Facebook Ads: How to Use Them to Grow Your Email List

Lead nurturing as you prepare leads to convert into customers is an essential process for any business. However, you need to have the leads in the first place to start nurturing them.

Brands use different ways to get customer’s details to grow their email list. This article will give tips on using Facebook ads to generate more subscribers for your email list.


Types of Ad formats to create

Image ads:

You include images of your products or services alongside copy to convince the leads of the value your offers will deliver to solve their pain points. Here is an example of this type of ad.

Facebook Image Ad Example grow email list

Source: Facebook

Carousel Ads:

You can collect different images about your business offers, include them in a single ad, and then show them to target customers. The collection in a single carousel shouldn’t be more than ten images. To increase the chances of attracting leads, use images that address lead challenges and provide possible solutions to solve them.

Video ads:

You can create a short video ad about your products or how it works. You can use the video to capture lead attention, get them engaged with your brand, and even join your email list to get more information about how to solve pains with your business offers. Here are the steps you can use to create video ads.

Facebook Video Ad Steps grow email list

Source: Facebook

Collection ads:

This format features different features of products or services a brand offers. The customer can see the business offers, and subscribe to the business to know more about them and the value they will deliver to solve pains.

How to Grow Your Email List With Facebook Ads

1. Understand your target customer well

You need a list to nurture leads as you prepare them to convert and become your customers. As you plan to build your email list, you need to understand your target customers better. The understanding of your prospects will help you know what information to share so you can capture them and attract them to your email list. Your customer information on the email list will help you know how to plan and schedule posts to nurture leads through the buyer journey, build trust with them, and convert them into customers. Use a free email verifier to ensure your email list is accurate and up-to-date, maximizing your email marketing efforts.

2. Have a thank you page

Show your target customers that you care and value them.

Thank the leads who have successfully joined your email list and welcome them to your business as you prepare them to start nurturing them through the buyer journey. Don’t hesitate to leverage effective free email verifier to ensure your email list is accurate and valid.

3. Create a Facebook ad campaign

Set a campaign objective as lead generation to help Facebook provide options that target your ideal customer. Facebook will suggest possible leads that match your objectives and drive them to engage with your ads through where you can get their subscriber details.

Select Facebook Ad Objective grow email list

Source: Facebook

With set objectives and goals, you can create specific ads and ask the target audience to perform a specific task you choose, in this case, join your email list.

Choose your target audience: Be clear about whom you want to attract with your ads. This will eliminate the possibility of getting leads who don’t need your business products or services. You will attract prospects who have a need that you can solve. It will be easy for them to join your email list as they want to know more about your brand and how they can use your products or services to solve their challenges.

Select the type of ads to create: Since you understand your customers better and know the type of ads they engage more set up and create such ads prospects are more likely to engage as you collect their details for their email list. Prospects engage more with visual content. As you select the ad type ensure it has captivating images or visuals that align with the prospect’s needs to attract them to your email list.

Set your ad budget: Set the budget you want for your ads. The more the budget the better to reach more target audience and get details to grow your list. Facebook will place ads with a high budget and higher on their website and also show them to more prospective customers who will join your email list as they get to know your business offers better.

4. Use captivating CTA in your ads

You don’t want your leads to view your ads, but engage with them and through the engagement get their contact details. Ensure you use captivating and great CTA that aligns with the prospect’s pain points. When they see the ads and the message that can help them solve their pains, they will be more likely to engage and join your email list. They would like to know more about your business and how it can help solve their pain points.

Facebook Ad call to action example grow email list

Source: Facebook

5. Have a goal for your email marketing

What do you want the leads in your email list to do? Will you be sending promotional sales notifications, updates on events, products you sell, sharing blog content, or all of the above? Even if you attract prospects who need your services or products, you need to direct them to take specific actions that you want them to take based on your marketing plan and goals.

6. What information do you need from prospects?

It is also essential to know the information you need from your target customer to add them to your email list. Asking for too much information can make prospects shy away from you and not join your email list for the nurturing process to become customers. Some information to ask leads include:

  • Their names
  • Geographical location
  • Their interests 
  • Their gender
  • Job title, etc

You may easily find such data from email finding tools, then you can use the extracted data to send out your emails.

7. Use great copy for your ads

Your ad copy is what will attract leads to let the users know the need to subscribe to your email list or engage with you. Since you know your target audience and the challenges you want to solve use that information in your copy. Let the copy align with your target customer’s pain points and show them how to solve them. Here is an example of such ads from Microsoft on Facebook.

Facebook Ad example Microsoft grow email list

Source: Facebook

8. Run a/b tests for your ad

You will need to run different ad types. Here are the metrics you can truck in your ads.

  • Impressions
  • Click-through rates
  • User Engagement
  • Leads generated

Test different parts of your ads and track down the results from the ads. Give enough time to run the tests and get constructive feedback that can help improve your ads to generate more subscribers. Some things you can test for your ads include:

  • Your CTA and where you place it.
  • The copy of your ads
  • Images and other visuals you use in the ads

9. Offer a lead magnet

You need to give your target audience a gift in exchange for the details you need to grow your email list. The lead magnet should be something your target audience wants. It can be a case study, an ebook, or a demo video.

Facebook Ads ROI Calculator

When running your ads, it is essential to evaluate your investments to ensure you don’t make a business loss in the long run. You can use a great Facebook Ads roi calculator to evaluate your spending and profits from your ads. Here is an example of such a tool.

Facebook Ads ROI Calculator Example

Source: Connectio

In addition to Facebook Ads, leveraging various social media platforms, including Google My Business, can significantly augment your efforts to grow your email list. For example, by creating a comprehensive profile on Google My Business, you can display essential details about your business, such as location, services, and user reviews. This visibility not only boosts your local SEO but also encourages potential customers to subscribe to your email list for updates, offers, or more information.

To streamline and optimize your LinkedIn, Instagram, X, or Google My Business, you can employ post-scheduling software. These apps allow you to align your posting schedule across platforms, ensuring consistent online presence and regular increase of new subscribers to your emails

Go Ahead and Build Your Subscriber List

When done right, Facebook ads are a great place to build your email list and grow your business subscribers. Having a great strategy to grow your email list through Facebook ads is vital for your success in building your email list. 

Use the tips in this guide to engage leads, build trust with them, and get them to join your email list as you nurture them to become your customers and grow your business sales and revenue.

Author Bio

James NgumaJames Nguma is a B2B SaaS and eCommerce content marketer and blogger. He helps SaaS and eCommerce businesses create marketing content to drive traffic, educate them about their businesses, build trust, and convert leads into customers. Connect with him on LinkedIn or his website

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