How to find the best Hashtags for Nonprofits in 2024

Gain more exposure on Social Media by finding and using the best hashtags for your nonprofit.

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What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a short link preceded by the pound sign (#). You’ve seen them all over social media and you might find them ugly to use in your posts, but hashtags actually help organize posts on social media.

You know what else? Hashtags can also help you gain more exposure. 

Do you want to know how to get more followers on Instagram? Create meaningful content, engage in meaningful conversations and use the right hashtags to gain visibility.

Do you want to know how to get more followers on LinkedIn? Create meaningful content, engage in meaningful conversations and use the right hashtags to gain visibility. Yeah, it’s basically the same.

Proof that hashtags work

We could add nice screenshots of posts with and without the right hashtags, but since it’s so simple to execute, you might as well just try it and see for yourself.

Here are the steps to take:

  1. Make a list of relevant hashtags like we’re showing in this post below;
  2. Select the best hashtags based on the number of views, be sure to also add less competitive hashtags to your mix;
  3. Use them in your next post. On Instagram, you can add about 10 or 20 hashtags (Instagram has a maximum of 30 hashtags you can use), but don’t overdo it on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. About 3 hashtags per post should be sufficient on these platforms;
  4. Keep track of hashtag mixes that work best for you.
How to find the best hashtags on social media

What are trending hashtags?

First of all, you need to know that there are basically two types of hashtags:

  1. Trending hashtags like #MeToo, which have a high amount of views for a short period of time.
  2. Evergreen hashtags with pretty much a stable amount of views over time.  Using #Nonprofits will give you about the same exposure any time you use it (unless it goes trending).

When conducting your hashtag research. Be aware that some hashtags might be very seasonal.

How to find the best hashtags for your niche

To find the best hashtags for your niche, you can use Digital Marketing Tools. For the Instagram Hashtag research, we’ve used and for our Twitter hashtag research, we’ve used Our niche is:

Nonprofits and Social Impact.

What are the best hashtags for nonprofits on Instagram

Here’s a list for your inspiration. To get the best out of your Instagram Marketing, it’s best to use a mix of hashtags with a lot of exposure and a few hashtags which are less competitive.  Also, keep in mind that doing your hashtag research for Instagram is great to find out if you’re missing out, but you should always keep track of hashtags that work best for you.

Hashtag Popularity on Instagram
#philanthropy 60%
#causes 53%
#socialgood 57%
#dogood 62%
#fundraising 63%
#nonprofit 65%
#volunteer 68%
#activism 59%
#givingback 64%
#donate 68%
#givingtuesday 58%
#nonprofitorganization 50%
#volunteering 63%
#charity 72%
#giving 64%
#charityevents 58%
#humanitarian 59%
#giveback 66%
#fundraiser 66%
#change 76%
#water 84%
#ocean 82%
#trees 82%
#forest 79%
#woods 74%
#wilderness 70%
#wild 77%
#hunger 65%
#humanrights 64%
#civilrights 58%
#justice 68%
#equality 72%
#humanity 67%
#equalrights 64%
#gayrights 65%
#animalrights 64%
#animalliberation 57%
#animalcruelty 59%
#veganism 69%
#friendsnotfood 59%
#govegan 71%
#animalabuse 56%
#crueltyfree 72%
#earthlings 57%
#veganuniverse 43%
#veganlifestyle 65%
#animalwelfare 56%
#vegansofinstagram 68%
#teenvegan 44%
#veganlife 69%
#animallover 71%
#vegancommunity 60%
#animalactivist 52%
#animalrescue 61%

What are the best hashtags for nonprofits on Twitter

Like we’ve mentioned. Don’t overdo it with hashtags on Twitter. Use approximately three hashtags per post. Mix it up with hashtags that have a large number of views and less competitive hashtags.

