-up even if you’re doing your best at keeping it all together. That’s where Pacifica apps come in. Developed with the intention to help decrease stress and anxiety, it has audio exercises you can choose from. For example, you can play a guided meditation before going to bed for soothing and relaxation.

It also has exercises for cognitive behavioral therapy. So, if you struggle with depression on top of a big life change, Pacifica can assist you in managing your issue. In addition, you can set challenges there and track your daily habits and health progress. 

Circle of 6

We live in a dangerous world. Moving out of your parent’s house can feel like leaving a safe space. Notably, all the possible dangers can cost a great deal of anxiety. But there is a great tool to address safety and save yourself a lot of trouble. And the Circle of 6 apps is designed to let trusted people know what you need in seconds.

The account is available to a small circle of people who look out for each other. And your privacy is protected, as well as your identity, when you turn to the best research writing services for help. Thus, you can always trust someone to give you a lift home and be safe. 

Wrapping Up

And here you have it. Stay organized with Todoist to avoid all tasks piling up and stressing you out. Use My Mood Tracker to spot stress and anxiety early on. Try Mint for budgeting all your moving and first-semester expenses. Browse CampusBooks to find the best offers to buy all your textbooks. Use Pacifica to help you deal with anxious feelings. And install Circle of 6 to keep yourself safe and start your future college life without stress. 

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