Hashtag Unique tweets per hour Retweets per hour Hashtag exposure per hour
#nonprofit 21 33 26704
#nonprofitorganization 0 4 0
#fundraising 21 17 65662
#charity 50 46 48408
#care 12 9 30088
#community 38 45 129592
#donation 4 8 14592
#support 33 34 18296
#children 46 25 151538
#socialenterprise 0 4 0
#socent 0 12 0
#change 50 38 119829
#philantrophy 4 0 1800
#volunteer 17 4 17712
#givingtuesday 8 9 18129
#giving 8 0 212825
#water 75 83 189975
#plastic 8 21 1229
#plasticbags 4 0 129
#plasticpollution 12 5 8854
#waste 12 9 133312
#ocean 38 70 97467
#hunger 4 8 3358
#humanrights 42 79 315442
#civilrights 4 0 2212
#womansmarch 4 8 14033
#justice 71 50 214317
#socialjustice 21 8 168742
#law 42 70 189871
#hope 21 146 32050
#peace 92 70 57738
#equality 17 12 61921
#gender 17 25 59796
#genderequality 12 17 2005125
#feminism 21 25 2004679
#diversity 38 12 176525
#society 25 29 607379
#humanity 17 12 204754
#heart 50 50 300238
#humans 8 4 42583
#vegan 121 112 956446
#animalrights 8 21 25512
#govegan 4 42 3146
#wildlife 25 54 40196
#respect 71 75 191208
#rescue 21 37 7583
#shelter 12 5 12650
#adoptdontshop 38 79 157446

Always be learning

These 4 simple steps will set you in the right direction. It’s up to you to keep track of what works for you and what doesn’t.

Remember that the success of your Social Media marketing hinges on your entire approach:

  1. How relevant are your followers?
  2. How relevant and beautiful are your creatives?
  3. How often do you engage with your followers?
  4. How often do you post on Instagram or Twitter?

Using the best hashtags can validate that you’re on track with all the points mentioned above, but that you just needed that extra boost. Let’s hope that’s the case for you too ;).


What are the benefits of using hashtags for nonprofits on social media?

Using hashtags helps increase the visibility of posts, allows nonprofits to connect with a wider audience, encourages engagement, and helps categorize content, making it more discoverable.

How can a nonprofit choose the right hashtags for its campaigns?

Choose hashtags that are relevant to the campaign, widely used in your sector, specific enough to be relevant to your audience, and simple enough for easy recall and use.

Should nonprofits use popular hashtags or create their own?

It’s beneficial to use a mix of popular, trending hashtags for broader reach and custom hashtags for branding and specific campaigns, to balance visibility and uniqueness.

How many hashtags should a nonprofit use in a social media post?

The ideal number varies by platform; on Instagram, up to 30 are allowed but 5-10 relevant ones are optimal, while on Twitter, 1-2 hashtags per tweet is best for engagement.

Can nonprofits use hashtags to collaborate or connect with other organizations?

Yes, using shared or campaign-specific hashtags can foster collaboration and connection with other organizations, spreading awareness and increasing the impact of joint initiatives.

How does hashtag research benefit nonprofit social media strategy?

Hashtag research helps in identifying the most effective and popular hashtags within your niche, understanding trends, and tailoring your content to what your audience is actively following.

What are the risks of using irrelevant or overly generic hashtags?

Using irrelevant or overly generic hashtags can attract the wrong audience, dilute your message, and reduce the overall effectiveness of your social media efforts.

How can nonprofits measure the impact of their hashtags?

Measure impact by tracking the reach, engagement, and conversions (like donations or sign-ups) derived from posts using specific hashtags, using social media analytics tools.

Is it effective for nonprofits to participate in trending hashtag challenges?

Participating in trending hashtag challenges can be effective for increased visibility and engagement, as long as the challenge aligns with the nonprofit’s mission and values.

How can a nonprofit encourage its followers to use its campaign-specific hashtags?

Encourage followers to use your hashtags by creating engaging, shareable content, hosting contests or challenges, including the hashtag in all campaign-related posts, and actively engaging with posts that use the hashtag.

What are some examples of effective hashtags used by nonprofits?

Effective hashtags often include #Nonprofit, #Charity, #SocialGood, and campaign-specific ones like #IceBucketChallenge, which resonate with their mission and connect with larger social movements.

How can nonprofits use hashtags to increase awareness during special events or awareness months?

During special events or awareness months, use relevant hashtags like #WorldEnvironmentDay or #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth to tap into wider conversations and increase the visibility of your nonprofit’s involvement.

Should a nonprofit regularly update its list of hashtags?

Yes, regularly updating your hashtag list is important to stay relevant, adapt to trending topics, and continually reach new and broader audiences.

Can a nonprofit use local or community-specific hashtags effectively?

Using local or community-specific hashtags can effectively engage a local audience, participate in regional conversations, and increase relevance in community-focused initiatives.

How important is consistency in using hashtags across different social media platforms?

Consistency in using hashtags across platforms helps maintain a unified campaign presence, but it’s also important to adapt to the norms and best practices of each platform.

What are some common mistakes nonprofits should avoid when using hashtags?

Avoid using too many hashtags, using irrelevant or vague hashtags, and neglecting to research hashtags for unintended meanings or associations.

How can nonprofits effectively combine general and specific hashtags in their posts?

Combine general hashtags for broader reach and specific ones for targeted engagement. For example, use a mix like #Nonprofit, #Volunteer, and a custom hashtag specific to your organization or campaign.

Can hashtags help in fundraising efforts for nonprofits?

Hashtags can bolster fundraising by increasing the visibility of fundraising campaigns, connecting with potential donors, and making it easier for supporters to spread the word.

How can a nonprofit track trending hashtags relevant to its cause?

Track trending hashtags by using social media analytics tools, monitoring industry news, and observing what similar organizations and influencers in your field are using.

What role do branded hashtags play in building a nonprofit’s online community?

Branded hashtags play a crucial role in building and nurturing an online community, as they create a way for supporters to engage with the cause, share their stories, and feel part of the nonprofit’s mission.

How can a nonprofit use hashtags to enhance storytelling on social media?

Use hashtags to categorize stories related to your mission, making it easier for followers to find and share impactful narratives, and for you to showcase the real-life effects of your work.

Should a nonprofit include hashtags in every social media post?

While it’s beneficial, it’s not necessary to include hashtags in every post. Use them strategically, especially when aiming to increase reach or when the content aligns with a specific campaign or trending topic.

How can user-generated content be encouraged through the use of hashtags?

Encourage user-generated content by creating campaign-specific hashtags and inviting followers to share their own stories, photos, or videos using those hashtags.

What are some strategies for researching effective hashtags for a nonprofit’s social media?

Research strategies include examining what similar organizations use, using hashtag research tools, analyzing which hashtags your audience engages with, and keeping up with trending topics.

Can hashtags help in volunteer recruitment for nonprofits?

Yes, hashtags can aid in volunteer recruitment by increasing the visibility of volunteer opportunities, reaching individuals interested in volunteering, and connecting with community or region-specific audiences.

How does the use of hashtags vary across different social media platforms for nonprofits?

The use of hashtags varies as each platform has different norms and effectiveness – for example, Instagram allows for more hashtags per post compared to Twitter, where one or two are more effective.

What are some tips for creating unique and memorable hashtags for nonprofit campaigns?

Create unique and memorable hashtags by keeping them short, easy to spell, relevant to your campaign, and ensuring they haven’t been used differently in another context.

How can nonprofits balance the use of global versus niche hashtags?

Balance by using global hashtags to reach a wide audience and niche hashtags to connect with a specific group or topic, ensuring your content taps into both broad and targeted conversations.

What’s the importance of monitoring the performance of hashtags in nonprofit social media campaigns?

Monitoring performance helps understand which hashtags are driving engagement and reaching your target audience, allowing you to refine your strategy and improve future campaigns.

How can a nonprofit effectively respond to trends or viral hashtags while staying true to its mission?

Respond to trends or viral hashtags by creatively aligning them with your mission, ensuring that your participation is authentic and contributes meaningfully to the conversation.

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